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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 786


Chapter 786: 786

Chapter 786 - The Astonishment of the Giant Dragon

Inside the lake was a giant thirty-zhang long dragon covered in scales, which had a purple-golden color, giving it a noble appearance . In addition to that, the horns on its forehead were emitting a tremendous battle intent . Its pair of huge eyes the size of copper cauldrons were staring directly at Qin Nan . A natural-born suppression of a dragon encapsulated the area, causing all living things to feel like submitting themselves .

It was not a serpent, nor a nine-headed snake, etc . , but a real dragon!

"F**k me! It’s a f**king Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon! And it has five claws! It’s definitely a king among the dragons! Qin Nan, we’re screwed . Its tribe is known for having a great desire of fighting battles, regardless of the strength of their opponents . If it isn’t satisfied, we will all die, shit! How unlucky for us to stumble into a king of dragons——”

The two Heavenly Fortune Hounds were trembling with pale faces .

They had completely lost their hope of surviving .

Despite being turned into hounds, they had seen a glimpse of hope that there might be a chance for them to retake their human forms . However, they ended up encountering such a terrifying beast at such a desolate place in the Eastern Continent!

Qin Nan instantly came to a realization .

Regardless of the current era, a real dragon was always the symbol of power, as if they were specifically looked after by the Heavens, causing their presences to be intimidating . Furthermore, among the real dragons, they were further classified as red dragons, white dragons, etc . To their surprise, the dragon before them was a king among dragons!

“Mm? Something’s not right?”

With Qin Nan’s left eye of the divine God of Battle, Qin Nan sharply discovered a destructive aura roaming around inside the body of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon, as if it was looking for an opportunity to destroy it .

“It’s severely injured . Its cultivation is weaker than a first-layer Martial Progenitor Realm beast!”

Qin Nan immediately understood .

Meanwhile, the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon opened its mouth and spoke with a thunderous voice, “Kid, I’ve sensed a beastly aura from you . Are you willing to show me the respective item?”

Saying this, the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon was secretly nervous .

Did I sense it right? Could it be that senior’s aura?

If it wasn’t, did that mean that this human was not the one I’ve been waiting for, thus I would have to keep on waiting?

I don’t have much time left!

“Not a problem!”

Qin Nan was slightly startled, before he showed the mysterious golden seal to the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon without hesitation .

The fact that this injured dragon was interested in the mysterious golden seal served as an indication that his trip into the cave was not too terrible!

That being said, what exactly was the treasure inside here?

As Qin Nan pondered, the moment the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon saw the golden seal, its eyes widened and began to shiver, as its heart was experiencing a tremendous astonishment!

The aura . . .

It belonged to the senior!

This kid indeed possessed the senior’s treasure!

The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon withheld its emotions and spoke, “Kid, what’s your name? name? Do you have something similar to this artifact?”

“I’m Qin Nan . ” Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with doubts as he replied, “I coincidentally found this treasure . I’ve got another copper mirror . Does senior happen to know something about them?”

“A copper mirror!”

Hearing this, the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon could feel its scalp exploding, and almost screamed out at the top of its lungs .

Two of them!

Two pieces of the artifacts were in this Qin Nan’s hands!

Now it was convinced that the senior had prepared some tricks to pick their successor!

Could it be that this kid was the one that Madam Heavenly Fortune had mentioned, the one who would shatter the Heavens? The one that it had waited for a long time for? The one that would bring glory back to the tribe of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon?

“It must be him! It must be him! If the senior had chosen him, he would be that kind of person!” The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon could feel its blood boiling, while it clenched its claws tightly, causing the water in the lake to vibrate vigorously!

“This is it, Qin Nan, it’s about to attack . Our lives as hounds will end very soon . . . ”

The two Heavenly Fortune Hounds murmured with ashen-grey faces .

Qin Nan’s face darkened as he remained silent . In his opinion, they were perfectly safe . The only question was whether the treasure could help him improve his cultivation in the end?

“Qin Nan!”

The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon suddenly gazed at Qin Nan as a shocking aura burst out from its body .


The two Heavenly Fortune Hounds in Qin in Qin Nan’s body dropped to the ground with great fear .

As for Qin Nan, his expression remained unchanged, as if he were not startled by the pressure . Although the beast was a king among dragons, its suppression was not enough to affect him!

“I do know the background of this golden seal and the copper mirror in your body, but I can’t tell you . I can only make it clear that they are a huge opportunity for you, thus you should seize it!” The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon spoke seriously .

As they were related to that senior, it would not dare to say too much .

Qin Nan was stunned .

“Alright, enough with that . You will know the truth when the time comes! Now, why did you come to the cave?” The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon took a few deep breaths to calm its excitement, before it pretended to wear a calm expression as it spoke with Qin Nan .

Although it had accepted Qin Nan’s identity, it had no intention to admit it straight away, to protect the impression of the tribe of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon .

“Senior, I would like to improve my cultivation just so I can destroy the Wuliang Mountain!”

“Destroy the Wuliang Mountain?”

The Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon was astounded . It scanned Qin Nan’s figure quickly . Although other Martial Progenitors would have trouble inspecting Qin Nan’s cultivation, it could easily tell that he only possessed a cultivation of the eighth-layer Martial Sacred Realm .

Trying to destroy the Wuliang Mountain with an eighth-layer Martial Sacred Realm cultivation?

“HAHAHA! I like the sound of that! Nice one! I support you!”

The eyes you!”

The eyes of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon were filled with utter excitement, as a tremendous battle intent was emitted .

Being passionate about battles was the nature of their tribe!

Especially something like destroying an entire sect!

“Mm? Are you f**king serious! Did that actually work…”

The Heavenly Fortune Hounds were dumbfounded seeing this, before they burst out cursing . Although their lives were no longer in danger, they felt extremely troubled instead of being overwhelmed with joy!

What the hell was going on!

Qin Nan’s intention to destroy the Wuliang Mountain actually won the approval of this Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon?

This easy?

Little did they know that if anyone else were to say that to the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon, it would definitely give them a great slap to the face with its claws!

Qin Nan was startled as well . As Yellow and Blacky had mentioned, the tribe of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon was extremely fond of fighting battles, which was quite a similar trait to his divine Battle Spirit .

“Senior! I’ll cut straight to the main topic!” Qin Nan brought his fists together and said, “My cultivation is still not strong enough . Do you have any way to improve my cultivation rapidly? I have to at least rank up to the Undefeatable Martial Sacred Realm within the next eight days! If senior were able to do that, I’ve got a stream of Vital Qi here to assist the healing of your injury——”

Qin Nan recalled that the Vital Qi was extremely useful to beasts .

Therefore, the Vital Qi should come in handy for this Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon, right?

“No way!”

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