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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 808


Chapter 808: 808

Chapter 808 - Inner Disciple, A Servant

Normally, touching the reverse scale of a dragon would bring utter destruction!

However, there was another layer of meaning!

If someone were given a reverse scale, regardless of him being a human or beast, he was considered as the most precious existence by the dragon!

If someone dared to trouble the bearer of the reverse scale, the dragon would attack them until its very last breath!

Most of the time, experts would only give their reverse scales to their disciples whom they were extremely fond of, indicating that they were the line that others should never cross!

And now, Qin Nan was holding the reverse scale of a dragon!

Furthermore, it was the reverse scale of an Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon!

Who were the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragons?

The kings among dragons!

Since they were born, their bloodlines were equivalent to Tian ranked Martial Spirits . Nothing—including the Red Dragons or Skyhowl Wolves—were comparable to them!

However, Qin Nan, a mere human, was treated as the most precious existence by the magnificent Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon!


Elder Lin was startled . Both Xuan Yue and Bai Xingyang were startled too .

They never thought that this insignificant human would possess such a terrifying identity!

The entire dojo fell into a dead silence at that moment .

The mocking laughs, the smirks, and the murderous gazes completely vanished .

Even Mu Mu who was standing behind Qin Nan was utterly dumbfounded seeing this . She did not expect Qin Nan to have such a trump card, to have such an outstanding effect here at the leader among the Two-Starred Factions!

“Elder, I was asked to visit the chief . Are you able to bring me to him?” Qin Nan wore a calm expression and asked politely .

His only thought was to fulfill the senior’s wishes .


Elder Lin opened his mouth upon collecting his thoughts, but failed to find any words to say .

Not bringing Qin Nan to the chief?

That was the reverse scale of an Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon!

If it were somehow related to some taboo, even his identity as an elder could not guarantee his safety!

Bringing Qin Nan to the chief?

The thing was, he didn’t even know where to find him!

However, at that moment, a rift appeared in the sky all of a sudden, from which a tiny seven-inch dragon, whose body was emitting a purple glow, slowly swam out . An indescribable pressure immediately descended upon the place .


Xuan Yue and Bai Xingyang wore pale faces .

Not to mention the other beasts who were sent to their knees by the pressure . Some beasts even dropped to the ground and unconsciously bowed!

“A seven-inch purple dragon, it’s the chief’s dragon messenger!”

Elder Lin’s eyes widened as he blankly gazed at the purple dragon for a moment, moment, before rapidly collecting his thoughts and yelling, “The dragon messenger represents the presence of the chief! Everyone, why aren’t you greeting the chief yet!”

Represents the presence of the chief?

“Greetings, chief!”

“Greetings, chief!”


The figures of Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, and the beasts shuddered before they brought their fists together without hesitation .

The chief of the Dragon Emperor Clan, the legendary Dragon Monarch, was like a god to them in their hearts!

“Forget the rituals . ” The seven-inch purple dragon looked at the crowd before fixing its gaze onto Qin Nan’s figure, “Kid, what’s your name? Where did you find this reverse scale?”

“My name is Qin Nan . ” Qin Nan brought his fists together and said, “Senior, I’ve found this reverse scale at the Crimson Magic Mountain Range! A senior of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon was severely injured, and unable to be treated . In its final moments, it entrusted me to bring this reverse scale to the Dragon Emperor Clan…”

The crowd was dead silent, too scared to make any noise .

The eyes of the purple dragon flickered with astonishment .

Was he the one?

It quickly concealed its astonishment before anyone could realize . Following this, it calmly said, “Qin Nan, right? You’re quite fated with our Dragon Emperor Clan, and the tribe of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon . Since you’re the person it has chosen, from today onward, you should stay at our Dragon our Dragon Emperor Clan and be our disciple . ”

Hearing this, Elder Lin, Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, and the rest were left in awe .

A disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan?

The rule of not recruiting any human for the past thousands of years was finally coming to an end?

Didn’t that mean that the entire Human Peak would belong to Qin Nan . . .

“Chief, pardon me, but I’ve no interest in becoming a disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan . ”

Qin Nan rejected the offer without thinking twice .

The thought of him being the only human disciple in the entire Dragon Emperor Clan was quite awkward .

“Did he just reject the offer?”

The crowd was left with blank faces .

Countless human geniuses had tried their best to join the Dragon Emperor Clan, but this Qin Nan rejected the offer that easily?

“No way! There’s no room for compromising . You have to be a disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan!” The purple dragon straightened its face and said, “Qin Nan, I will not mistreat you . You shall become our inner disciple! And depending on your performance, you will have a chance to rank up to a core disciple!”

The words caused the faces of the beasts to stiffen .

Had they heard it right?

An inner disciple?

And a chance to become a core disciple?

Qin Nan frowned, and was about to reject the to reject the offer, when the Heavenly Fortune Mouse in his dantian began to squeak and wave its paws crazily .

“Are you implying that there’s something good inside?”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered .

“Qin Nan! We both agree that you should accept the offer too! There are surely great benefits that you will find after joining the Dragon Emperor Clan…” The two hounds spoke at the same time with an anticipatory expression .

Their instincts were telling them that joining the Dragon Emperor Clan would bring tremendous benefits to them as well .

“On second thought, becoming an inner disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan is not a bad idea either, apart from feeling awkward as I’m the only human here . ”

Qin Nan quickly thought, before he brought his fists together, “Then I shall humbly accept the offer . Thank you, chief!”

If he failed to make himself comfortable here at the Dragon Emperor Clan, it would not be too late for him to leave .

“Mm, since you’re quite new here, you might need some help understanding the Dragon Emperor Clan . Furthermore, you’re a human, so there might be some difficulties communicating with the beasts . ”

The purple dragon glanced at Bai Xingyang and Xuan Yue, before it said, “From today onward, Xuan Yue will be your servant for two years . That’s an order!”

The words served as a crashing thunder!

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