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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 780


Chapter 780: 780

Chapter 780 - Crimson Magic City

“Now that the golden seal is in his hands, if he manages to find the third piece of treasure, the Tribulation of Three Lifetimes would definitely take place on him . However, something still doesn’t seem right about the death of the divine God of Battle…”

Qin Nan was currently not her main concern . However, when Qin Nan found the third piece of treasure, it would be the time of her return to the Canglan Continent in her true form .

Qin Nan was clueless of the fact that the presence of the Vital Qi had attracted the attention of the copper mirror . His focus was currently on the two Martial Progenitors .

“Vital Qi? Disordered Ocean, what do you know about it?” Qin Nan asked .

The Disordered Ocean Progenitor finally calmed himself and said with a pair of glittering eyes, “Qin Nan, Chaos Qi and Vital Qi are types of Primary Qi . Although Chaos Qi is considered rare even in the Middle Continent, this Vital Qi is even rarer!”

“I see . ”

Qin Nan pondered .

Apart from the secrets of the divine God of Battle, it seemed like the ancient world that was connected to his divine Sense was quite obscure too .

“Qin Nan! Let’s make a deal! We will both submit ourselves to you in exchange for the Vital Qi, how’s that?” The eyes of the two Martial Progenitors flickered as they gazed at Qin Nan with great anticipation .

They were also aware that the Vital Qi had one other use .

It would allow them to reconstruct their flesh!

In other words, they would no longer need to be hounds!

“You two?” Qin Nan glanced at them with a mocking look .

Cough cough, we know that we’ve done some ungrateful things before, but since we’re now Heavenly Fortune Hounds, we’re entirely under the control of the Heavenly Fortune Mouse, thus it’s impossible for us to betray you! Besides, we might come in handy at times, as we’re able to sneak past any forbidding aura and can also defend you from various attacks!”

The two Martial Progenitors blurted out .


Qin Nan raised his eyebrows . It did sound like a useful deal . He then glanced at the Heavenly Fortune Mouse, which was somehow awake now and nodding at him, implying that it did have control over the two hounds .

“Very well, I look forward to your performance!” Qin Nan nodded after a slight pause .

He was not a merciful person to begin with, not to mention that these two had betrayed him before . However, as he was completely clueless about the situation of the Middle Continent, the assistance from the two Heavenly Fortune Hounds might save him a lot of troubles .

“I shall rename you then, as it’s quite troublesome to call you by your names . ” Qin Nan spoke . The two Heavenly Fortune Hounds had no objection to that, as they stared at Qin Nan with their eyes open wide . Qin Nan pondered for a moment, and his eyes flickered when he saw the curly fur on the hounds, “Disordered Ocean, Ocean, you shall be called Yellow, and Crimson Blood, Blacky will be your name!”


The two Martial Progenitors immediately spat out flames of anger .

This goddamned Qin Nan dared to give them such names, how ridiculous!

Despite their anger, the two Martial Progenitors did not dare to make a sound . Their faces were filled with helplessness and great remorse .

“Great, judging from your performances, I’m willing to spare some Vital Qi . ”

Qin Nan spoke calmly, before he switched his gaze toward the bottom of the ocean .

There were countless beasts living within the Boundless Ocean, although their cultivations were not too outstanding . They were at most Martial Dominator Realm or Martial Highness Realm beasts .

“Time to multitask to refine my Martial Skills and improve my cultivation!”

Qin Nan yelled and unleashed his Martial Spirit to absorb the Qi of the Heavens and Earth . Meanwhile, his figure dived into the ocean and suppressed his cultivation to the first-layer Martial Dominator Realm, before he drew out the Heaven-Shattering Saber and charged toward the beasts .

The beasts did not expect a sudden ambush, thus they immediately turned around and went berserk .

“Unrivaled Warrior!”

Qin Nan uttered a roar as a tremendous battle intent was unleashed from his body .

A mysterious force began to awaken within his left eye and arms as if they were being summoned .

“Destructive Glow of the Left Eye!”

Qin Nan yelled as his left eye fired a glow, instantly killing second-layer Martial Dominator Realm beasts that it passed by .

“Attack with the left arm!”

Qin arm!”

Qin Nan raised his left arm and threw a punch forward, unleashing an indescribable force .

“Heaven-Shattering Slash!”

A blue saber aura was fired from the saber, bringing destruction upon the beasts .

Even though Qin Nan was only using the strength of a first-layer Martial Dominator Realm, it felt like he had transformed into a peerless divine God of Battle . Even beasts with cultivations of the second-layer or third-layer Martial Dominator Realm had no chance against him .

An endless massacre took place under the ocean .

Qin Nan continued to utilize the strength of the three body parts, while executing the Unrivaled Warrior . Meanwhile, he also executed the various Monarch Arts that he learned from the Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch with ease .

The divine Battle Spirit behind him continued to absorb the Qi of the Heavens and Earth while he fought the battles .

Time gradually passed .

Qin Nan was like an unstoppable puppet, showing no sign of fatigue .

He had to grow stronger!

Finally, after Qin Nan spent twenty days at the Boundless Ocean, a powerful sacred force burst out from his body .

His cultivation had reached the ninth-layer Martial Sacred Realm, as he now possessed eight hundred and ninety-nine streams of sacred force in his body .

“As expected of a Tian ranked Martial Spirit, ranking up this quickly . However, it’s still not enough . I still have the tenth-layer Martial Sacred Realm, Undefeatable Martial Sacred Realm, Law-Defying Martial Sacred Realm, and the divine Battle Martial Sacred Realm—four levels left . I need to think of some think of some way to improve my cultivation rapidly!”

There was no sign of joy on Qin Nan’s face .

The ninth-layer Martial Sacred Realm was not enough for him to infiltrate the Wuliang Mountain and slay the Flying Alligator Progenitor!


Qin Nan suddenly sensed a landmass appearing before him .

“I’ve finally reached the Middle Continent!”

Qin Nan leapt out from the water and landed on the shore .

“So this . . . is the Middle Continent!”

Qin Nan shook his head staring at the densely packed ancient trees and desolate land . The Middle Continent was different than what he had expected .

“Hehe, Qin Nan, we have now arrived at the boundaries of the Middle Continent, which is considered the poorest region . ” Yellow said as if he had read Qin Nan’s mind, “You will know the difference once you venture deeper . The Middle Continent is nothing like the other four Continents . By the way, there’s a city not far ahead, which is named Crimson Magic City . The Wuliang Mountain is not far from Crimson Magic City, so I guess you could head there now . ”

“Crimson Magic City, huh?”

Qin Nan took out the badge that the Patriarch had given him and pondered slightly, before he transmitted his voice into it . It would be helpful if he managed to get support from the Unfettered Sword Progenitor .

“Flying Alligator Progenitor… just you wait!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered coldly, before he calmed his thoughts and flew forward .

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