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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 787


Chapter 787: 787

Chapter 787 - Your God Can Only Be His Mount

Although the Vital Qi might be extremely precious for other beasts or experts, it was nothing valuable for the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon .

“Regardless of how much Vital Qi you possess, it won’t bring any help to the injury inside my body,” The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon said, “Qin Nan, I don’t need anything from you, and I can help you to improve your cultivation so that you can destroy the Wuliang Mountain, but you must promise me something!”

“What is it?”

Qin Nan did not show any joy hearing this .

“Take this dragon scale and head to the Dragon Emperor Clan and find their chief!” The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon flicked its claw and fired an extraordinary dragon scale into Qin Nan’s hand, which turned out to be the inverse scale of a dragon .

“What? Is that it? Find the chief of the Dragon Emperor Clan?”

The two Heavenly Fortune Hounds were stunned, before they began to doubt their lives . Did he seriously just acquire the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon’s help just like that? Unbelievable!

“Cut the nonsense, do you still want to reconstruct your flesh? What exactly is this Dragon Emperor Clan?”

Qin Nan glanced at the two beasts and snapped coldly .

Cough cough, please don’t misunderstand us . ” Despite doubting their lives, they immediately gave in after hearing about the reconstruction of their flesh and explained, “Here at the Middle Continent, apart from the top three factions, there are few dozen Two-Starred Factions, and the one ranked first among them is the Dragon Emperor Clan! We have heard about it before, and apparently, only beasts are allowed to join the faction, without a single human . Meanwhile, the current chief is a Martial Monarch!”

“I see . ”

Qin Nan nodded before he brought his fists together facing the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon, “Senior, I promise you . ”

Since the request was within his capabilities, he would surely accept it . Otherwise, he would never promise something so easily .

However, without him knowing, the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon let out a sigh of relief in its heart .

As long as this kid would keep his promise!

When the time came, let the old man of the Dragon Emperor Clan convince Qin Nan!

“Qin Nan, besides that, there’s something else . Bull, come over here!”

The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon raised its head and uttered a magnificent roar .

The Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor guarding the entrance swiftly arrived without delay . Not a single hint of hostility could be seen on its face, as it respectfully said, “King, what’s your order?”

“Qin Nan, this bull has followed me for hundreds of years, and has been faithful and loyal . Since you have a stream of Vital Qi, give to it instead! Of course, I won’t let you give it for free . When you finally embark on your journey to destroy the Wuliang Mountain, let this guy before you be your mount and help you once! Are you alright with this?” The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon said .

“Not a problem!”

Qin Nan was stunned, before his expression became joyful . With the assistance of the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor, it would serve as a great help to him when he attacked the Wuliang Mountain!

“Vital Qi?”

The Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor became energetic hearing this . If it were able to refine the Vital Qi, it could most likely activate its bloodline, which was similar to cultivators altering their destiny, granting it a chance to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm!

However, it could keenly detect something out of the ordinary .

Why did it feel like that its king was saying its final words?

“Bull, once I die, remember not to disobey my words! You will only need to help Qin Nan once!” The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon Dragon flew into the air and glanced down at the man and the bull, before it yelled, “Qin Nan! I will release all my blood into the lake for you to refine, which would have no problem improving your cultivation!”

Qin Nan and the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor were stunned .

They could sense that the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon was on the verge of dying!

“Qin Nan, do remember your mission of heading to the Martial Monarch Dragon Emperor, don’t you forget! On top of that, I’ll refine my bones into a Dragon Highness Spear! It can only be used once, and can eliminate anything below the sixth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm!”

The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon burst out laughing with excitement as a sudden thought crossed its mind, “HAHAHA, there’s no need to be sad, as my death is unavoidable! Qin Nan, if you do want to pay me back, just take this Dragon Highness Spear and crush the Wuliang Mountain!”

Even if it were dead, it still wanted its flesh to enjoy the pleasure!

This was the natural trait of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon—a great desire to fight battles since they were born!


Following this, cracks began to surface on the body of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon, before it exploded, causing purple-golden blood, etc . to drop into the lake, turning it purple-golden and surrounding it with a thick presence of Qi .

The blood of the dragon tribe was full of secrets, and possessed incredible benefits when used to refine flesh .

Not to mention that this was the blood of a king among battle dragons!


From the fragments of flesh, a transparent-looking battle dragon rose into the air . It grabbed its bones with its claws and slowly reconstructed them into a terrifying giant purple-golden spear, resulting in a series of cracking noises . Upon finishing the construction, it floated inside the cave .

The entire cave shook vigorously due to the great pressure!

“King!” The Demonic The Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor uttered a moaning cry .


Qin Nan witnessed the scene with a stunned expression .

“Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor, here, take the Vital Qi!”

Qin Nan took a deep breath to calm his emotions, before firing a stream of Vital Qi into the body of the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor .

“Don’t be sad, there’s nothing much we can do . However, what we can do is not let senior down!” Qin Nan said calmly . He then grabbed the Dragon Highness Spear and leapt into the lake .

“Senior, don’t you worry . Be it the Dragon Emperor Clan or the Wuliang Mountain, I won’t disappoint you…”

Qin Nan inhaled deeply before shutting his eyes and immersing himself into the water .

Seeing this, the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor was lost in thought for a moment, before it clenched its teeth and crawled on the ground with a determined gaze . Qin Nan was right, the only thing it could do now was to not let its king down!

A man and a beast cultivated in seclusion .

The cave fell completely silent .

However, to their surprise, the soul of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon nodded its head with satisfaction upon seeing their reactions .

As a king among dragons, although its flesh was destroyed, its soul could still persist for a while .

“What a pity, if I were able to fly into the Dragon’s Tomb, I might have a chance to be reincarnated…”

The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon shook its head and fixed its gaze onto Qin Nan’s figure as it mumbled with a complicated feeling, “Oh senior, I know you are watching this above the Nine Heavens . Although I’m merely a worthless dragon, I always have had the utmost respect for you . Could I possibly ask you a question?”

At that instant .

It was as if time had frozen .

Qin Nan

Qin Nan was clueless that the copper mirror in his divine Sense had emitted a faint glow .

“Ask . ”

The icy female voice from above the Nine Heavens echoed in the mind of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon .

The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon was dumbfounded, as it did not expect the senior to actually bother answering its question . It took a deep breath to withhold its excitement and said, “Why did you choose Qin Nan as your successor?”

It was troubled by this question for a long time .

If Qin Nan did not possess two pieces of the artifacts that belonged to the senior, it would never give him the dragon blood and dragon bone . It had inspected Qin Nan, and although he did possess outstanding talents, he was still far from qualifying as the destined one that would shatter the Heavens .

The mysterious voice above the Nine Heavens went silent for a while, before it responded coldly, “He is not my successor . ”


The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon was stunned .

He . . .

Had been mistaken?

“He might be my Tribulation of Three Lifetimes . ”

The words instantly caused the scalp of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon to turn numb .

Tribulation of Three Lifetimes!

He was the senior’s Tribulation of Three Lifetimes!

Are you being serious!

How could someone from the Canglan Continent be worthy enough to be the senior’s Tribulation of Three Lifetimes?

“Your tribe of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon should feel proud having the opportunity to befriend him and follow his footsteps . ” The female voice halted before continuing, “In simpler words, even your god could only be his mount!”

The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon felt like it had been struck by lightning .

Even their god . . .

Was only worthy enough to be Qin Nan’s mount?

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