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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 794


Chapter 794: 794

Chapter 794 - The Power of the Heaven-Shattering Saber, Suppressing with Brute Force

The sudden change immediately grabbed the attention of the crowd .


Qin Nan’s eyes glistened as he turned his head around .

He could sense a shocking evil presence emerging from Mu Mu’s body, as countless illusionary figures of snakes danced wildly behind her like long hair . Everything within one li from her had frozen due to the eerie aura .

“Such a terrifying aura!”

“Why would she possess such power in her body?”

Gasp, who would have thought that this girl was no ordinary person either!”

The authorities standing thirty li away were dumbfounded, as the scene completely took them by surprise .

“Unfettered Sword Progenitor, Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor, listen to my command . Suppress her at once!” The Princess wore a shocked expression as she groaned and floated in the air, reaching out her hands causing countless talismans to spread into the surroundings, forming a magical formation .


The Unfettered Sword Progenitor and the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor immediately stepped forward and landed at two sides of the formation, before supporting its execution with powerful progenitor force, causing it to emit a shocking glow as its power was now ten times stronger .


Mu Mu’s figure shuddered with a painful expression on her face . The illusionary figures of the snakes behind her uttered cries of agony and sprang into the sky .

Despite that, her eyes were still glaring at Qin Nan with a cold murderous intent, “Qin . . . Nan . . . you…”

“Qin Nan, the Flying Alligator Progenitor and Mu Kun’s crew have tricked her and poisoned her, causing her to misunderstand that we were the one responsible for the Patriarch’s death! Therefore, she must be bearing a great hatred toward us! Be careful!” Princess Miao Miao wore a troubled look as she transmitted her voice . She did not expect the evil presence in Mu Mu’s body to become so terrifying .

“The Flying Alligator Progenitor? Trick? Poison?”

Qin Nan took a glimpse at Mu Mu’s body and detected an extremely vicious poison in it . His heart beat ferociously as it was filled with anger .

How nice of this Flying Alligator Progenitor! Utterly shameless! Not only did he kill Mu Mu’s father, he even poisoned her and lied to her!

“Mu Mu! What are you waiting for! That man is the one who murdered your father! Even your close ones all died in his hands! How could you allow him to live a second longer?” However, the Flying Alligator Progenitor’s eyes flickered with excitement upon seeing this . He immediately executed an ancient seduction technique as he spoke .

He was planning to trigger the evil presence in Mu Mu’s body!

It would allow him to escape and survive .

As he expected!

Mu Mu’s eyes shuddered as the memories of her past appeared before her, causing a great hatred to arise within her!

Qin Nan had killed her father! And her relatives!


The illusionary snakes behind her became excited as if they were aware of her rage . They sprang sprang high into the sky and escaped the suppression of the formation, before turning into a pitch-black giant snake that tore at Qin Nan’s head .

“HAHA, she did it!” The Flying Alligator Progenitor was overjoyed .

“Qin Nan, look out!”

Princess Miao Miao, the Unfettered Sword Progenitor, and the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor were stunned . The power of the evil presence was overwhelming . Even a Martial Progenitor would have a hard time dealing with it!

“Do you really dare to infiltrate my flesh?”

Qin Nan’s eyes coldened as he flipped his hand, causing the mysterious golden seal to appear in his hand . Previously, he had learned that this mysterious golden seal was extremely effective against evil presences .

Buzz .

The golden seal slightly shuddered as if it had sensed something malicious .

The evil snake dashing toward Qin Nan suddenly halted in its tracks as if it had just seen something horrifying . It let out a cry of agony as its body suddenly exploded into dust .

“Suppress!” Qin Nan waved his hand, causing the golden seal to float in the air and slowly press down onto Mu Mu’s head .

The evil presence began to slowly withdraw into Mu Mu’s body as if it were being suppressed by a giant mountain . The illusionary snakes uttering painful cries before swiftly entering her body .

The danger was resolved straight away .

“F**k! Damn it! Why is this happening! Why would Qin Nan have such an incredible artifact! Crap! Run——” The joy on the Flying Alligator Progenitor’s face stiffened face stiffened . Not only did Qin Nan possess a formidable strength, he even had such an incredible artifact!

He clenched his teeth and fled for his life without hesitation .

“Flying Alligator Progenitor, you’ve committed such a great sin, where are you trying to run to?” Meanwhile, a pleasant voice could be heard, which turned out to be Lin Miaoke . She winked her eye at Qin Nan and waved her hand, causing the Wuliang Mountain to fire chains that locked onto the Flying Alligator Progenitor’s figure like snakes .

“Lin Miaoke! You dare to target me! You’re helping an outsider instead! How disrespectful!” The Flying Alligator Progenitor was locked to the ground, making so that he was unable to break free within a short period of time, causing him to go mad and yell furiously .

Lin Miaoke showed no sign of doubt . Since the Flying Alligator Progenitor had schemed against her, why couldn’t she return the favor?


Meanwhile, a shocking vibration could be felt as a terrifying saber aura sprang into the sky, as if it were going to slash the sky in half .


The cultivators standing thirty li away trembled seeing the saber aura . Their faces were filled with astonishment . Did Qin Nan really execute such a terrifying attack?

“Flying Alligator Progenitor!”

Qin Nan dashed into the sky and raised his right arm that was now in the form of the Heaven-Shattering Saber . He had fully focused his will to its limit .

“Qin Nan! Do you really think you can kill me! Martial Progenitor Tree! Resist it!” Tree! Resist it!” Seeing this, the Flying Alligator Progenitor uttered a roar . The Martial Progenitor Tree emerged from his back and emitted countless martial glows .

He was not convinced!

How could he, with a cultivation of second-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, be defeated by a Law-Defying Martial Sacred?


Qin Nan snapped as the battle intent in his body and the anger he had accumulated over a month burst out like a surging tide .

The Heaven-Shattering Saber slashed downward ferociously!

The next moment . . .

The crowd thirty li away witnessed something they would never forget for the rest of their lives . A Law-Defying Martial Sacred had shattered the Martial Progenitor Tree of a second-layer Martial Progenitor with a single slash!

“How could this be——”

The Flying Alligator Progenitor’s eyes widened as he completely lost his mind . That was the Martial Progenitor Tree, the martial experience that he had accumulated throughout his life! Even a Monarch Weapon would not be able to destroy it, let alone a saber!

At the last moment, he took a closer look at Qin Nan’s saber, and suddenly recalled the shocking event that had taken place in the Middle Continent over hundreds of years ago!

That was . . .

The Heaven-Shattering Saber!

“Heaven-Shattering Saber! The succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path! Mysterious left eye! Mysterious golden seal! How did this guy——” The Flying Alligator Progenitor murmured . Before he could react, the Heaven-Shattering Saber slashed his body in half .

The Flying Alligator Progenitor was slain!

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