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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 781


Chapter 781: 781

Chapter 781 - The Unfettered Sect

Soon after, a city appeared in Qin Nan’s vision .

The walls of the city were covered in crimson ravines, as if it had experienced countless battles .

Qin Nan paid the entrance fee and entered the city .

“Mm? Ten Martial Sacred Realm experts, with two of them having reached the peak Martial Sacred Realm…”

Qin Nan scanned around and was deeply astounded, as he discovered that the lowest cultivation in the city was at least the Martial Ancestor Realm . He failed to find any Martial Emperors .

“That place seems quite lively . Let’s take a look there . ”

Following a flicker, Qin Nan arrived at an inn in the center of the city . He found himself a spot and ordered a mystical wine .

“Hey, in just a few days, the Wuliang Mountain is going to hold their Great Ceremony! With the addition of the Flying Alligator Progenitor, the Wuliang Mountain now has two Martial Progenitors . Among the Three-Starred Factions, it could easily be ranked in the top fifty . ”

“I heard that the Unfettered Sect and the Waterflow Sect will be present too . ”

At that instant, a peak Martial Highness Realm fierce-looking man with a bulky figure smirked and said, “What do you guys know? After the Great Ceremony, one of the Two-Starred Factions will send their representative to inspect the Wuliang Mountain . If they pass the inspection, they will become the subfaction of the Two-Starred Faction!”


The cultivators in the entire inn gasped in astonishment .

In other words, once the Wuliang Mountain became the subfaction of the Two-Starred Faction, its disciples would have a chance to be recruited by the Two-Starred Faction!

Qin Nan frowned slightly . Did the Wuliang Mountain really have two Martial Progenitors?

Besides that, what did the three stars and two stars mean?

Yellow immediately spoke, “Qin Nan, you might have no idea, but the Middle Continent is different than the other continents . Here in the Middle Continent, once you have a Martial Progenitor, you can be regarded as a Third-Starred Faction . With a Martial Monarch, you will then become a Two-Starred Faction! If you have a Martial God, you would then be considered a One-Starred Faction! If you don’t have a single Martial Progenitor, you could only be called a clan—or mercenaries—not even a faction . ”

“There’s such a classification?” Qin Nan was stunned .

Blacky let out a sigh and said, “The Middle Continent is different from the other continents . In terms of size, even with the other four factions combined together, the total size would be less than a fourth of the size of the Middle Continent . In terms of the number of factions, there are at least five hundred Three-Starred Factions . As for Two-Starred Factions, there are only over thirty of them, while the One-Starred Factions…”

Both Yellow and Blacky wore respectful expressions .

“There are only three of them in the entire continent . ”

Hearing this, Qin Nan’s heart was struck struck with thunder .

In other words, there were at least five hundred Martial Progenitors, over thirty Martial Monarchs and three Martial Gods here in the Middle Continent! Besides, this was only the minimum, not including the experts who were solidary!

The standard of the Middle Continent was extremely outstanding!

“That’s still not a guarantee yet . After all, the ranking of the Wuliang Mountain is not that impressive . Besides, there was interesting news regarding the Wuliang Mountain recently . Apparently, the top genius of the Eastern Continent is going to challenge the Wuliang Mountain!”

“What? Are you sure? The top genius of the Eastern Continent?”

“Right, I did hear it right . I think his name is . . . Qin Nan? Mm, yes, Qin Nan is his name!”

“HAHAHA, this sounds interesting indeed! Since when has a mere genius of the Eastern Continent dared to challenge the Wuliang Mountain? Even the Mu Clan would not have the guts to do so!”

The people in the entire inn burst out laughing .

They were not purposely looking down on Qin Nan, but from their past experiences, the top geniuses from the other factions were completely outmatched after coming to the Middle Continent, let alone being capable of challenging the Wuliang Mountain!

Even though the Wuliang Mountain was not too intimidating here in the Middle Continent, it had existed for quite a period of time, thus it did train quite a significant number of geniuses . How would they allow a single genius from another continent to challenge their authority?

“Humph! authority?

“Humph! This bunch of assholes, what do they know! Who does the Wuliang Mountain think they are? Qin Nan, don’t listen to them . With the talents you’ve displayed, you could easily become a Martial Monarch!” Yellow and Blacky snapped righteously .

Qin Nan glanced at them in silence .

At this moment, the badge that the Patriarch had given him began to glow, as a calm voice appeared in his mind .

“Come find me at the Unfettered Sect . ”

This voice belonged to the Unfettered Sword Progenitor .

Qin Nan frowned slightly and summoned a worker of the inn . After his queries, he immediately learned that the Unfettered Sect, the Wuliang Mountain, the Waterflow Sect, etc . were quite close to Crimson Magic City . With Qin Nan’s current cultivation, it would only take him slightly more than two hours to arrive .

“Let’s go!”

Qin Nan did not hesitate, and immediately summoned a rift .

The entire inn suddenly fell silent, as every cultivator turned around with astounded faces . Where did this young man come from? Did he not know that Crimson Magic City never allowed anyone to summon rifts within the city?

“How bold! No one is allowed to teleport through rifts within Crimson Magic City! Even Martial Sacred Realm experts are not exempted…” A roar could be heard, which turned out to be a Martial Sacred Realm expert of Crimson Magic City who had already arrived at the inn and was prepared to stop Qin Nan with his attack .

“Pardon .

“Pardon me!”

Qin Nan brought his hands together and with a flicker, his figure transformed into an unimaginable glow and vanished into the portal .

The Martial Sacred Realm expert and the crowd were stunned .


That was too quick!

His speed was most probably equivalent to a peak Martial Sacred?

Did that mean that the young man was a peak Martial Sacred Realm expert?

Although a peak Martial Sacred was not worth mentioning here in the Middle Continent, but judging from the young man’s appearance, if he wasn’t using any disguise, he would be at most twenty years old!

“Is he a genius on the Monarch Ranking?”

The same thought crossed the minds of the crowd .

Qin Nan was clueless that a single action from him would trigger such a great reaction from the crowd . Two hours later, he arrived at the Unfettered Sect .

“So this . . . is the Unfettered Sect?”

Qin Nan was dumbfounded seeing the scene before him .

Houses were lined up in rows, with smoke coming out from their chimneys . Female farmers were busy planting crops while chatting with one another, while the men were busy doing their chores of moving rocks and chopping wood .

If it weren’t for the sign at the entrance with the words ‘Unfettered Sect’ written on it, one would definitely doubt that they had come to the wrong place .

“Mm? Something’s not right!”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened .

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