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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 768


Chapter 768: 768

Chapter 768 - Firm and Vicious


The entire Clan Hall experienced a shocking impact, as countless forbidding auras were destroyed, while the statues, decorations, chairs, etc . were shattered into pieces . Cracks began to appear on the surface of the ground .

The crowd’s figures instantly trembled .

Even Mu Kun was startled, causing him to halt his attack .

Qin Nan stood at the entrance of the hall and stared at the crowd like an emperor looking at his subordinates .

“How . . . how is this possible…”

The next moment, as Mu Kun collected his thoughts, his face was filled with astonishment .

The crowd blurted out as they recovered from the astonishment .

“Monarch Aura!”

“It’s a Monarch Aura! It just burst out from Qin Nan’s body!”

“What’s going on! Why is this happening!”

Clearly, a Monarch Aura was an aura that only a Martial Monarch could emit . Once it was unleashed, those whose cultivation had yet to reach the Martial Monarch Realm would be suppressed and feel intimidated!

Furthermore, they could sense that the Monarch Aura that burst out from Qin Nan’s figure was not fake, but extremely real!

Qin Nan faced the crowd with an overwhelming aura as he snapped coldly, “I didn’t plan to go this far initially, but you left me no choice, and even demanded to kill me! I guess there’s no point wasting my time further . Through the succession of the Heavenly Fortunate Path that I have acquired, I can unleash an attack with the strength of the Martial Monarch Realm by paying a significant price! Even if it means sacrificing the succession, I will destroy you all!”

The words were uttered with a tremendous murderous intent .

Mu Kun, Mu Fengsha, and the others could feel chills run down their spines, as the threat of death arose within their heart .

They were somehow convinced that the words were the truth .

According to the rumors, it was said that Qin Nan had acquired a Martial Monarch Corpse, which turned out to be the truth judging from the Monarch Aura . That being said, they were still doubtful if he would be able to execute the attack with the strength equivalent to the Martial Monarch Realm through the Martial Monarch Corpse .

However . . .

Do they dare to bet their lives on it?

Not at all!

If he were speaking the truth, it would put an end to their lives!

“Qin . . . Qin Nan . ”

Mu Kun subconsciously gulped down mouthfuls of saliva to calm his thoughts, before he said with a dull tone, “This is a matter of the Mu Clan . It’s none of your business . Why would you make such a huge sacrifice just to stop us? How about this, if you are willing to leave at once, we’ll not trouble you any further . ”

The crowd remained silent .

Meanwhile, Mu Fengsha clenched his fists tightly, with his gaze fixed on Qin Nan’s face to prevent himself from missing any clues .

Qin Nan smirked, “What now? The The First Elder of the Mu Clan, who was threatening to kill me a moment ago, has decided to compromise now?”


Mu Fengsha’s face became dark, but he quickly withheld his fury in the next moment .

Now was not the time for him to act on impulse!

However, little did he know that Qin Nan was extremely overjoyed in his heart .

He was able to unleash the Monarch Aura by utilizing the very faint presence of Monarch Aura after merging with the memories of the Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch, which he had strengthened with an ancient Martial Art known as the Qi Imitating Technique, allowing him to trick his foes .

Having the Monarch Aura was far from enough .

Qin Nan had to act scornfully by getting the head start to take full control of the situation .

“I won’t be wasting any further time!” Qin Nan glared at Mu Fengsha and snapped, “Elder Miao is a friend of mine . Once she finishes treating Mu Mu, I’ll leave with her . Therefore, you shouldn’t do anything for the next five days! In five day’s time, I don’t care what you do! Otherwise, I’ll show no mercy!”

Qin Nan wore an enraged look .

As if everything that he said was true!

“Five days?”

Mu Fengsha and the rest of the elders wore gloomy faces .

Many things could happen in five days . Although the Mu Clan’s Patriarch was losing his cultivation, he still had connections established from the past, thus if he were to request assistance from his friends, it would cause them cause them great trouble .

Many changes could happen in a day, let alone five days!

But . . .

If they did not agree, they would drive Qin Nan mad, who will kill them instantly with the attack of the Martial Monarch Realm!

At that instant, Mu Fengsha struggled to make a decision .

It went without saying that they were quite convinced that Qin Nan was speaking the truth!

“Qin Nan, can’t you compromise a little more?” Mu Kun clenched his fists and groaned .

“Not a chance!”

Qin Nan rejected with a firm attitude .

“You…” Mu Kun took a deep breath before clenching his teeth and speaking unwillingly, “Five days it is! This will be my limit! If you dare to delay even a single breath——”

In the end, Mu Kun decided to compromise .

He did not dare to bet his life on the possibility of Qin Nan deceiving them .

Hearing this, many elders wore dark expressions, but despite that, they did not dare to say anything, nor bet their lives on it being a hoax .

As for the Seventh Elder and the others who were siding with the Patriarch, their eyes flickered with a glint of hope .

Although they only had five extra days, it might be enough for the tables to be turned .

Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh in his heart .

Now that he had managed to earn some time, once the Sky-Scorching Emperor and his crew arrived, he would have the backup to wage war against them .

However, at this

However, at this moment!

“Father! Don’t compromise! This is a rare opportunity, and there are too many uncertainties that could arise within five days! I say we should take the chance now, and I believe favor is upon us! If we were right, it would make you the Patriarch of the Mu Clan, controlling the Eastern Continent within your grasp! Even if we were wrong, it’s only death for us!” Mu Fengsha stepped forward and blurted out .


Mu Kun was stunned .

“Father! If you’re planning to be the conqueror of the Eastern Continent, can’t you actually show some courage and determination?”

Mu Fengsha’s voice was somehow sharp and piercing .

He clearly knew that there would be no turning back once they missed the chance!

There would be no regret in trying!

“Crap!” Qin Nan’s heart sank . He did not expect this Mu Fengsha to be so determined at the final moment .

Following this, Mu Kun’s figure shuddered as a sudden thought crossed his mind, causing him to wear an enraged look .

That was right!

As the conqueror of the Eastern Continent, why couldn’t he show some courage?

“Qin Nan, I’m calling your words a bluff! Be prepared to face death!” The aura of the half-Martial Progenitor Realm burst out from Mu Kun’s body, causing the Clan Hall to vibrate vigorously, as he unleashed his force in Qin Nan’s direction .


A tremendous force was accumulated before firing at Qin Nan like an ancient ferocious dragon tearing at Qin Nan with a bloody wide-opened mouth .

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