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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 803


Chapter 803: 803

Chapter 803 - Middle Sector City

A few days later, Qin Nan crossed the Boundless Ocean and arrived at the Middle Continent .

“Qin Nan, if you’re planning to go to the Dragon Emperor Clan, you have to go to the Middle Sector City, which is pretty simple . You can teleport there from Crimson Magic City!” After being told that they had a chance of getting the Vital Qi, the two hounds were incredibly active in contrast to their previous despairing attitudes .

“Middle Sector City?”

Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with doubts .

“This Middle Sector City is built by various Two-Starred Factions . Many teleportation portals are constructed in the city, which led directly to the Two-Starred Factions or Three-Starred Factions! Hehe, Qin Nan, think about it, with over hundreds factions in the Middle Continent, if the cultivators had to travel themselves, unless their cultivations had reached the Martial Monarch Realm, Martial Progenitors and Martial Sacreds would probably die along the journey from fatigue…”

Yellow laughingly said .

For some reason, it was quite enjoying its time explaining things to Qin Nan, as if it was trying to say, So what if you’re incredibly lucky and possesses extraordinary talents? You still need to rely on my knowledge .

“I see . ”

Qin Nan nodded his head . He flew the Crimson Magic City, paid some Primary Stones and teleported with the portal .

As soon as he stepped out from the portal, Qin Nan could hear noises surrounding him, as if someone had suddenly arrived at the most lively place in the world from the desert .

“So this is the Middle Sector City?”

Qin Nan began to scan his surroundings . Mu Mu who was standing behind him stared with her eyes open wide too, turning her head around while her face occasionally displayed an excited smile, like a curious child .

The Middle Sector City covered an area with a circumference of a few thousand li . Its walls were colored blue .

“So many experts…”

Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with astonishment after he took a glimpse with his left eye . There were at least over hundreds of Martial Progenitor Realm experts weaving through the crowd heading to the portals located at the corners of the city, before their figures vanished, not to mention the number of Martial Sacred Realm and Martial Highness Realm experts .

This was the Middle Sector City, which was similar to a hub of the Middle Continent .

One could only reach the factions through it .

“Selling a map of the Middle Sector City! Only ten thousand Primary Stones!”

“A rogue cultivator who has lived in the Middle Sector City for ten years is here to be your guide, telling you everything you need to know about the Middle Sector City! Only five thousand Primary Stones to hire me for a day!”

“Special discount, only eight thousand Primary Stones for a map of the Middle Sector City!”

Qin Nan could hear endless yells around him .

The rogue cultivators glanced in the direction of the teleportation portal where Qin Nan and the crowd were standing at with great anticipation .

“This Middle Sector City was indeed built by various factions . Not only is flying prohibited, even divine divine Sense is being restricted here!” Qin Nan scanned his surroundings and came to a realization . He then spent eight thousand Primary Stones to buy a map .

The Middle Sector City had over hundreds of teleportation formations to different places . Therefore, a map was essential .

Qin Nan opened the man and took a quick glimpse, allowing him to gain a basic understanding of the factions, and also find the portal to the Dragon Emperor Clan .

“The portals of the Two-Starred Factions are located on the left, while the Three-Starred Factions are on the right . ”

Qin Nan nodded before he glanced at Mu Mu and calmly said, “You should behave yourself from now on . I’m bringing you to the Dragon Emperor Clan, and if you don’t cooperate, with your current strength, you will suffer a horrible outcome here at the Middle Continent . ”

Along the journey here, Qin Nan had used the golden seal to seal off Mu Mu’s divine Sense .

Furthermore, he had also used the force of the divine God of Battle to seal off her meridians, dantian, etc . , restricting her strength to only a tenth .

“I’m not that stupid . ”

Mu Mu collected her thoughts and said . Although she had no idea why Qin Nan had decided not to kill her, she had no choice but to follow him for the time being .

Qin Nan shrugged his shoulders and brought her to the left side of the Middle Sector City .

Upon arriving at the destination, Qin Nan could see cultivators with outstanding auras stepping out from the various teleportation various teleportation portals and rushing over to the other portals .


Qin Nan suddenly saw a familiar figure stepping out from a portal before heading straight to another portal . Before Qin Nan could greet him, his figure had already disappeared .

“Wasn’t that Senior Tang Qingshan?”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with excitement .

Tang Qingshan had stepped out from a portal of a Two-Starred Faction and entered a portal of another Two-Starred Faction . It seemed like it was most likely that he had joined a Two-Starred Faction, and he might even be ranked on the Monarch Ranking!

“What a pity, he was gone too fast…”

Qin Nan shook his head .

Where were the Princess, Gong Yang, Jiang Bilan, Yu Luosha, and the others at now?

“Forget it, there’s no point thinking about that . We will definitely reunite with one another one day . ”

Qin Nan murmured and entered a portal, causing the scenery before him to change rapidly .

He could see a giant structure with a tremendous aura before him . The entrance was written with three eye-astonishing characters, ‘龙帝院’ (Dragon Emperor Clan), causing people to feel intimidated when it was gazed upon from afar .

In comparison to the Dragon Emperor Clan, the other Two-Starred Factions were nothing worth mentioning .

“Mm? There are many powerful beasts inside there!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with astonishment . He could not sense the presence of a single human inside the Dragon Emperor Clan . The entire place was filled with beasts, while two auras among them had reached the Martial Progenitor Realm .

“Qin Nan, do be careful . be careful . This place is filled with beasts, without a single human . I was told that many powerful beasts here are quite prejudiced against humans…’ Yellow immediately said with a trembling voice . He had once been chased by a Three-Headed Hellhound for hundreds of li .

In the Canglan Continent, humans often treated beasts as a way to train themselves .

Besides, the humans and beasts were not too friendly with one another, with occasional wars taking place between the two tribes .


Qin Nan raised his eyebrow, before entering the place without further hesitation .


As soon as he entered, a terrifying beastly aura swept the surroundings and descended upon Qin Nan’s figure like a magnificent ocean, with a voice filled with surprise .

“A human?”

Twenty young cultivators stood on the transportation portal, while two white-haired old men stood at both sides of it . Although they looked human, the ferocious gaze and the beastly auras entirely exposed their identities .

Even Mu Mu felt her heart shudder and subconsciously stood behind Qin Nan .

However, Qin Nan remained calm .

“Greetings, I’m Qin Nan . I need to visit the Dragon Emperor Clan for an urgent matter . ”

Qin Nan brought his fists together .

“What a joke, a mere human trying to visit our Dragon Emperor Clan? You have three breaths to disappear from my sight! Otherwise, you shall become my meal for today!” A roar could be heard all of a sudden, which turned out to be from a Martial Progenitor Realm beast .

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