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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 790


Chapter 790: 790

Chapter 790 - A Shocking Clash

“A first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit?”

“No wonder even the Chaos Sect would send their representative here . It’s because of her!”

Gasp, a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit . She could definitely enter the Monarch Ranking with such talent! If she were lucky enough and continued to alter her destiny, her future potential would be unlimited!”

Everyone gathered their gaze onto Mu Mu’s figure .

It went without saying that even here in the Middle Continent, there was a lack of geniuses with Tian-ranked Martial Spirits . Therefore, everyone who possessed a Tian-ranked Martial Spirit would be dealt with seriously by the Two-Stared Factions!

Upon seeing this, the Flying Alligator Progenitor exchanged glances with Mu Kun and his crew and grinned .

Initially, the Flying Alligator Progenitor had only been planning to bait Qin Nan here with the lives of Princess Miao Miao and Mu Mu .

His goal was to slay Qin Nan and acquire the successions he had claimed!

However, when the Flying Alligator Progenitor learned that Mu Mu was a first-grade Tian ranked genius, and was completely clueless about what had happened at the Mu Clan, he immediately planned with Mu Kun and his crew to manipulate the truth and lie to Mu Mu that the Patriarch had died in the hands of Qin Nan, the Princess, and the Unfettered Sword Progenitor .

It was obvious that the Netherworld Chain coiling around the Patriarch was the Unfettered Sword Progenitor’s move .

Mu Mu had been suspicious in the beginning, but once she drank the Spirit-Confusing Poison that the Flying Alligator Progenitor had specifically refined, she completely believed it .

By tricking Mu Mu, the Flying Alligator Progenitor could then use her to establish a connection with a Two-Stared Faction, the Chaos Sect . When the time came, he would collude with the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor to eliminate Lin Miaoke, which would make him the Sect Leader of the Wuliang Mountain!

Not only was he trying to steal Qin Nan’s successions, he was planning a revolution!

Everything would belong to him!

“Mu Mu, on behalf of the Chaos Sect, I now recruit you as an inner disciple . Are you willing to join the Chaos Sect?” The Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor glanced at Mu Mu and said smilingly .

“Your disciple is willing!”

Mu Mu showed no hesitation .

Her only thought now was to kill the Unfettered Sword Progenitor with her own hands, as he was the main culprit in her father’s death!

“The Great Ceremony begins now . Let the duels between the disciples take place . As for the cultivators and seniors from various places, let’s patiently wait for noon! As I mentioned, if Qin Nan, the top genius of the Eastern Continent does not show himself at noon, I shall kill this woman in front of the crowd!”

The Flying Alligator Progenitor said .

“HAHAHA, let’s wait for noon!”

“The Flying Alligator Progenitor is right, let’s wait!”

“So that kid’s name is Qin Nan? Tsk tsk, I hope this genius Qin Nan is able to eliminate the Wuliang Mountain today! HAHA!”

Countless voices could be heard once again .

Regardless of where they came from, the crowd was aware that once Mu Mu became the inner disciple of the Chaos Sect, the status of the Wuliang Mountain would no longer be the same, becoming one that they could not afford to offend .

“The Flying Alligator Progenitor has full control over the situation . What should I do?”

However, The eyes of Lin Miaoke who was seated at the leading position flickered in a complicated manner .

She was not stupid to not realize that the Flying Alligator Progenitor had colluded with the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor to force her to hand over her position as the Sect Leader .

However, her cultivation was only at the third-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, while the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor had achieved the fifth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm . She was nowhere strong enough to match his strength .

Was there really nothing she could do?

“Do I really have no choice but to hand over my position that I’ve succeeded from my master?”

Lin Miaoke let out a sigh .

Meanwhile, the dojo was extremely lively, as the cultivators chatted with one another . It was as if the Flying Alligator Progenitor had suddenly entered the limelight among the crowd, having pleasant chats with the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor and the authorities of the other sects . In comparison, Lin Miaoke seemed to be quite lonely by herself .

Time slowly passed .

The sun gradually changed its position in the sky .

Only a short while was left before noon arrived .

“HAHA, Flying Alligator, are you sure about this? I’m afraid the top genius of the Eastern Continent would not dare to show himself . ” The Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor burst out laughing .

The Flying Alligator Progenitor wore a gloomy expression .

If Qin Nan were to come, everything would go according to his plan . However, things would become trickier if Qin Nan did not show himself . That being said, he could still let Mu Kun and his crew hunt Qin Nan down in the Eastern Continent .

Either way, he would surely get his hands on the successions that Qin Nan possessed!

“Hehe, Brother Nine-Shade, you might be right, but regardless of him showing himself or not, I not, I will still behead this woman at noon, and carry on with our plan…” The Flying Alligator Progenitor paused for a moment before continuing, “Nine-Shade Progenitor, don’t you worry . Once I take over as the Sect Leader, I’ll surely give the thing to you . ”

“Mm . ”

The Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor nodded with a hint of admiration his eyes .

He had only agreed to assist the Flying Alligator Progenitor as he was interested in the reward that he had promised, and also for Mu Mu’s sake .

. . . Meanwhile, at the center of the dojo . . .


Mu Mu slowly drew out a long sword with a tip that was emitting a cold flicker .

She had been appointed to execute the Princess!

“I was too naive before, being tricked by you all like an idiot . If it weren’t for the Flying Alligator Progenitor, and Uncle Mu Kun, I would never learn the truth . Princess, don’t overthink it, Qin Nan wouldn’t show himself today . Even if he did, death would be his end too…” Mu Mu stared at the Princess coldly .

When she had learned that the Princess and Qin Nan were working with the Unfettered Sword Progenitor to scheme against his father, she had almost felt that her life had crumbled, leaving her in unimaginable pain . Now that she had calmed down, she could only cleanse the scar in her heart with the blood of her enemies .

Princess Miao Miao’s lips twitched as she remained silent and squinted .

Xiao Nanzi would definitely come, and would turn the tables around . Even if he failed to make it in time, even if it meant she would be unleashing all of her Primary Force, she Primary Force, she would kill every single asshole here!

Time gradually passed .

Almost everyone at the dojo fixed their gazes upon the Princess .

“It’s almost noon!”

“HAHA, I don’t sense anything coming to the dojo . I’m afraid he won’t be coming!”

“What a letdown! I was looking forward to seeing the top genius of the Eastern Continent!”

Many faces were covered with disappointment .

At that instant, a disciple suddenly rose from his seat and uttered a roar, “It’s noon!”

The sun in the sky was right above their heads!

“This goddamned Qin Nan, isn’t this little jerk known for greatly favoring friendship? Why is he being a coward now?” The Flying Alligator Progenitor cursed in his heart . Although it was reasonable for Qin Nan to be absent, he was feeling utterly unpleasant, causing his face to darken as he snapped, “Mu Mu, execute her!”

Saying this, he exchanged glances with the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor .

Following this, it was time to usurp!

Lin Miaoke’s figure tensed as she felt uncomfortable in her heart . Despite knowing something was going to happen, she was entirely helpless .

“Princess, die!”

Under the crowd’s gaze, Mu Mu’s eyes flickered with a complicated emotion, before she clenched her teeth and slashed forward with the sword in her hand, firing a cold sword intent .

However, at the last moment . . .


A terrifying explosion could be heard coming from the foot of the mountain, echoing in the ears of the crowd .

The Flying Alligator Progenitor, Lin Miaoke, the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor, and the rest of the crowd were stunned .

It took them a while to collect their thoughts .

Someone . . .

Was attacking the entrance!

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