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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 767


Chapter 767: 767

Chapter 767 - Magnificent Monarch Aura

. . . Meanwhile, in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom . . .

“The latest update from Qin Nan: the Mu Clan is currently having an incident, the First Elder is planning to take over the role of the Patriarch! Qin Nan is going to wage war against the Mu Clan . He asked us to head over at once!” The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird transmitted its voice into the Sky-Scorching Emperor’s mind .

The Sky-Scorching Emperor’s figure shuddered, before he let out a wry smile .

As I thought .

That guy definitely would have some sort of conflict with the Mu Clan!

“Spread my command, all experts above the peak Martial Highness Realm of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, move out at once!”

The eyes of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom glittered .

Following this . . .


Two shocking roars exploded above White Tiger City . The giant figures of the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise floated in the air, resulting in a huge shade .

Countless experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom were startled .

Since the incident of the Heavenly Fortune Path, they had never seen the two godly beasts appearing at the same time . Had something significant happened?

“All cultivators above the peak Martial Highness Realm, prepare yourself to depart for Skyedge Island to give Qin Nan backup and wage war against the Mu Clan!”

The roars of the godly beasts shook the Heavens and Earth .

The entire White Tiger City fell into a dead silence, before a huge uproar burst out .

“HAHAHA, as expected of Young Master Qin Nan, waging war against the Mu Clan!”

“Damn it, I must take part in the battle at all cost!”

“That’s right, we’ll support Platoon Leader Qin Nan!”

Powerful auras sprang into the sky, forming a magnificent army in the blink of an eye .

They had all answered to Qin Nan’s request!

. . . Meanwhile, at the Clan Hall of the Mu Clan on Skyedge Island . . .

Qin Nan scanned the crowd and immediately analyzed the situation . The scene before him was quite familiar to the one he had experienced back at the Qin Clan .

“Judging from the distance, it would probably take a while before the Sky-Scorching Emperor and his crew arrive here . My priority now is to drag out the time as much as possible . ”

Qin Nan murmured to himself and immediately made up his mind .

He had decided to ask for backup from the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom as he realized that the First Elder and his crew had at most achieved the half-Martial Progenitor Realm, thus they still had some chance of winning the battle!

As for the elders in the Clan Hall, they did not expect Qin Nan would show himself all of a sudden .

It was obvious that the First Elder was starting a rebellion to take over the role of the Patriarch . His next target was most likely Qin Nan and Elder Miao!

Now that Qin Nan had taken the initiative to show himself, wasn't that committing suicide?

The entire hall fell silent for three breaths, before Mu Kun collected his thoughts as a ferocious aura burst out from his figure and he snapped, “Qin Nan, you killed my son, and you still dare to show yourself . I shall cripple you right now, and torture you——”

The man that killed his son was standing right before him, how could could he be patient!

“Father, wait!”

However, before Mu Kun could react, he was interrupted by Mu Fengsha .

“Mm?” Mu Kun’s halted his movement .

“Qin Nan has killed my brother, but since you’re the Patriarch now, you shouldn’t be bothered with such things . I’ll handle it on your behalf!” Mu Fengsha’s eyes flickered coldly as he snapped, “I’ll avenge brother with my own hands!”

Mu Kun pondered for a moment and agreed by nodding his head, before withdrawing his aura .

It was true that a mere Qin Nan was not worthy enough for him to strike .

Even though this Qin Nan was regarded as the top genius of the Eastern Continent, his cultivation was only at the peak Martial Highness Realm . Regardless of his strength and the trump cards he held, Mu Fengsha could easily defeat him with his cultivation of the fourth-layer Martial Sacred Realm!

“Qin Nan, I shall witness how strong the so-called top genius of the Eastern Continent is . ” Mu Fengsha smirked and stepped forward .

The surrounding elders and disciples were stunned .

Since when did it turn into a battle between the two geniuses?

Little did they know, and little did Mu Kun know, Mu Feng was challenging Qin Nan to a duel not to avenge his brother, but because he personally held a grudge against him!

Since Princess Miao Miao had first arrived at the Mu Clan, Mu Fengsha was astonished by her beauty .

However, despite his efforts, the Princess never even cast a single glance at him .

Mu Fengsha eventually learned that the Princess was fond of Qin Nan!

How was this acceptable?

I, Mu Fengsha, am both talented and good-looking, and am now the disciple of the Wuliang Mountain’s Supreme Elder, and yet a mere Qin Nan who Nan who relied on fortunate encounters was comparable with him?

Therefore, he had to duel against Qin Nan and defeat him!

“Oh? Bring it on . ”

Hearing this, Qin Nan responded calmly .

Since this Mu Fengsha was challenging him to a duel, he could make use of the opportunity to drag the time further!

“Demons and monsters, the tenth-floor of hell!”

Mu Fengsha let out a roar as he stretched out his hands, from which puffs of black smoke burst out, followed by an ancient door .

The door appeared to be the door of Hell!

Through this door, one would end up in Hell, completely losing their chance of reincarnation!

Mu Fengsha’s attack turned out to be a Monarch Art, which he planned to use to bury Qin Nan!

“Cloud Soaring Heaven-Killing!”

Instead of backing off, Qin Nan’s eyes emitted a sharp gaze as his figure sprang forward with a tremendous aura . He clenched his fists tightly, as heroic spirits began to emerge from the tip of the fists .

The move was the Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch’s strongest Monarch Art!

Once executed, it could summon the spirits of heroes to strengthen the power of the punches, destroying the Heavens and gods .


A destructive fist intent burst out from Qin Nan’s fists .


Even the door of Hell was instantly destroyed by the might of the punches .


The crowd, including Mu Kun and Mu Fengsha, were dumbfounded .

Mu Fengsha’s ability was nullified by Qin Nan with a single punch?

The strength of a law-defying Martial Highness was able to match a fourth-layer Martial Sacred despite the significant difference between their cultivation?

“Mu Fengsha, you’re Mu Tianxing’s brother, right? So is this all you’ve got? How about this, I’ll let you take a hundred moves in advance, and see if and see if you are able to defeat me!” Qin Nan mocked scornfully .

Of course, he was purposely doing it to bait Mu Fengsha into fighting a prolonged duel with him, just to drag the time further .

“You…” Mu Fengsha’s expression turned dark instantly . It would be extremely humiliating to the secondly ranked genius of the Mu Clan if Qin Nan were to let him have a hundred moves in advance . However, he immediately withheld his anger and glanced toward Mu Kun, “Father! Cripple him at once!”

Qin Nan’s strength had given him a great shock . As such, despite being infuriated, Mu Fengsha would not fight against Qin Nan, but let his father cripple him instead . Either way, he would still acquire the succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path!

As for dignity? Fairness? Humiliation?

It was all bullshit!

Most importantly, he had managed to achieve his target!


Mu Kun rose from his seat and unleashed his half-Martial Progenitor Realm aura like a storm, sweeping the hall .

The crowd was stunned .

Qin Nan was surely dead this time!

“This guy…”

Qin Nan glanced at Mu Fengsha . This man’s intelligence could not be underestimated .


Mu Kun snapped as he reached out his hand, which instantly transformed into a giant palm that slapped at Qin Nan with a horrifying power .

Even a peak Martial Sacred Realm stood no chance against it!

Qin Nan’s expression remained the same, although a sharp glow was emitted from his eyes .

“How bold!”

Following a thunderous roar . . .

A terrifying suppression was fired into the sky from Qin Nan’s figure!

It was . . . the aura of the Martial Monarch Realm!

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