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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 795


Chapter 795: 795

Chapter 795 - Back to the Eastern Continent

The crowd standing thirty li away completely lost their minds . The Flying Alligator Progenitor had been killed by the young man . Even though Lin Miaoke had interfered in the end, they clearly felt the power of the slash!

With such power, Qin Nan could easily claim a spot on the Monarch Ranking .

Qin Nan exhaled a deep breath .

Since the Flying Alligator Progenitor was slain, his trip to the Middle Continent had come to an end .

“Is it possible to cleanse the poison in her body?” Qin Nan nodded his head toward Lin Miaoke . He landed with a flicker and glanced at Mu Mu who lost consciousness .

“The poison was just a simple Soul-Confusing Poison, but since her body is the Serene Infernal Body, it had significantly multiplied the effect of the poison, thus it’s quite difficult to cleanse it now . ” Princess Miao Miao shook her head and said, “Qin Nan, your golden seal is able to suppress the poison, thus she will have to be by your side for the time being . ”

Qin Nan recalled the scene where the Patriarch had sacrificed himself and nodded .

He had promised the Patriarch to take good care of Mu Mu .

“Princess, how about you…”

Qin Nan raised his head and was about to say something .

“Since I’m here at the Middle Continent, it’s time for me to go home too . ” Princess Miao Miao blinked her eyes at Qin Nan .

Whoosh .

As her figure shuddered, countless colorful petals that appeared out of nowhere were attached to her body, forming a magical long dress . Apart from the hint of mischievousness on her attractive face, there was an extra hint of imperiousness, as she retained her aura of the princess of a formidable power .

“Xiao Nanzi, I’ll be waiting for you here at the Middle Continent . ”

Princess Miao Miao reached out her hand to rub Qin Nan’s head and giggled, before her figure transformed into a ray of light and disappeared .

The cultivators standing thirty li away were astounded .

They did not expect the woman whom the Flying Alligator Progenitor was trying to kill would turn into such a remarkable beauty in the blink of an eye, which caused them to lose their thoughts for a moment .

“Qin Nan, I’ll be leaving too . I hope I won’t see you again, and don’t you dare come and seek me!” The Unfettered Sword Progenitor angrily grabbed his disciple and summoned the rift . He was furious as Qin Nan had called him here to help him, and after he had drunk his wine and sharpened his sword, he had ended up killing no one .

Unpleasant, extremely unpleasant .

“Qin Nan, until next time!”

The Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor withheld the urge to follow Qin Nan and left the place .

It knew that although by following Qin Nan, it would guarantee it to live an exciting life . However, as it recalled how Qin Nan had dared to enter the cave with his mere cultivation of ninth-layer Martial Sacred Realm, perhaps it was time for itself to go have its own adventure!

“Good luck!”

Qin Nan burst out laughing glancing at its back . He recalled the feeling when he had stood above the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor’s head and made his entry by breaking the entrance of the Wuliang Mountain, causing his blood to boil .

I must find a chance to capture a powerful beast as my mount!

Something like the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon would be perfect!

“Qin Nan, who would have thought that you would come this far after our last meeting a few days ago . ” Lin Miaoke stepped forward . Her eyes were filled with admiration and astonishment, but there was no sign of envy . Qin Nan had the courage to enter the cave alone, but they did not dare to do so .

Therefore, they missed the opportunity of acquiring the fortunate encounter .

“By the way, way, Qin Nan, why don’t you stay here and be our Supreme Elder?” Lin Miaoke said with a sudden thought, “Don’t you worry, there’s no restriction in becoming our Supreme Elder . Once you have the chance, you can freely join another Two-Stared Faction . We won’t stop you . ”

The factions at the Middle Continent were different than the ones in the Eastern Continent .

For example, even if a cultivator without any reputation were to join the Wuliang Mountain, he would not be prohibited from leaving the sect .

The Middle Continent was filled with great fortunate encounters . It was common for nameless cultivators to acquire powerful successions and alter their destinies, granting them Tian-ranked Martial Spirits and unlimited potential in their futures .

As such, the factions of the Eastern Continent never restricted their disciples . They only needed them to make a vow that once they achieved greatness in the future, they would help the sect out when needed .

“Forget it,” Qin Nan shook his head, “I’ve no intention of joining a sect for now . ”

His priority now was to make a trip back to the lower district . However, even when he returned to the Middle Continent, he would not be in a rush to join a sect, as there was still the scroll that the right arm of the divine God of Battle had given to him .

The other body parts of the divine God of Battle were still waiting for him at the Middle Continent!

“Err . . . that’s fine . ” Lin Miaoke’s eyes flickered with disappointment, before she took out a badge and handed it to Qin Nan, “Qin Nan, this is a badge of our Wuliang Mountain . Any genius with this badge can join the Wuliang Mountain straight away . ”

“Mm? Thanks . ”

Qin Nan received the badge without hesitation . The badge might be useful for the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom .

“Time to go!”

Qin Nan carried the unconscious Mu Mu on his shoulder and vanished with a with a flicker .

Lin Miaoke and the other geniuses stared blankly for a moment, as their hearts were swarmed with excitement .

What kind of greatness would the top genius of the Eastern Continent achieve here in the Middle Continent?



. . . Eastern Continent . . .

The news regarding Qin Nan being hunted by the Martial Progenitor Realm experts of the Mu Clan and the Wuliang Mountain was spread to the entire Eastern Continent .

The cultivators of the Eastern Continent also knew that Qin Nan had gone to the Wuliang Mountain by himself to fulfill his promise .

Many let out sighs upon hearing this .

In their opinion, even Qin Nan would surely die going against a Martial Progenitor when he only had a month to prepare himself .

. . . Meanwhile, at the royal chamber of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom . . .

The Sky-Scorching Emperor sat on his throne with a dark expression . Flames of anger flickered within his eyes .

Zhou Bihua, the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird, and the rest of the experts wore cold expressions .

Before them stood the Leaders of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion and their crew, with smirks on their faces .

“Mm? Do you really think it’s a loss that our factions are trying to buy fifty Sacred Weapons and ten half-Monarch Weapons from you with ten thousand Primary Stones? Sky-Scorching Emperor, keep in mind that the situation is no longer the same as before…” The Leader of the Trading Alliance scanned the crowd and uttered a cold laugh .

How pleasant!

He was surely enjoying this moment!

After Qin Nan had eliminated the Dao-Seeking Mountain and the series of events at the Heavenly Fortune Path, the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion were forced to withdraw from the scene and had merged together to avoid themselves from being targeted . Who would have thought such a shocking change would occur so fast!

Qin Nan had offended the Mu Clan and the Clan and the Wuliang Mountain and had made his way to the Middle Continent!

He would surely die without a doubt .

Who did he think he was? Trying to defeat a Martial Progenitor within a month?

Most importantly!

Once Qin Nan was dead, the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom would be regarded as an enemy by the Mu Clan and the Wuliang Mountain!

Therefore, it would only be a matter of time until the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom was eliminated by the two factions!

This was the reason why the people of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion had dared to show themselves at White Tiger City and challenge the Sky-Scorching Emperor!

“Don’t you dare cross the line!” The Sky-Scorching Emperor clenched his fists tightly as green veins popped out on his forehead .

“Hehe, so what if I’m crossing it!” The Leader of the Trading Alliance rose up with a tremendous aura as he snapped, “If you don’t obey my will, our factions will join the Mu Clan and destroy your Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom! I’m showing you mercy by buying your stuff with ten thousand Primary Stones!”

The experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom were infuriated .

Trying to buy fifty Sacred Weapons and ten half-Monarch Weapons with ten thousand Primary Stones was his way of showing mercy?

This Leader of the Trading Alliance was extremely disrespectful!

However . . .

What could they do now?

Although the Mu Clan no longer had a Martial Progenitor, Mu Kun was still a half-Martial Progenitor, thus if they were to join forces with the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion, the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom would definitely not stand a chance!

“It seems like you’re unwilling to surrender without seeing blood . I shall now transmit my voice to the Mu Clan——” The Leader of the Trading Alliance immediately took out a badge .

However, a calm voice could be heard .

“Who are you trying to talk to?”

A figure appeared at the entrance of the hall, which was none other than Qin Nan .

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