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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 796


Chapter 796: 796

Chapter 796 - Returning in Glory

The crowd was dumbfounded .

Most of them were peak Martial Sacred Realm experts, authorities of the Eastern Continent, and yet none of them noticed someone sneak into the place?

The Sky-Scorching Emperor, Zhou Bihua, the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird, etc . subconsciously glimpsed at the person and were overjoyed .

“Qin Nan! You’re back!”

As they still kept in contact with Qin Nan through their badges, they clearly knew that Qin Nan was still alive . However, they had yet to hear any news from Qin Nan after a few days, causing them to feel nervous and have the urge to go straight to the Middle Continent, but they managed to withhold it .

“Qin Nan?”

The people of the Trading Alliance and Wanxiang Pavilion were stunned .

Didn’t they say Qin Nan had gone to the Middle Continent to take on the Wuliang Mountain?

Why was he here now?

Did this mean that Qin Nan had destroyed the Wuliang Mountain!

That was impossible!

Qin Nan was only a Law-Defying Martial Highness a month ago, while the Wuliang Mountain had Martial Progenitors . How could he stand a chance against them?

“What is it, you seemed to be surprised?” Qin Nan wore a cold grin .

How nice of this Trading Alliance and Wanxiang Pavilion, they dared to come and find trouble even though he had yet to have the time to deal with them .

“You…” The Leader of the Trading Alliance swiftly reacted and snapped, “Qin Nan, stop being cocky here! Even though you managed to escape, I’ve already contacted the Mu Clan . I shall tell them to come over at once…”

“I’m sorry, the Mu Clan is now history . ” Qin Nan said in a cold tone .

The Leader of the Trading Alliance was stunned .

The crowd was stunned .

The Mu Clan was now history?

What did that mean?

For some reason, the Leader of the Trading Alliance felt like asking, “How about the Martial Progenitor from the Wuliang Mountain?”

“He’s dead . ” Qin Nan’s tone remained cold .

The entire palace instantly fell into a dead silence!

The Mu Clan was now history!

And the Martial Progenitor was dead?

Are you kidding me! It had only been a month!

“Qin Nan, stop talking bullshit right here . How could you possibly eliminate the Mu Clan and kill a Martial Progenitor? I’ll contact them right now!” The Leader of the Trading Alliance raised the badge and transmitted his voice .

There was no way he would believe Qin Nan’s words .

In addition to him, even the Sky-Scorching Emperor’s crew could not believe it either . They assumed that Qin Nan had used some sort of trick to escape with the Princess and Mu Mu .

However, ten breaths later, the badge in the hand of the Leader of the Trading Alliance still did not show any reaction .

At that instant, the crowd realized something .

“Leader of the Trading Alliance, you’ve been trying to kill me for a long time . It’s time for me to pay you back!” Qin Nan uttered a hollow laugh as he stepped forward and fired a punch .

The crowd was astounded .

Instead of a fist, they saw a giant mountain, an indescribable mountain with a tremendous force!


The Leader of the Trading Alliance immediately collected his thoughts . His eyes were filled with utter terror . How How was this possible, why was the attack so terrifying? Before he could ponder further, his flesh was shattered into pieces by the punch .

“As for the others, even though I won’t kill you, there will be penalties!”

Qin Nan glanced at the Vice Leader of the Trading Alliance and the Supreme Elder before lashing out with a kick, sending them flying in the midst of fear, causing them to spit out mouthfuls of blood and fall unconscious .

“For Yu Luosha’s sake, I shall lower the punishment for the people of the Wanxiang Pavilion!”

Qin Nan flipped his hand .

His terrifying sacred force formed a giant mountain that crushed down onto the people of the Wanxiang Pavilion, shattering their bones . Even though they were not entirely crippled, it was impossible for them to improve their cultivations any further .


The Sky-Scorching Emperor, Zhou Bihua, and the rest of the experts were dumbfounded .

In just three breaths!

Six authorities of the Eastern Continent were killed or suppressed by Qin Nan with ease .

They clearly remembered that when the Flying Alligator Progenitor had been there a month ago, Qin Nan had completely stood no chance against him . Why was his strength so terrifying in just a month’s time?

Is this the power of a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit?

“Seniors, I’ve managed to find myself some fortunate encounters that boosted my strength . This is a badge of the Wuliang Mountain, take good care of it . If the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom manages to train an outstanding genius in the future, take this badge and head to the Wuliang Mountain and mention my name, and he or she will have the chance to become a disciple . ” Qin Nan calmed Nan calmed his aura and respectfully brought his fists together as he spoke .

No matter how powerful he became, these people were still his seniors after all .

“This…” The Sky-Scorching Emperor received the badge as if it were a dream to him .

It was clear that with the badge, the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom would develop a close relationship with the Wuliang Mountain of the Middle Continent .

“Qin Nan! Tell us! How did you do it! What kind of fortunate encounter did you find!”

The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise collected its thoughts and blurted out with excitement .

“Senior, instead of wasting your time here, shouldn’t you all head to the places of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion and claim them?” Qin Nan said in an indifferent tone, “Now that the Mu Clan is gone, the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom is the only power left here in the Eastern Continent . You’re the conqueror now . ”

The words served as an explosion that awakened the experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, causing their blood to boil .

The Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom was now the conqueror of the Eastern Continent!

This had been their dream for thousands of years!

They never thought it would finally come true one day!

The Sky-Scorching Emperor immediately recalled that when Qin Nan’s identity was exposed, the Deceased Emperor had told him that the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom must be on Qin Nan’s side at all cost .

How wise was the Deceased Emperor!

“By the way, I’ve got a request to ask . The day after tomorrow will be my father’s fortieth birthday . I believe they will be holding a feast in the lower district . I’ve left the lower district for many years, and it’s time and it’s time for me to visit my clan . ” Qin Nan said with a stern voice, “I hope that seniors would be able to attend the feast, so that I can return in glory, and bring great fame to my father!”

Qin Nan wore a smile as he spoke .

Return in glory!

Even he could not escape from the worldly customs .

How could he not have the urge to show people the achievements he had had after the struggles and troubles he had been through?

“HAHAHA! Is that it? Don’t worry, every expert of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom will be heading to the lower district to show our respect to your father!” The Sky-Scorching Emperor waved his hand and burst out laughing .

Qin Nan had mentioned this to him twice .

Therefore, it was obvious that Qin Nan was treating it seriously, thus he had to be serious about it too!

“Alright, I’ll be heading to the lower district first . I’ll see you guys later . ”

Qin Nan brought his fists together and left with a flicker .

Prior to his departure, he floated in the air and glanced at his statue on the dojo, before glancing at the Statue of the Deceased Emperor and the damaged statue of the Skyhowl White Tiger, as a smile appeared on his face .

“Senior, I’ll leave this as a gift for you and Senior Dragon Abyss Tree . You must come to the feast!”

Qin Nan flicked his finger and fired five Monarch Arts into the mind of the Skyhowl White Tiger . The statue immediately stared with its eyes open wide and an astounded face, but the sky was empty .

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