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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 807


Chapter 807: 807

Chapter 807 - The Scale that Stunned the Entire Crowd


The crowd saw an old man appearing on the dojo out of nowhere .

He was skinny like a stick with deep eye sockets . There was only a single string of white hair on his head, giving him a poverty-stricken appearance . However, the aura from his body was peaked at the Martial Progenitor Realm!

A peak Martial Progenitor Realm beast!

One with such cultivation could easily roam across the Middle Continent and become a significant authority!


“It’s the elder of the Dragon Emperor Clan!”

“Greetings, elder!”

The beasts at the scene collected their thoughts and immediately blurted out their greetings with astounded faces .


Both Bai Xingyang and Xuan Yue hesitated seeing this, before withdrawing their auras . Although their bloodlines and identities were better than the old man, they were not ruthless enough to not show an elder any respect!

“Everyone, it’s fine to call me Elder Lin . ” Elder Lin glanced at the crowd and calmly spoke, “Today is the day of the recruitment trial for a new batch of disciples . Therefore, I hope no one will use violence and break the rules . I’m not the kind who would waste too much time on talking . I’ll make it clear . Our faction is only going to recruit an inner disciple, fifty outer disciples, and a certain number of probationary disciples for this year…”

Elder Yin was extremely intelligent . He was able to direct the attention of the crowd away with a single sentence .

Even Bai Xingyang and Xuan Yue were fully focused on the speech .


“Only one spot to become an inner disciple?”

Gasp, there were five spots last year to become an inner disciple! Who would have thought that there would only be one this year! With Bai Xingyang and Master Xuan Yue taking part in the trial, I definitely would not have any hope of becoming an inner disciple . I guess I will have to compete to become an outer disciple instead!”

Many of the beasts wore unpleasant expressions .

The benefits of inner disciples and outer disciples were significantly different in the Dragon Emperor Clan .

“Humph, the inner disciple spot will be mine!”

Xuan Yue glanced at Bai Xingyang and harrumphed coldly .

Bai Xingyang wore a calm expression, like a perfectly still lake, as if Xuan Yue was never a threat to him, causing the latter to clenched his teeth tightly and have the urge to charge forward and fight him immediately .

This Bai Xingyang was too full of himself!

So what if you’re someone from the Red Dragon tribe?

Elder Yin inspected the atmosphere of the scene and secretly let out a sigh of relief . He was afraid that Xuan Yue and Bai Xingyang would cause a scene here, which would not be beneficial to him . Suddenly, his gaze caught sight of Qin Nan’s figure among the beasts, causing him to blurt out with a stunned look, “A human? Why are you here? Mm? Is that dragon might?”

The crowd immediately fixed their gazes onto Qin Nan’s figure .

Due to the confrontation between Bai Xingyang and Xuan Yue, they had somehow forgotten about Qin Nan’s existence .

“This guy with the name Qin Nan is being ridiculous, thinking that he could become a disciple of our Dragon Emperor Clan . He’s most likely clueless that for thousands of years, the faction has never recruited a human disciple…” Xuan Yue wore a disdainful look . If Bai Xingyang did not interfere just then, he would already have taught Qin Nan a lesson .

Bai Xingyang glanced at Qin Nan thoughtfully .

The main reason that he had suddenly interrupted to help Qin Nan out was the dragon might that he possessed . As he was someone from the Red Dragon tribe, he had a sharper sense than the crowd . Somehow, his instincts were telling him that the dragon might was nothing ordinary .

“Greetings, elder! My name is Qin Nan, I’m here at the Dragon Emperor Clan because…”

Qin Nan stepped forward and brought his fists together .

He had no desire to become a disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan . He was here only to fulfill the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon’s last wishes .

However, before he could finish, Elder Yin floating in the sky waved his hand without showing any expression, “There’s no need for the explanation . Xuan Yue had already made it clear . The Dragon Emperor Clan had not recruited a single human disciple for thousands of years . Last year, there were many human geniuses with third-grade, fourth-grade, or even fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits who wanted to become outer disciples, but they were all rejected . You should probably take your leave!”

He was not lying to Qin Nan .

Since the Dragon Emperor Clan had been founded, after a certain incident, they had never recruited a human disciple .

Although among the fifty-eight mountains of the Dragon Emperor Clan there existed a Human Peak specifically made for humans, but for some reason, it was desolated for the past thousands of years .

Once, many human geniuses thought there existed some shocking secret in the Human Peak and tried to investigate it, but were but were all denied entry .

As such, it was rare to see any humans during the recruitment trial of the Dragon Emperor Clan .

“That old man dares to not call me Master Xuan Yue!” Xuan Yue clenched his teeth with a sharp gaze . That was how narrow minded he was, whenever someone forgot to call him ‘Master’, he would hold a grudge against the person and get his revenge when he had the chance!

“Senior must be mistaken . ” Qin Nan was not infuriated by the old man’s attitude as he calmly said, “I’m not here to become a disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan! I was asked by a senior to visit the chief! Once I’ve paid him a visit, I’ll take my leave . I’ve got something here…”

Before Qin Nan could finish . . .

The faces of Elder Yin, Xuan Yue, and Bai Xingyang became pale as they all glanced at Qin Nan with great astonishment .

Had they misheard it?

This human was asking to see the chief?

As everyone knew, the chief of the Dragon Emperor Clan was an Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon, whose cultivation had reached the Dragon Monarch Realm! Unlike normal Martial Monarchs, its strength was considered the top among all Martial Monarch Realm cultivators!

Even the core disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan—or the Sect Leaders of other Two-Starred Factions and ordinary Martial Monarch Realm experts—would have a hard time trying to see the chief personally, let alone beasts at the level of Elder Yin, Xuan Yue, or Bai Xingyang!

Currently . . .

A human with some dragon might who was not even a Martial Progenitor was demanding to see the chief?

“HAHAHA!” Xuan Yue held his stomach and burst out laughing, “This is so hilarious! Did you guys hear you guys hear that? He’s asking to see the chief! He wants to see the chief! Who does he think he is? Does he think he is a Martial Monarch? Oh my, I can’t stand it, I’m running out of breath…”

Even Bai Xingyang could feel his lips twitching . The previous interest he had had in Qin Nan was gone .


Elder Yin’s expression was filled with a hint of murderous intent, as he snapped imperiously, “Kid, considering that it’s your first time here, and are not aware of the rules, I will not be fussy about it! However, if you dare to speak ruthlessly here at the Dragon Emperor Clan, I shall definitely make you pay! Now, you have ten breaths’ time to leave!”

“Humph! This kid has no idea what he’s talking about!”

“Elder Yin should kill him straight away! Humans are all the same!”

“That’s right!”

The eyes of the beasts coldened .

Qin Nan’s expression remained calm as he continued to explain, “Elder Lin, everyone, it’s a misunderstanding . I’ve got a token here to prove that I’m speaking the truth . I believe the chief will meet me in person upon seeing this . ”

Saying this, Qin Nan took out the dragon scale .

“A token? Why would a mere human have something like that——” Xuan Yue’s first reaction was to scornfully refute it, but when he saw the dragon scale, his voice halted .

Similarly, Elder Yin, Bai Xingyang, and the rest of the beasts felt a great explosion taking place in their minds when they saw the scale!

How could . . .

How could this be?

That was the reverse scale of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon tribe!

Why would a human have something like that?

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