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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 802


Chapter 802: 802

Chapter 802 - Monarch Ranking, God Ranking

“Senior Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon has given me this dragon scale to look for the chief of the Dragon Emperor Clan . If my guess is right, they might ask me for a favor . Great timing, in return, I shall ask the Martial Monarch Realm experts of their clan to treat Mu Mu’s poison . ”

Qin Nan glanced at Mu Mu .

Mu Mu’s hair danced elegantly in the breeze, while her attractive face looked even more gorgeous under the sunlight . For some reason, she had remained silent after seeing the Martial Serendipity Pavilion .

Not long after, Qin Nan left the lower district and arrived at the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom .

The Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom had merged with the other two factions and emerged as the conqueror of the Eastern Continent . Countless geniuses from all places made their way there to join them, resulting in a lively sight .

Qin Nan stood in the air and brought his fists together, before he left for the Middle Continent .

“Tell me about the Middle Continent . ”

Qin Nan pondered for a moment and said, “I’ll give each of you a stream of the Vital Qi if I find some next time . ”

These two hounds had been behaving well lately .

Meanwhile, apart from knowing that the factions of the Middle Continent were classified into three different groups, he was entirely clueless about anything else .

The hounds immediately became restless as they were overjoyed, and almost burst out barking .

About time!

“Hehe, Qin Nan, let us tell you about the top three factions . They are named the South-Heaven Sacred Ground, the Jade-Lake Sacred Mountain, and the Martial Principle Sect, with the South-Heaven Sacred Ground being the strongest . These three factions are located towards the end of the Middle Continent . According to the rumors, that place is the closest to the Heaven Path, the Godly Path, and the Nine Heavens . It’s also called the half-God region . ”

Yellow immediately explained with excitement .

“Half-God region? The end of the Middle Continent?”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered as he asked, “How can I join these three factions?”

It was better for him to join a faction at the Middle Continent, and it would be beneficial if he managed to join one of the three factions .

Even Mu Mu’s eyes glittered slightly upon hearing this .

She had been passionate about Martial Arts since she was young, and she finally had the chance to see the world .

“Before joining the three factions, I should explain the Monarch Ranking and God Ranking of the Middle Continent to you . ” Yellow straightened its face and said .

“Monarch Ranking? God Ranking?”

Qin Nan was startled . Could it be something similar to the Hidden Dragon Ranking?

“The Monarch Ranking and God Ranking aren’t just ordinary rankings . According to the rumors, they are formed from ancient godly artifacts of the Canglan Continent . Even Martial God Realm experts cannot peek at their secrets! Besides, once you’ve entered the Monarch Ranking, you will have the chance to participate in the Monarch Horoscope Contest!”

“What’s the Monarch Horoscope Contest?” Mu Mu asked curiously .

“Hehe, girl, listen up! There are countless martial artists and beasts in the Middle Continent, who all want to become Martial Monarch Realm experts! However, is it really that easy to become one? Basically, it’s almost impossible to try try and achieve the Martial Monarch Realm by yourself . Most of the time, the cultivators would rely on the Monarch Horoscope Contest!” Yellow exhaled deeply before he continued, “This Monarch Horoscope Contest is for the geniuses to compete for the Martial Monarch Natal Horoscopes! Those who claim them can proceed to refine them and become a Martial Monarch!”

“Martial Monarch Natal Horoscope?” Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with excitement as he spoke, “Then, in order to become a Martial God, would I need to take part in a similar contest?”

“That’s right! The God Ranking is related to the God Horoscope Contest! Furthermore, the God Ranking also has its own God Horoscope Contest! Therefore, the geniuses who are on the God Ranking will no longer be able to enter the Monarch Ranking . ”

Qin Nan began to have a clearer picture .

There were too many factions and experts in the Middle Continent, but most geniuses would need to rely on the Monarch Ranking and God Ranking to advance further .

“What are the requirements to enter the ranking?” Mu Mu’s eyes flickered with excitement .

Upon hearing the terms Monarch Horoscope Contest and God Horoscope Contest, her mind was filled with shocking scenes of countless geniuses battling against one another!

Would she have the chance to participate in such a huge-scale battle one day?

“According to the limitation of the Canglan Continent’s Martial Spirits, only first-grade to fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits are qualified to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm, while sixth-grade to tenth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits are qualified to reach the Martial God Realm! Therefore, the Monarch Ranking and God Ranking can be used as a way to recruit disciples . ” Blacky surprisingly spoke, “Qin Nan, the top three factions that were mentioned before only recruit disciples with sixth-grade Tian sixth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits and above!”

“I once managed to find myself a Monarch Badge, which would allow me to take part in the Monarch Ranking’s Trial . However, in the end, I was almost crippled by the envoy of the Monarch Ranking…”

Yellow immediately recalled his past .

As for Mu Mu, she instantly fell silent after sensing a tremendous pressure .

The top three factions!

The Monarch Ranking and God Ranking!

A first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit was only the beginning!

Although someone like her was a great talent for a Three-Starred Faction like the Wuliang Mountain, she would probably find herself at the bottom of a Two-Starred Faction or the Monarch Ranking!

“Very well!” Qin Nan exclaimed all of a sudden before he burst out laughing, “This Middle Continent is great! So is the Monarch Ranking, the God Ranking, and the contests! This is awesome!”

Qin Nan could sense his blood beginning to boil .

The Middle Continent was more exciting than he thought!

The place was filled with countless experts, and even had overwhelming presences like the Martial Gods!


Liked it!

Only at a place like the Middle Continent would he be able to enjoy himself!

“This guy is definitely a lunatic . ” The two hounds could feel their lips twisting . They had witnessed geniuses from the other continents feel extremely pressured after coming to the Middle Continent, and none of them were able to laugh .

They were once the top talents of the places they came from .

However, after proceeding to the Middle Continent, the geniuses on the Monarch Ranking and God Ranking immediately overwhelmed their talents, causing them to become insignificant .

Qin Nan’s reaction was entirely different .

He was more excited when he learned that the Middle that the Middle Continent was stronger than he had imagined .

“This guy…”

The two hounds cursed in their hearts, but they clearly knew that only people like him were able to emerge as experts!

Even Mu Mu was startled seeing Qin Nan’s reaction .

Wasn’t he scared?

“Even though the Middle Continent is a difficult place to shine brightly due to the number of experts, it’s also a place filled with fortunate encounters, with countless forbidden areas, and chances to alter your destiny!” Yellow explained, “Every year, there would be geniuses who altered their destiny and soared into the sky upon finding these fortunate encounters…”

“Is it really that easy to alter one’s destiny?” Mu Mu could not help but ask .

In her opinion, it felt like it was incredibly rare to be able to alter a cultivator’s destiny .

“Hehe, it depends on the situation . Remember that by changing your Huang ranked Martial Spirit to a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit is also referred to as altering your destiny, but is that useful?” Yellow and Blacky chuckled .

It was indeed quite easy to alter one’s destiny .

However, there were many levels to it .

It was incredibly difficult to replace one’s Martial Spirit with a Tian ranked Martial Spirit, let alone a fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

Qin Nan immediately recalled the Third Prince .

The Third Prince had altered his destiny and was granted a tenth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, which seemed to be quite powerful, but it did not even have the chance to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm .

“How about my destiny…”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened .

The rank of his divine Battle Spirit was able to keep increasing!

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