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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 783


Chapter 783: 783

Chapter 783 - Battle Between Martial Progenitors

“Mm? The map is pointing toward this direction!”

Qin Nan took a closer look at the map and followed its guidance . His figure transformed into a ray of lightning, venturing deeper into the mountain range with a kick .

A while later, his face contorted suddenly as he immediately withdrew his aura and hid among the woods using the Demon God’s Robe .

“What’s happening? There are two Martial Progenitors fighting each other up ahead?”

Qin Nan frowned .

Through his left eye, he was able to detect the presence of two formidable Martial Progenitor auras intertwining with one another in a battle, resulting in shocking impacts .

“Could it be some other experts who are looking for the same forbidden area too? Forget it, I shall take a look myself either way!”

Various thoughts flashed across Qin Nan’s mind, before he instantly made his decision and unleashed three streams of the force of the divine God of Battle flowing around his body, hiding his presence .

Following this, even Martial Progenitor Realm experts would have a hard time noticing his presence .

Qin Nan’s figure tensed as he slowly proceeded forward . He was forced to be extremely careful to avoid being detected by the Martial Progenitor Realm experts . Otherwise, it would serve as a great disaster .

Soon after, a huge valley appeared before him, filled with a powerful demonic aura as if the apocalypse had arrived .

On top of that, a woman with a mature aura and an outstanding physique and facial features was currently busy fighting against a demonic bull with a pair of golden horns on its head . Each of their attacks was filled with terrifying power .

The woman and the demonic bull were both Martial Progenitor Realm experts!

However, the woman’s cultivation was at the third-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, while the demonic bull had achieved the fourth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm!

In addition to that, there were three other males and a female, who were all peak Martial Sacred Realm experts . However, in comparison to the grand battle between the Martial Progenitors, their presences were absolutely miniscule .

“It appears that this battle has been going on for quite a while . Be it this mysterious woman, that group of cultivators, or the demonic bull, they’re all suffering significant injuries…” Qin Nan observed with his left eye and analyzed the situation .

The valley was the forbidden area that the Unfettered Sword Progenitor had been referring to .

The people were obviously here looking for something, but ended up being interrupted by the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor, thus resulting in a great battle .

“Mm? Is that?”

Qin Nan suddenly glanced toward the back of the valley and saw pitch-black flowers, each with eight petals that were covered in runes . There were at least a few hundred of them!

Yellow and Blacky who were keen to prove their usefulness by keeping an eye out were astounded when they saw the black flowers . They immediately blurted out, “Qin Nan, that’s the Demonic Flame Flowers . . They can only be found at places filled with abundant demonic Qi, and are extremely valuable! Even Martial Progenitor Realm experts could benefit from consuming them!”

“Demonic Flame Flowers?”

Qin Nan could sense the extraordinary power contained within each of the flowers . Even by consuming half of a single flower, it could easily improve his cultivation to the peak Martial Sacred Realm .

“There’s still some chance!”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened .

As one side would always be injured when two sides fought against each other . He could make use of the opportunity to claim possession of the flowers .

“You bunch of darned humans dare to attack me while I’m weak! I shall kill you all today no matter what happens!” The Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor suddenly emitted a thunderous roar .

Normally, it would not speak in the human language, thus it was a sign that it was extremely furious!


The Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor’s roar caused the place within ten li to shake vigorously . Its large figure began to expand, as each of its hairs emitted a black glow and surprisingly, they twisted and transformed into tiny figures of the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor .

“Sect leader! Be careful!”

The four peak Martial Sacred Realm experts were startled .

The woman was astounded as well, as she could easily sense the upcoming danger!

“Demonic Bulls Roaming Across the Sky!”

The figure of the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor shuddered as it fired its hair that had transformed into an army of demonic bulls that charged toward its opponents its opponents like a surging flood!

Even Qin Nan who was standing over ten li away could feel his scalp going numb .

If he were in the battle, he could not survive for more than three breaths even with his left arm facing the army of demonic bulls!

“Wuliang Chain!”

The woman wore a stern expression as she swung her hand . Following a brilliant golden glow, a huge chain over ten zhang long was awakened like a peerless dragon . It turned out to be a Monarch Weapon .

The Monarch Weapon unleashed a shocking power in the woman’s hand .


The woman performed a hand seal causing the Wuliang Chain to sit in the air, encapsulating the figures of her and the other four cultivators like a giant barrier .

“What a pity…”

Qin Nan secretly shook his head . The woman could easily attack with the Wuliang Chain and her cultivation . However, due to the presence of the other four cultivators, she was forced to react passively .

Rumble! Rumble!

The army of demonic bulls devoured the figures of their opponents .

The barrier unleashed by the Wuliang Chain emitted a glow within the darkness, like a swaying candle in a storm . Despite the attacks of the demonic bulls, the glow showed no sign of weakening . However, the face of the woman gradually became pale .

“Sect leader, let’s go!”

The cultivators could not help but blurt out with trembling voices .

“No, we can’t leave! This Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor is only in is only in its weakest state once every thirty years! If we miss this opportunity, there will hardly be a next time! Don’t worry, the strength of the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor won’t get any stronger!” The woman groaned as her eyes displayed a firm determination .

How could she back off after investing such a great effort?

Qin Nan nodded his head in agreement .

Just a moment ago, he had observed the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor with his left eye . Its strength was definitely weakening, and the move it executed just then was something like a forbidden technique, which required it to sacrifice something costly . Therefore, its strength now was at most a tenth of its full power .

Therefore, as long as they were able to endure it, they could defeat the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor in the end .

“That being said…”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered .

The Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor was a formidable beast possessing a cultivation of the fourth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm . How could it not have any terrifying moves to protect its own life in critical moments?

Following this, it felt like the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor wanted to prove Qin Nan’s speculations due to the growing fury within its heart after being unable to kill the humans before it despite executing waves of attacks .

“You all must die! Unlocking of the Heavenly Demon!”

A furious roar caused the ground to quaver .

The faces of the crowd of cultivators inside the barrier contorted greatly .

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