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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 799


Chapter 799: 799

Chapter 799 - The Definition of Peerless!

“I’m a rogue cultivator of the Eastern Continent . People refer to me as the East-Pole Martial Sacred . I’m here to deliver my blessings!”

An old white-haired man stepped forward with a smile on his face . Another Martial Sacred Realm expert!

“HAHA, I’m also a rogue cultivator of the Eastern Continent . The people love to call me the Eight Forces Martial Sacred! Sect Leader Qin, may you live a long life…”

“I never thought I would have the chance to be here, Sect Leader Qin, I hope that you…”

One powerful rogue cultivator after another entered the hall from the outside, who were all famous Martial Sacreds of the Eastern Continent!

. . . Meanwhile . . .

There were exactly twenty Martial Sacred Realm experts inside the Sect Leader Hall!

Although they had purposely suppressed their auras, the suppression still caused cracks to appear on the walls of the hall .

However, following this, the crowd witnessed another shocking sight .

There were more than hundreds of rogue cultivators who had arrived outside the hall, but they did not enter the hall . Instead, they all glanced at Qin Nan with excitement .

Most of their cultivations were at the Martial Sacred Realm, with the Martial Dominator Realm being the minimum .

“Senior Qin Nan? I’ve come without being invited . I just want to deliver my blessings to Sect Leader Qin, is that fine?”

Cough cough, Senior Qin Nan, please give us a chance!”

“Senior Qin Nan, can I come in?”

The crowd was utterly dumbfounded .

Was this a joke!

Not only had the entire Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom and the Martial Sacred Realm experts of the Eastern Continent come, there were even hundreds of Martial Highnesses and Martial Dominators pleading for Qin Nan’s approval to enter the hall .

Little did they know that these cultivators were extremely nervous .

For the rogue cultivators, Qin Nan’s presence was like a star hanging high up in the sky . It was extremely difficult to see him in person, and it was an utter glory to do so!

“You’ve all traveled a great journey to attend my father’s birthday and bless him . How could I possibly reject your kindness?” Qin Nan gazed toward the experts outside the hall and brought his fists together, “Let them all in . However, the lower district is nothing like the Eastern Continent, thus pardon us for not receiving you with great warmness…”

“Are you sure?”

The eyes of the rogue cultivators glimmered with joy upon hearing this .

Following this, their figures surged into the hall continuously .

“I’m the Lion King Martial Highness, here to give my blessing!”

“I’m Five Swords Martial Highness, here to give my blessing!”

“I’m Jade Martial Highness, here to…”

One Martial Highness Realm expert after another—followed by Martial Dominator Realm experts—gave their blessings, resulting in an astounding sight . It took the period for an incense to burn for everyone to take their turn .

. . . Meanwhile . . .

The previously spacious hall instantly became crowded after these experts of the Eastern Continent filled the place . Despite that, the Sky-Scorching Emperor and the rest of the experts were not bothered at all . They continued to chat among one another joyfully, while some of the rogue cultivators were extremely excited as it felt like they were attending some prestigious feast!

The Flydawn Emperor and his crew were left in awe, with their mouths mouths open wide, unable to find any words .

The disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect and Qin Tian’s crew were utterly astonished!

The entire Eastern Continent was here!

What exactly had Qin Nan achieved, to have such a terrifying reputation?

“My lord . . . . are . . . are we still . . . planning to kill Qin Tian…” At that instant, a Martial Dominator Realm expert with a bulky muscular physique who was not the sharpest knife in the drawer blurted out with trembling legs .


The atmosphere of the hall instantly changed .

The Sky-Scorching Emperor, the Skyhowl White Tiger, Zhou Bihua, the experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, and the rogue cultivators of the Eastern Continent immediately withdrew their smiles and gazed sharply at the Flydawn Emperor and his crew .


These people were planning to kill Qin Tian?

The faces of the Flydawn Emperor and his people immediately turned pale white as their figures shivered in fear, as if they were being glared at by hundreds of ferocious beasts, causing their hearts to be swarmed with a great sense of danger such that they felt like dropping to their knees .

These were a few tens of Martial Sacred Realm experts and hundreds of Martial Highnesses and Martial Dominators!

The difference between the Flydawn Kingdom and them was like the difference between a firefly and the sun!

The Flydawn Emperor felt like crying at that moment!

What the hell!

This useless fatty!

I’ve always been kind to you!

Why were you setting me up now!

In the blink of an eye, the Flydawn Emperor had cursed the ancestors of the cultivator who had spoken more than a thousand times!

“Qin . . . Qin . . . Qin . . . . Qin Nan . . . we . . . we were just . . . joking . . . please . . . please don’t treat it seriously . . . we’re here . . . to deliver our blessings…” The Flydawn Emperor tried to withhold the fear in his heart and said with a trembling voice .

“Father, what do you say?”

Qin Nan glanced toward Qin Tian .

It was Qin Tian’s matter to begin with, thus he would be the one to make the call .

“Forget it, Flydawn Emperor, you should leave . ” Qin Tian waved his hand . It was most likely that after today, the Flydawn Emperor would never have the courage to harm the Mystic Spirit Sect! He decided not to eliminate the Flydawn Emperor mainly because he was not a bad person, and had contributed significantly to the lower district .

Qin Tian had no intention to be a dominator .

After becoming a dominator, he could not be sure of the changes that would occur to his Martial Heart .

“You shall leave now! From today onward, the two factions shall avoid waging war against each other . However, friendly duels between disciples are still acceptable . ” Qin Tian waved his hand .

“Thank you, Sect Leader Qin!”

The Flydawn Emperor and his crew were startled, before joyful expressions could be seen on their faces . The feeling of having their lives spared felt incredibly good!

Following this, without any hesitation, they immediately left the hall at their fastest speed!

They had no desire to stay for another breath at that terrifying place!

Qin Nan shook his head and glanced at the crowd, before saying with before saying with a smile, “After a few years, I’ve returned from the Eastern Continent to attend my father’s birthday! I did not expect everyone from the Eastern Continent would be willing to come this far as well! For the next few days, the Mystic Spirit Sect will try our best to receive you warmly . I hope everyone will have a great time and enjoy themselves here! Finally—I thank you all!”

Qin Nan brought his fists together and bowed .

His action immediately gave many rogue cultivators a great scare .

“Please don’t, Senior Qin Nan, you’re being too modest!”

“That’s right!

“It’s our pleasure to be here!”

The entire place became lively .

Following this, Qin Tian recovered his appearance as the Sect Leader and began to utter his commands to the disciples to bring up the delicacies and precious wines .

The authorities of the Eastern Continent sat together with the disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect, enjoying the drinks and joyful discussions .

As such, the news regarding Qin Nan was made known to the lower district .

Eliminated the Dao-Seeking Mountain! Overcame the Heavenly Fortune Path!

Altered his destiny and became the top genius of the Eastern Continent!

A Martial Progenitor came from the Middle Continent to hunt him down . A month later, Qin Nan proceeded to the Middle Continent and killed the Martial Progenitor!

One achievement after another caused Qin Tian, Xiao Leng, Xiao Qingxue, and the rest of the disciples and elders of the Mystic Spirit Sect to feel their scalps going numb and their blood boil .

A few years ago, Qin Nan had become the legend of the lower district .

A few years later, the legend had continued to grow, and shine even brighter—a peerless legend!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn


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