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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 766


Chapter 766: 766

Chapter 766 - I’ve Got Something to Say!

The Mu Clan covered a distance of a thousand li, with various constructed halls .

The Clan Hall was located at the center of the clan, with two golden dragons coiling around its roof that created an awe-inspiring appearance . There was also a crystal ball at the entrance of the hall, which allowed anyone to observe the entire Eastern Continent .

. . . Meanwhile . . .

Authoritative figures arrived with varied expressions . Shortly after, the hall was filled with more than thirty people .

The crowd consisted of elders, Martial Sacred Realm experts of the clan, and the core disciples .

“First Elder has arrived!”

A loud yell could be heard .

The whispers in the hall immediately quietened as the crowd turned their heads toward the entrance .

They could only see a middle-aged man wearing a purple dragon robe as he stepped into the hall with a half-Martial Progenitor Realm aura . He was none other than the First Elder of the Mu Clan, Mu Kun!

Behind Mu Kun stood a young man, his eldest son, Mu Fengsha . He was the second genius among the disciples of the Mu Clan, and possessed a tenth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation of the fourth-layer Martial Sacred Realm .

Behind them were ten servants, each with a cultivation of the peak Martial Highness Realm .

The formation was considered intimidating .

“Greetings First Elder!”

“Greetings First Elder!”


The eyes of the crowd flickered as they immediately brought their fists together and greeted the First Elder .

The Mu Clan applied strict rules, not to mention that Mu Kun’s status was second only to the Patriarch!

Mu Kun nodded and stepped forward along the path . To everyone’s surprise, instead of taking his usual spot, he sat down at the leading seat in the center .

At that instant, many among the crowd were stunned .

That seat belonged to the Patriarch!

“Mu Kun! What are you thinking? You dare to sit in the Patriarch’s seat? How disrespectful!” The Seventh Elder immediately stepped forward and snapped furiously .

A few other figures stepped forward with infuriated looks!

“Seventh Brother, why are you making such a fuss? You guys too, calm down! I’ve gathered everyone here for the meeting for two things . From today onward, I, Mu Kun, am officially the Patriarch of the Mu Clan!” Mu Kun’s words served as a shocking explosion .

Did he just claim to be the Patriarch himself?

He was starting a rebellion!


The fury on the faces of the Seventh Elder and the others reached its limit .

Since the sudden change of circumstances in the Mu Clan, they had already speculated this Mu Kun would abuse the change to aim for the role of Patriarch . But they had not expected this Mu Kun to start a rebellion straight away!

“I forgot to mention . Just a moment ago, the previous Patriarch’s cultivation dropped to the half-Martial Progenitor Realm . ” Mu Kun remained calm despite the crowd’s anger, “In less than ten days, his cultivation will drop to the peak Martial Sacred Realm, and it will continue to drop . No one can save him . ”

The words struck the hearts of the crowd like shocking thunder, causing their anger to dissipate .

They were all aware of the strange injury that the Patriarch was suffering from, but the news definitely surprised them .

The Patriarch . . .

Only had a cultivation cultivation of the half-Martial Progenitor Realm left?

“Mu Kun! Even if the Patriarch’s cultivation has dropped to the Martial Sacred Realm, he is still our Patriarch! And you’re only the First Elder! As long as the Patriarch has no intention to pass you the role, you will always stay the First Elder! Your current actions are disrespectful! Everyone, according to the clan rules, we must detain him at once…” The Seventh Elder became enraged and immediately unleashed his cultivation of the peak Martial Sacred Realm .

However, before he could finish . . .


At that instant, the Second Elder, Third Elder, Fourth Elder, and Fifth Elder immediately unleashed their cultivations, forming a giant mountain that emitted a sacred glow as it crashed down onto the Seventh Elder’s figure .


The Seventh Elder was astounded, and swiftly responded by unleashing his defensive move, but it turned out to be in vain . In the blink of an eye, his figure was pressed downward onto the ground, causing his face to redden .

It was impossible for him to resist the strength of four people .

“Everyone, the Seventh Elder dares to rebuke the Patriarch in front of the public . According to the clan rules, his cultivation and his limbs should be crippled, and he will be hung at the entrance of the clan for three days and three nights! This will take place once the meeting comes to an end!”

Mu Kun wore a cold grin as he scanned the crowd while unleashing a suppression with his half-Martial Progenitor Realm cultivation, “Anyone . . . have anything else to say?”

“I don’t agree!”

“Yeah, I’m not convinced either!”

At that instant, two young disciples stood forward and rebuked without any sign of fear .


Beside Mu Kun, Mu Fengsha did not hesitate to hesitate to unleash his attack and executed two terrifying sword intents, slashing the arms off the young disciples, resulting in a rain of blood .

Ah! Ah!

Two shrieks of agony filled the entire hall .

The figures of the elders, Martial Sacred Realm experts, and the disciples shuddered violently seeing this .

Such a vicious pair of father and son!

Upon being rebuked, Mu Kun instantly detained the Seventh Elder and demanded to cripple him!

With just a single sentence, Mu Fengsha slashed the arms off the two young disciples!

“I forgot to mention, as everyone knows, our clan is quite close with the Wuliang Mountain of the Eastern Continent, and yesterday, I’ve become a core disciple of the Wuliang Mountain, with the Supreme Elder of the Wuliang Mountain as my master . ” Mu Fengsha smirked and showed no sign of remorse, before he added, “I believe everyone is familiar with the Supreme Elder of the Wuliang Mountain . Just recently, he has achieved the Martial Progenitor Realm!”

The words stunned the crowd .

They were aware of the relationship between the Mu Clan and the Wuliang Mountain, and were familiar with the Supreme Elder too . However, they did not expect the Supreme Elder to have achieved the Martial Progenitor Realm, and recruited Mu Fengsha as his disciple!

They clearly knew its significance!

“I’ll ask one more time…” Mu Kun scanned the crowd with a sharp gaze like an eagle and said, “Is there anyone that would like to say anything?”

Many disciples and experts were startled .

None of them were convinced .

However, what else could they do under such circumstances?

Their faces turned pale as they remained silent, as if their throats were being clenched .

Seeing this, Mu Kun wore a grin .

His plan has succeeded at this stage!

Following this, his

Following this, his next step would be destroying the forbidden area of the residence and kill Mu Mu and the Ninth Elder, Princess Miao Miao .

After all, Mu Mu was considered the top genius of the Mu Clan, who possessed a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit . If it weren’t for her Serene Infernal Body, her future would have unimaginable potential! If the Princess managed to increase her lifespan, even if it were only three years, she would definitely become a threat .

“Father, leave Qin Nan to me…” Mu Fengsha transmitted his voice to Mu Kun . He was aware that the outcome was determined at this stage .

“Not a problem!”

Mu Kun nodded as his eyes flickered with a hint of admiration .

Although it was quite a loss that Mu Tianxing was killed, in comparison, he was more satisfied with his eldest son Mu Fengsha . On top of his intelligence, he knew exactly when to not show any mercy .

It went without saying that Mu Kun was aware that Mu Fengsha had volunteered to deal with Qin Nan as he was fond of his succession!

Mu Kun withdrew his thoughts and glanced at the crowd . After the crowd became silent, he slowly said, “Since no one has anything else to say, from this moment onward, I’ll be——”

“Wait! I’ve got something to say!”

A loud roar could be heard all of a sudden .


The crowd could only see Qin Nan fearlessly standing at the entrance wearing a black robe .

At that instant, everyone gathered their focus onto him .

Upon seeing the arriving person, everyone including Mu Kun and Mu Fengsha was startled .

Qin Nan . . .

Why was he here?

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Editor: DOCuinn


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