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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 778


Chapter 778: 778

Chapter 778 - Achieving the Martial Sacred Realm, the Seven Forms of the divine God of Battle

The entire sky darkened rapidly .

A giant tornado joined the water and the sky, with thunderous flickers that surged toward Qin Nan at a terrifying pace . The beasts in the water close to the tornado were killed instantly .

Even at a distance of over ten li away, Qin Nan could sense a tremendous pressure from it .

“Tribulation of the Heavens and Earth, what are you waiting for?”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered as he opened his mouth and spat out the forces of the Martial Highness Realm and the divine God of Battle from his body, which merged into a sphere filled with power .

Once the sphere was formed, a great absorption force was instantly unleashed .

Buzz buzz buzz . . .

An overwhelming suppression could be felt as countless stormy clouds were formed in the blink of an eye . However, a rare change took place . The stormy clouds suddenly dispersed into countless light dots .

The light dots floated in the air and formed a peculiar space that covered an area with the circumference of one li . Within this space, surges of thunder, ice, wind, and fire were present, unleashing a terrifying aura .

Qin Nan’s current Tribulation had transformed into such a strange phenomenon!

This was because it was no longer a mere Tribulation, but the Tribulation of the Martial Sacred Realm!

Meanwhile, before the Tribulation could display its power, the Boundless Storm had arrived, colliding with the Tribulation without mercy, as if it were trying to overcome it .


The surges of thunder, flame, ice, and wind immediately sprang forward, striking at the storm as if they had turned into giant punches, knocking the storm back, resulting in an astonishing sight .

Facing the clash, Qin Nan’s presence was like a tiny raft within a tremendous storm .

It was as if the Boundless Storm also possessed some sort of intelligence . It instantly became enraged, causing its power to increase tremendously before colliding with the Tribulation once again, infuriating it . The surge of forces turned into a giant saber straight away and slashed at the storm .


The Heavens and Earth shook vigorously with endless explosions occurring on the surface of the water, as if the apocalypse had arrived .

However, as he had expected, the Tribulation had the upper hand . Despite the tremendous force of the storm, after over ten rounds of clashes, the Tribulation finally overwhelmed the storm, causing it to disperse .

As a result, the golden ocean was frozen instantly .

“Great job!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with excitement .

Through the observation of his left eye, he was aware that the Boundless Storm had ended up weakening the power of the Tribulation by a third .

“However, this isn’t enough . The Tribulation needs to be stronger! The stronger the Tribulation, the greater my cultivation will be once I overcome it!” Qin Nan exclaimed in his heart as he drew out the Heaven-Shattering Saber and pointed it at the Heavens, “My cultivation has surpassed the limitation of the Heavens and Earth, and this is all you’ve got to stop me?”


The Tribulation immediately went berserk . The four different forces seemingly merged together, forming a magical giant . The moment it appeared, it charged toward Qin Nan with a terrifying power, as if it were trying its best to eliminate the presence of of this disrespectful cultivator!

“Senior, I’m sorry! I’ll have to rely on you this time!”

Qin Nan crouched and hurled the Martial Monarch Corpse into the air .

Despite losing its will, the Martial Monarch Corpse was still aware of the incoming threat when the giant charged toward it, and responded by emitting countless golden glows that illuminated the darkness surrounding it, together with a formidable monarch aura .


The giant showed no mercy . Each of its punches was executed with a tremendous force .

Although the Martial Monarch Corpse was unable to attack, it blocked the incoming attacks like a peerless shield .

The Tribulation continued to take place .

The explosions echoed in the Heavens and Earth .

The glow of the Martial Monarch Corpse gradually dimmed after receiving the formidable attacks .

In the meantime, the power of the Tribulation weakened as well .


The movement of the giant halted all of a sudden, before it shattered into an invisible force that surged toward Qin Nan’s figure . Even the Martial Monarch Corpse failed to resist it .


Qin Nan raised his head and took a glimpse .

The entire scene had changed completely . There was no ocean, no sky, but the presence of light .

Whoosh whoosh whoosh . . .

At this moment, countless dark figures with a great evil presence dashed toward Qin Nan, which instantly devoured the world .

This was the final attack of the Tribulation of the Martial Sacred Realm, which was targeting Qin Nan’s will .

“Protection of the Golden Seal!”

Qin Nan waved his arm, causing the mysterious golden seal to float above him .

The seal possessed a similar aura to the copper mirror . mirror . Although the mysterious lady of the copper mirror had yet to show herself, Qin Nan was confident that the seal possessed an extraordinary power, thus it could easily resist the attacks of evil presence .

As he thought, when the dark figures dashed toward him, the golden seal let out a buzz emitting brilliant golden glows, which encapsulated the entire world .

Despite the efforts of the dark figures, the golden seal remained stationary, completely impenetrable by the evil presence .

Following this, the dark figures suddenly vanished . An eerie black arrow that appeared from nowhere was fired at Qin Nan’s forehead . Even the golden seal failed to block it .

The attack was the real deal .

To target Qin Nan’s spirit!

Qin Nan could feel his hair standing on end, as a great sense of danger swarmed his body . However, his eyes showed no sign of terror, while his mind recalled the scene where the Flying Alligator Progenitor had suppressed the people of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom and captured Princess Miao Miao and Mu Mu .

“I’ve only got a month left!”

“The Princess and Mu Mu are waiting for me! I shall not be defeated!”

“I shall kill the Flying Alligator Progenitor with my own hands!”

“I have to . . . grow stronger!”

Following a roar, Qin Nan’s will was lifted higher .

Firm like a rock, stationary like a mountain!

The approaching arrow suddenly stopped, before it slowly turned into dust and was blown away .

It was not an actual arrow, but the evil within his heart!

If his will was not firm or solid enough, it would bring a great threat to his life!

“What am I still waiting for before achieving the Martial Sacred Realm?”

Qin Nan suddenly

Qin Nan suddenly sat down with his legs crossed and spoke into the distance .

Following his words, a brand new force emerged from his body, resulting in a sacred glow .

First-layer Martial Sacred Realm!

Second-layer Martial Sacred Realm!

Third-layer Martial Sacred Realm!

Fourth-layer Martial Sacred Realm!

It finally stopped after reaching the eighth-layer Martial Sacred Realm .


Qin Nan was overjoyed .

He had ranked up to eighth-layer Martial Sacred Realm in one go!

Besides, it was not just the ordinary eighth-layer Martial Sacred Realm;apart from the seven hundred and ninety-nine streams of sacred force in his body, there was also a divine Battle Crystal .

Within the divine Battle Crystal, there were three streams of the force of the divine God of Battle!

Using them, he could even defeat a peak Martial Sacred .

However, the improvement was mainly due to Qin Nan’s long accumulation of the cultivation within him .

Mystical glows were emitted from Qin Nan’s left eye, left arm, and right arm .


Qin Nan was startled . What was going on?


A horrifying ancient memory struck Qin Nan’s mind at the speed of lightning . Even Qin Nan was instantly knocked unconscious by the piercing pain, as if his brain were being torn apart by brute force .

The ancient world appeared in Qin Nan’s vision once again .

It was as if an ancient presence was currently sitting with his legs crossed within the ancient world, whose eyes were staring at Qin Nan despite the distance between them .

The ancient presence slightly moved his lips, and his voice was transmitted into Qin Nan’s mind .

“The Seven Forms . . . of the divine God of Battle!”

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Editor: DOCuinn


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