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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 804


Chapter 804: 804

Chapter 804 - Magnificent Dragon Might

The Dragon Emperor Clan was the strongest faction among the Two-Starred Factions .

The teleportation portal leading to its main buildings was guarded by two Martial Progenitor Realm beasts .

Qin Nan had already discovered that the one roaring at him was a Golden Barbarian Ox, which had an average bloodline and a ferocious temper .

The young cultivators standing on the formation wore disdainful looks .

They could easily tell that, similar to them, the human only possessed a cultivation of the Martial Sacred Realm . However, they could not tell if it was the Undefeatable Martial Sacred Realm or the Law-Defying Sacred Realm .

“What now? Is there a rule stating that humans are not allowed to enter?”

Qin Nan uttered a hollow laugh .

The beasts were slightly startled . It was true that the Dragon Emperor Clan did not have any rule restricting a human from entering . However, apart from a few peak Martial Progenitor Realm or Martial Monarch Realm experts, not many humans would come here .

“Leave him be…”

The other Martial Progenitor Realm beast shook its head and said .

If this little human was trying to humiliate himself, so be it .

“What do you mean ‘leave him be’? There isn’t a rule for that, but for now, I am the rule! If I tell you to leave, then you must leave!” The Golden Barbarian Ox glared with his eyes open wide and uttered a roar . Just like most of the beasts, it bore a great hatred toward the human race .

Humans were extremely cunning and vicious!

“Of course…”

The Martial Progenitor Realm beast wore a deadly grin, “You can only enter if you manage to resist an attack from me!”

Not only were the beasts concerned about bloodlines, they were passionate about brute strength!

The other beasts glanced at Qin Nan with intrigued looks . Was this guy going to accept the challenge?

“Sure thing . ”

Qin Nan wore a calm smile .

He had already peeked through his opponent’s cultivation . It was only the first-layer Martial Progenitor Realm .

“Golden Barbarian Ox Skyhowl Fists!” The beast was overjoyed hearing this . It uttered a ferocious aura, unleashing a terrifying beastly aura into the sky, before throwing a punch that emitted golden glows toward Qin Nan .

It was going to leave this disrespectful human kid a severe injury with a single punch!

Qin Nan’s expression remained unchanged as his figure moved rapidly at the speed of light while bringing Mu Mu along with a kick . Following this, they appeared on the other end, completely dodging the attack .


The Martial Progenitor Realm beast was startled .

The other beasts were stunned too . It missed? Did he just dodge the attack like that?

Are you being serious? This human cultivator was only a Martial Sacred!

“Have a taste of this!” The beast let out a roar and threw another punch in Qin Nan’s direction . This time, instead of dodging it, Qin Nan unleashed his sacred force and responded with a punch .


The entire place vibrated vigorously .

“What the hell…”

The crowd was astounded . This guy was able to withstand the strength of the Golden Barbarian Ox’s punch?

It went without saying that a beast’s strength was naturally naturally stronger than humans . Ordinary people would not be able to withstand its punch!


The Golden Barbarian Ox’s face was full of disbelief .

“You only said a single attack, but you’ve attacked me twice . Are you still planning to keep it going?” Qin Nan’s eyes flickered sharply . He would not mind establishing his reputation right here in front of the crowd!

“Damn it…” The Golden Barbarian Ox was unsatisfied and could not wait to kill this human right away . It gloomily waved its hand and said, “The beast tribe has always kept their promises . Off you go! Lucky for you, this formation is able to fit twenty people!”

Qin Nan brought his fists together and stepped into the formation with Mu Mu while wearing a calm expression .

Meanwhile, Mu Mu followed behind and stared at Qin Nan with a blank expression .

She could not help but admit that Qin Nan was extremely charming . The manners he showed when facing formidable opponents were not something ordinary people could display .

As a matter of fact, she had always adored Qin Nan back in the Eastern Continent .

But now . . .

“Prepare for teleportation!”

The two Martial Progenitor Realm beasts exchanged glances with one another, before yelling as they performed hand seals .

However, a rare occurrence took place at that moment .

“Stop it!”

A snap could be heard as a terrifying beastly suppression surged toward the portal .

The two Martial Progenitor Realm beasts and the rest of the beasts on the formation began to tremble with pale faces .

That was the bloodline suppression of beasts!

In other

In other words, the one that just arrived possessed a stronger bloodline than all of them!

“Leopard-Striped Dragon!”

The beasts turned their heads around and were astounded .

Its species was highly ranked among the beast tribe, at least in the top fifty in the ranking!

They never thought the recruitment of new disciples this time would attract such a powerful beast!

Qin Nan turned around and saw a young man accompanied by two middle-aged men . Both of them possessed cultivations of the Martial Progenitor Realm . As for the young man, his cultivation had reached the eighth-layer Martial Sacred Realm, while his expression was filled with a hint of pride .

“I’m here to participate in the trial of the Dragon Emperor Clan . Open up the portal at once . ”

The young man stepped forward in an imperious manner, paying no respect to the Martial Progenitors!

“Mis . . . mister, as us beasts were born with strong flesh, the teleportation portal can only fit twenty-two people at most . You will need to wait for the next round…” The Golden Barbarian Ox spoke with a sincere tone .

“Next round? You’re asking me to wait for the next round?”

The young man’s eyes flickered viciously as he took a quick glance at the portal and saw Qin Nan and Mu Mu . He immediately burst out laughing angrily, “Martial Progenitor! How bold of you! You dare let two humans enter the Dragon Emperor Clan instead of giving me the slot! Quick, tell them to piss off! Otherwise——”

Saying this, the young man’s aura became ferocious, as if a sword was being drawn out from its sheath .


A terrifying suppression was emitted following was emitted following the roar, causing cracks to appear in the air .

The Martial Progenitor Realm beasts and the other beasts immediately took a few steps backward with pale faces .

Leopard-Striped Dragon!

A single roar prompted ten thousand beasts to submit themselves!


The Golden Barbarian Ox glanced at Qin Nan and opened its mouth, but failed to find any words .

He had already promised Qin Nan that he could enter the Dragon Emperor Clan after receiving his attack!

“Kid! You’d better come down!” The Golden Barbarian Ox took a deep breath and wore a determined gaze, “This mister from the Leopard-Striped Dragon tribe wants to use the portal, give him your spot! Of course, my promise still counts, so when the portal is activated next time, you can——”

However, before he could finish, he was interrupted by Qin Nan .

Qin Nan immediately understood the situation and snapped mockingly, “Keep your promise, my ass! It seems like beasts are quite shameless too! Just because his bloodline is better than yours, you immediately ask me to give him the spot?”

The young man’s eyes flickered with disdain .

This human was too stupid to adapt to the circumstances!

“Kid! Don’t be ridiculous!” The words immediately provoked the Golden Barbarian Ox who uttered a roar, “If you don’t come down, the Dragon Emperor Clan will cripple you!”

“Cripple me? I would like to see how you’re going to do that!”

Qin Nan scanned his surroundings as his eyes coldened . He fixed his gaze onto the young man and said, “Isn’t it just a beast aura? I have one too!”


The dragon might of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon was unleashed like an explosion!

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