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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 777


Chapter 777

Chapter 777 - Journey to the Middle Continent

“Flying Alligator!”

Qin Nan’s eyes emitted a shockingly murderous intent .

The fury in his heart was on the verge of exploding!

“Calm down, calm down . I have to calm myself at times like this, I shouldn’t allow my actions to be driven by rage…”

Qin Nan suddenly recovered and murmured to himself . He took a deep breath to withdraw his emotions .

. . . Meanwhile, everything became calm . . .

Qin Nan turned his head around and saw many experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom wearing painful expressions as they meditated to treat their wounds . The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise retrieved the Skyhowl White Tiger from the water and mended its wounds . Meanwhile, the Sky-Scorching Emperor weaved through the crowd placating them while treating their wounds .

It was a complete disaster .

Qin Nan could feel his heart being clenched .

The Patriarch had sacrificed himself in exchange for a glimpse of hope, but for his sake, he had caused the Princess and Mu Mu to fall into the hands of the enemy, placing their lives in danger .

Furthermore, he had dragged the people of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom into this mess .

Maybe the only thing that he could be relieved about was the fact that no one had died in the battle .

“It’s all . . . my fault . ”

Qin Nan released the grip on his clenched fists .

He had now achieved the divine Battle Martial Highness Realm, which granted him the ability to eliminate a fourth-layer Martial Sacred Realm opponent despite the difference between the levels of cultivation . There were only a few in the entire continent that could possibly do that . Furthermore, he was the successor of the divine God of Battle, with the protection of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion and the mysterious copper mirror . Despite that, he still could not afford to underestimate the world .

Sometimes, strength mattered more than talent .

Experts above fifth-layer Martial Sacred Realm could kill him . The Flying Alligator Progenitor could kill him . The other Martial Progenitors could kill him too, let alone the Martial Monarchs and Martial Gods .

He was still not strong enough .

He could be lofty and unyielding, but not full of himself .

Qin Nan stood on the surface of the water like a statue as countless thoughts crossed his mind .

Every failure he experienced was worthy for him to reflect upon .

The experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom shook their heads seeing Qin Nan’s reaction, and continued treating their wounds without disturbing him .

The period it took three incense sticks to burn later, Qin Nan’s eyes sprang open as he gazed at the crowd .

“Seniors…” Qin Nan suddenly spoke, grabbing the attention of the crowd . He brought his fists together and bent his body forward slightly, “It’s my fault that you all were involved in this . I’m sorry! I will remember all the kindness you’ve shown for the rest of my life, and will repay it ten times more if I have the chance in the future!”

The words were uttered sincerely .

Even though some among the crowd possessed weaker cultivations than his, he did not hesitate to apologize .

He should apologize, and also express his gratitude!

“Platoon Leader, you’ve gotta be joking . You’re the top genius of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, and the top genius of the entire Eastern Continent . You’re our pride, thus there’s no way we would allow an outsider to bully you!”

“That’s right! Even though our strength is limited, we’re never afraid!”

“Qin Nan, why are you being so modest with us?”

The Sky-Scorching Emperor and the rest of the experts burst out laughing and shook their heads .

It was all thanks to Qin Nan that their Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom had been been able to reach this far . Besides, they had faith in Qin Nan too . Given enough time, this young man who had caused countless miracles to happen in the Eastern Continent would surely soar into the sky and shock the entire continent with his reputation .

Therefore, they had no regrets!

“Thanks, everyone!”

Qin Nan could feel a surge of warmth flowing within his heart as he said, “Since my time is running short, pardon me for excusing myself now . ”

Saying this, his gaze was filled with a determined look .

He had initially planned to return to the Luohe Kingdom after the trip to the Mu Clan to visit his father . However, it seemed like he no longer had the time to do so due to the circumstances .

He had to head to the Middle Continent at once!

“Qin Nan, don’t be ridiculous!” The Skyhowl White Tiger who was still mending its wounds suddenly opened its eyes and snapped, “The Flying Alligator Progenitor was trying to trick you when he said he would give you a month’s time . It would take you at least twenty days to travel across this Boundless Ocean and reach the Middle Continent . For the remaining ten days, you would be familiarizing yourself with the Middle Continent, and then you have to show yourself at the Wuliang Mountain . There’s no doubt that you would get yourself killed!”

The crowd nodded their heads in agreement .

Why did the Flying Alligator Progenitor only give Qin Nan a month?

He didn’t want Qin Nan’s strength to grow!

“Everyone, don’t worry, even though it’s only a month, I believe in myself! Besides, even if what lies ahead are mountains of daggers and a sea of flames, I’ll rescue Princess Miao Miao and Mu Mu!” Qin Nan shouted with a stubborn look .

Everyone at the scene was well aware of his stubbornness .


The Skyhowl White Tiger opened its mouth, but only let out a sigh in the end .

It could

It could not bear to witness Qin Nan putting himself in danger .

The same went for the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird, the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise, Zhou Bihua, and the others .

However, they clearly knew that it was impossible for them to change Qin Nan’s mind .

“If you’re planning to go, then we will go with you!” The Skyhowl White Tiger clenched its teeth and said .

“Seniors, the trip is extremely dangerous . I shall go alone . ” Qin Nan shook his head without hesitation, “I’ll be leaving now . ”

Saying this, he brought his fists together and bent forward slightly once again, before his figure sprang into the sky and flew forward .

He was preparing to travel across the Boundless Ocean!

“This kid…”

The Skyhowl White Tiger and the rest of the experts wore wry smiles .

The only thing they could do now was to pray, hoping that Qin Nan would bring them a miracle once again!

At this moment, a deafening explosion suddenly took place on the ocean, as an indescribable suppression swept toward the crowd like a wave .

The figures of the crowd shuddered, while the Martial Spirits within them trembled after sensing the suppression .


The Sky-Scorching Emperor and the others immediately raised their heads and saw a giant figure emitting a tremendous red glow standing behind Qin Nan .


Everyone was dumbfounded .

A crimson glow . . .

That was a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

Qin Nan had a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

“HAHAHA, Qin Nan actually managed to alter his destiny, granting him a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit! He will surely be able to make some miracle happen! Qin Nan, go and beat the crap out of that Flying Alligator Progenitor on our behalf!” The wry smiles on the faces of the crowd vanished, and were replaced with a hint of excitement and anticipation!

It was Qin Nan with a Tian ranked Martial Spirit, thus it should no longer be a problem!






Qin Nan unleashed his Martial Spirit prior to his leaving so that the authorities would not be too worried about him, to prevent them from secretly proceeding to the Middle Continent to assist him .

After all, the Sky-Scorching Emperor and his crew were busy managing a kingdom . They were not rogue cultivators who could go anywhere they wanted .

Therefore, it was better for him to go alone .

“The Flying Alligator Progenitor is a first-layer Martial Progenitor, who’s almost at the second-layer Martial Progenitor Realm . If I’m planning to defeat him, I will have to improve to the divine Battle Martial Sacred Realm within a month!”

“That means I should focus on breaking through the Martial Highness Realm and achieving the Martial Sacred Realm!”

“Right on time, I can make use of this Boundless Ocean to overcome my Tribulation!’

Qin Nan quickly thought .

He was aware that a storm would always take place on this Boundless Ocean, known as the Boundless Storm . Even a Martial Sacred Realm expert would be killed instantly if they were dragged into it . When the time came, he could utilize the storm and the Martial Monarch Corpse to resist the strength of the Tribulation in order to overcome it .

Time gradually passed .

Qin Nan had traveled on the Boundless Ocean for a day straight . Throughout his journey, he did not waste his time and continuously absorbed the Qi of the Heavens and Earth with his Martial Spirit .

The force within his body had reached its limit after a day of cultivation, and he could feel it becoming restless as it was trying to fly out from his body to trigger the Tribulation .

Claps of thunder could be heard all of a sudden .

A series of deafening crashes could be heard in the distance .

Qin Nan turned around and wore a joyful expression . It seemed like the storm was approaching!

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