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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 797


Chapter 797: 797

Chapter 797 - The Change of the Lower District

A day later, Qin Nan arrived at the lower district .

“Let’s take a look at the Qinglong Sacred Area . ”

With a flicker, Qin Nan’s figure arrived at where the Qinglong Mountain Range was once located . The sixteen mountains were already filled with weeds, with no sign of activity, completely losing its previous liveliness .

“Oh Sacred Leader…”

Qin Nan stood in silence for a moment, before he let out a sigh as his figure disappeared .


After flying past one country after another, Qin Nan keenly detected that the atmosphere of the lower district was significantly different .

“Let’s go and take a look . ”

Qin Nan was quite interested and proceeded to one of the countries .

A moment later, Qin Nan wore a grin .

Since the Qinglong Sacred Area and the Feiyang Sacred Area had been eliminated, the remaining experts and disciples of the Qinglong Sacred Area all headed to the Luohe Kingdom and joined the Mystic Spirit Sect under someone’s command, allowing the Mystic Spirit Sect to grow into a formidable power among the countless factions of the lower district, which further attracted the attention of experts from other places .

As a result, the situation of the lower district had changed .

Apart from the Mystic Spirit Sect of the Luohe Kingdom, there was another kingdom known as the Flydawn Kingdom, which recruited over ten factions, allowing its power to be on par with the Mystic Spirit Sect .

On a side note, the current Sect Leader of the Mystic Spirit Sect was now Qin Nan’s father, Qin Tian .

Although Qin Tian’s cultivation was only at the half-Martial Ancestor Realm, his reputation in the lower district was incredible . Not only was he the father of the top genius of the lower district, he was an expert in maintaining order and winning over the hearts of people with great measures . As such, many cultivators who possessed stronger cultivations were willing to obey his orders .

“It seems like father has been quite occupied these few years . ”

Qin Nan sat inside an inn and murmured to himself, as he heard the surrounding cultivators discussing about ‘Qin Tian’s Fortieth Birthday’ . He then vanished into thin air with a kick .



. . . Luohe Kingdom, the Mystic Spirit Sect . . .

The Mystic Spirit Sect was enormous, as it now occupied over thirty mountains filled with abundant Qi, while countless cities were built at the foot of the mountains, which belonged to the previous royal family of the Luohe Kingdom and other martial clans .

On this particular day, the main peak of the Mystic Spirit Sect was extraordinarily lively .

Countless cultivators arrived at the place with invitations, chatting happily with one another .

The Sect Leader’s Hall of the main peak had over thousands of jade tables, each seated with famous experts and geniuses of the lower district, with disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect weaving among the crowd .

The one sitting at the leading position was none other than Qin Tian .

Within the past few years, Qin Tian had decided to keep his mustache . Apart from his outstanding status, it also added a hint of imperiousness to him whenever he spoke .

In front of him were Tie San of the Qin Clan, Old Shan, Xiao Qingxue, Xiao Leng, Chu Yun, Huang Long, Xu You, Mo Zishan, Yang Yiming, Cao Fan, Li Qingyu, and Bai Heng .

These geniuses of the Luohe Kingdom had all achieved the Martial Ancestor Realm .

Although there were quite a number of Martial Dominator Realm or even Martial Highness Realm experts in the Mystic Spirit Sect, Qin Tian was a man who cherished old friendships . He knew that they were all Qin Nan’s companions, thus he had appointed them as the elders of the Mystic Spirit Sect, and treated them as his close friends .

“The feast has come to an end . Coming up next are the duels between the geniuses!”

At that instant, an elder rose up and declared .

The disciples immediately cleared the jade tables and placed them aside, before the geniuses of the Mystic Spirit Sect stepped forward and began dueling against one another . What was worth mentioning was that, since Qin Nan’s era, the talents here at the lower district had begun to blossom .

For example, there were at least over thirty Xuan ranked Martial Spirits and four Di ranked Martial Spirits in the Mystic Spirit Sect .

“Nice, awesome!’ Following a few exciting duels, Qin Tian burst out laughing while clapping his hands . He could somehow see Qin Nan’s shadow from these young geniuses .

The atmosphere lit up .

“Let’s move onto the next phase, bring up the gifts!”

The elder announced in a loud tone .

“First elder of the Mystic Spirit Sect, Xiao Qingxue, has gifted the Sect Leader a thousand-year ganoderma, wishing the Sect Leader to live a long and happy life . ”

“Second elder of the the Mystic Spirit Sect, Xiao Leng has gifted the Sect Leader…”

The elders presented their gifts, followed by the disciples, and the famous cultivators from all places . Many gifts were extremely valuable, astonishing the crowd and caused their hearts to race .

However, at this moment, a yell could be heard coming from a distance .

“HAHAHA, Brother Qin, how could the Flydawn Kingdom be absent for your fortieth birthday? I’ve personally brought the ministers and duke of the Flydawn Kingdom here to give our blessings!”

Terrifying auras continuously descended upon the place . In the blink of an eye, over fifty people appeared in the hall .

Among them, there were eight Martial Highness Realm experts, thirty-two Martial Dominator Realm experts, and ten peak Martial Ancestor Realm experts!

Such a formidable formation was almost the strongest force of the Flydawn Kingdom .

The one leading in front was an old man . His hair was the color of blood, while his eyes were emitting a sinister gaze . He was a peak Martial Highness Realm expert!

He was the current ruler of the Flydawn Kingdom, the Flydawn Emperor!

“How bold!”

“Hold it right there!”

“What do you think you’re doing?”

The Martial Highnesses who were from the Qinglong Sacred Area immediately rose from their seats and snapped with cold expressions .

The eyes of the experts flickered too .

The entire hall was filled with a murderous intent, a complete different atmosphere from a moment ago .

The Mystic Spirit Sect and the Flydawn Kingdom were the only two formidable factions remaining in the lower district, thus there were regular battles and schemes against each other . However, in overall, the strength of the Flydawn Kingdom was slightly stronger than the Mystic Spirit Sect .

The only reason they were unwilling to wage a war against the Mystic Spirit Sect was their concern about the top genius of the Mystic Spirit Sect, Qin Nan .

“What is it? So we’re not allowed to present our gifts to the Sect Leader of the Mystic Spirit Sect on his fortieth birthday? If that’s the case, I won’t feel satisfied until I see a few deaths here!” The eyes of the Flydawn Emperor flickered sinisterly as he unleashed a murderous aura .

“Alright, everyone, calm down!”

Qin Tian sat at the leading position with a calm expression, “Since the Flydawn Emperor is here to deliver his gifts, why would we reject their presence? Bring up the wines . ”

The experts of the Mystic Spirit Sect exchanged glances with one another before nodding their heads and returning to their seats their seats . However, their figures were tensed as they were prepared to unleash their attacks .

“Before I present my gifts, I’ve got a question to ask . ”

The Flydawn Emperor did not take a seat, but he scanned the crowd and spoke with a grin, “Everyone is saying that the Qin Nan of the lower district is undefeatable . He’s a peerless genius chosen by a faction of the Eastern Continent, guaranteeing him a superb future! I’m here today to witness his strength! However, to my surprise, even at his father’s fortieth birthday, he has still yet to show himself?”

Qin Tian remained expressionless .

Xiao Leng who was standing behind him stepped forward and said with a hollow laugh, “Flydawn Emperor, what are you implying?”

“What am I implying? Isn’t it obvious enough?” The Flydawn Emperor raised his tone, “The Martial World is full of dangers . A genius is at most a genius . It doesn’t make him immortal! There are only two possibilities why Qin Nan is not present here at his father’s fortieth birthday . Either he is a merciless person, or he has fallen!

“People have always said that Qin Nan was a man who cherishes his friends and family, thus it’s most likely the second possibility!

“In other words, Qin Nan is already dead!”

The words served as a great explosion in the hearts of the crowd .

Many disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect wore blank expressions on their faces .

Had the legend of the lower district fallen?

The Flydawn Emperor’s analysis was not unreasonable, as Qin Nan had never shown himself during Qin Tian’s birthday for the past few years!


Xiao Leng was infuriated .

“What is it? Elder Xiao, if I’ve said something wrong, do point it out . I would like to hear your explanation!” The Flydawn Emperor pressed forward with a tremendous aura .

Xiao Leng’s face reddened as he opened his mouth trying to say something, but failed to find any words .

The eyes of the Flydawn Emperor flickered as he glanced at the doubtful disciples .

His plan was to sway their minds all along!

Currently, the strength of the Flydawn Kingdom could easily overwhelm the Mystic Spirit Sect! His only concern was Qin Nan, but since he had failed to show himself on such an important day, the outcome was obvious .

As such, he was brave enough to execute his plan .

“Without Qin Nan, the Mystic Spirit Sect is nothing worth mentioning! Besides, my son is currently the second ranked genius of the Western Continent . Continent . Even if Qin Nan was still alive, his strength wouldn’t be too outstanding either!”

The Flydawn Emperor let out a hollow laugh and uttered a roar, “Come, show Sect Leader Qin the gifts from the Flydawn Kingdom!”

That being said, it was all thanks to the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom for warning all the rogue cultivators who had returned to the lower district . They had all sworn an oath to never mention Qin Nan’s name . Otherwise, they would be prohibited from returning to the lower district . As such, the people of the lower district were clueless as to Qin Nan’s situation .

Even though some of them tried to advise the Flydawn Emperor, he did not listen to them!

A peak Martial Highness Realm expert behind the Flydawn Emperor carried a huge box covered with a piece of red cloth that was able to hinder their divine Sense .

The atmosphere of the place stiffened .

Qin Tian’s eyes flickered . If he weren’t mistaken, the thing under the red cloth would be extremely dangerous!

Besides, that would only be the start . It would definitely be followed by a series of dangers!


Qin Tian was experienced enough to analyze the situation, and immediately gave out his commands .

The experts of the Mystic Spirit Sect nodded their heads and began to execute Qin Tian’s plan behind the scenes .

“We wish Sect Leader Qin Tian to live a long and happy life . May your happiness be as immense as the East Sea, and may your lifespan be as lengthy as the Zhongnan Mountains!”

The peak Martial Highness Realm expert suddenly uttered a hideous laugh as he unveiled the cloth . A Sacred Weapon longsword immediately thrust forward with a shocking sword intent!

“How bold!”

The experts of the Mystic Spirit Sect immediately responded .

The eyes of the Flydawn Emperor flickered coldy . Even though Qin Tian’s cultivation was not outstanding, his wisdom could not be underestimated . However, with the plan he had schemed today, Qin Tian’s death would surely be unavoidable .

This was only the beginning .

The two sides were on the verge of battling against each other .

At that instant, a calm voice could be heard .

“That’s quite an impressive gift . I’ll take it on behalf of my father . ”

Clank .

The peak Martial Highness Realm cultivator was stunned, as the sword in his hand was held by a terrifying force .

Qin Nan had returned!

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