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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 764


Chapter 764: 764

Chapter 764 - Mu Mu

“It’s Mu Chen! It’s Martial Uncle Mu Chen!”

“Are they going to fight?”

“Hehe, I hope so . I really want to see how strong this Qin Nan is!”


The disciples on the main path whispered to one another .

The middle-aged man with the name Mu Chen glared at Qin Nan and yelled, “Qin Nan, how disrespectful of you . You dare to show yourself after killing Mu Tianxing and the others . Do you have no respect for the Mu Clan? Hand over the Precedent Dream Flower at once, and I’ll spare your life!”

The words were uttered thunderously .

It appeared to be an ancient Martial Art .

As the words were uttered with a magical voice, it could overcome the will of the target and cause the target to feel intimidated .

Qin Nan said calmly, “There’s no need to probe me with the ancient Martial Art . It’s useless . ”

Mu Chen’s expression darkened .

Although the ancient Martial Art did not possess an outstanding power, it could still somehow influence the target, but this Qin Nan was able to ignore it?

“Seems like you prefer to drink a forfeit instead of a toast! Kneel down!”

Mu Chen let out a roar and instantly unleashed the sacred force in his body, causing him to transform into an ancient elephant emitting a sacred glow, which swung its trunk and uttered a roar before smashing the ground with its legs!

Ancient Martial Art, Sacred Elephant Suppressing the Heavens and Earth!

The eyes of the crowd glittered, including the authorities deep inside the Mu Clan .

At that instant, Qin Nan performed a hand seal and executed a Monarch Art!


Following a series of explosions taking place around Qin Nan’s figure, countless figures appeared, each with the same appearance as Qin Nan . In the blink of an eye, the place was filled with more than a hundred Qin Nans .

This was one of the Monarch Arts that the Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch had mastered—Confusion Shadow Clone Art!

Once executed, he would be able to summon clones that even a powerful eye-technique would not be able to identify from the true figure . Qin Nan had only mastered its foundation, but once he had fully mastered the move, he could instantly summon ten thousand clones!

“This is——”

Mu Chen’s expression stiffened . Even the hoof of the elephant froze in the air .

Which one of them was the real Qin Nan?

“Such a powerful cloning technique!”

The experts were astounded . As most of them were quite knowledgeable, they quickly identified it to be a Monarch Art!

“You dare to act scornfully with such a mere trick! Be gone!” Mu Chen immediately reacted and let out a roar, causing the figure of the elephant to expand over ten times larger, which swung its giant trunk at the figures .

So what if you are able to summon hundreds of clones!

Once they were all destroyed, the real Qin Nan would then then be exposed!


Qin Nan uttered a roar with a calm expression .

Monarch Art, Single-Worded Movement Art, Blink!


At that instant, hundreds of Qin Nan’s figures dashed forward at a shocking speed . In just less than a breath’s time, the figures landed on the main path ahead, leaving a huge gap between them and Mu Chen .


The crowd was dumbfounded .

Such a terrifying speed!

The speed alone was equivalent to a fifth-layer Martial Sacred Realm expert!

In particular Mu Chen, who was left in awe when he saw the figures behind him . Despite reaching the fourth-layer Martial Sacred Realm and learning countless powerful ancient Martial Arts here at the Mu Clan, he still couldn’t stop a mere Martial Highness?

“Sacred Elephant Storm Clash!”

Mu Chen uttered a roar and immediately executed another move .

Either way, he could not allow Qin Nan to continue moving forward . Otherwise, it would serve as a great humiliation to him!

“Are you still planning to embarrass yourself? Stop at once!” At that instant, a cold snap could be heard, before an old white-haired man approached them while unleashing his cultivation of the eighth-layer Martial Sacred Realm .

“Eight… . Eighth Elder!”

Mu Chen’s face turned pale as his voice began to stutter .

The status of elders in the Mu Clan was incredibly powerful . Even though he was a Martial Sacred Realm expert, he did not dare to oppose the will of an elder .

“Eighth Elder is here!”

“Is he

“Is he going to interfere personally?”

“If that’s the case, things will become serious!”

Seeing this, the disciples of the Mu Clan were astounded . They were aware of the surging undercurrent flowing around the Mu Clan, but no one had any clue as to the details .

Qin Nan’s expression remained unchanged as he calmly said, “What now, Eighth Elder is trying to stop me too?”

The eyes of the Eighth Elder flickered coldly . Such a ruthless kid, daring to be impolite toward him . Normally, the Eighth Elder would surely teach Qin Nan a lesson .

After taking a deep breath, the Eighth Elder said with an icy tone, “I won’t be stopping you . The people of the Mu Clan won’t be stopping you . Elder Miao is waiting for you ahead, do as you wish!”

Saying this, his figure disappeared with a flicker .

The crowd was stunned .


Qin Nan mumbled to himself and proceeded forward while ignoring the gaze of the crowd . He soon reached the end of the path, where Princess Miao Miao stood . Her long hair had reached her waist . She was wearing a white long robe, and a charming smile on her face .

“Xiao Nanzi, well done!” Princess Miao Miao reached out her hand and tapped Qin Nan’s shoulder, before saying, “I’ll bring you to a place now . ”

“Sure . ”

Qin Nan nodded .

Under the surveillance of the experts, they ventured deep into the Mu Clan the Mu Clan . Meanwhile, the experts had gathered together and discussed something with stern expressions on their faces .

A great storm was approaching .

As for Qin Nan, he followed the Princess, passing several terrifying traps and forbidding auras, before arriving at a courtyard . The place was not large, but was planted with various flowers, resulting in a pleasant scene . For some reason, the environment was extremely soothing .

“Princess, is Qin Nan here?” A pleasant female voice with a hint of surprise could be heard from the residence .

“He’s here,” Princess Miao Miao said with a prideful tone, “How would he dare not to come if I ordered him to do so?”

Meanwhile, Qin Nan was extremely confused . What was going on here?

The next moment, a pleasant fragrant swept toward him, causing him to raise his head subconsciously and saw a lady like a fairy standing before him .

The lady was different than the Princess . The Princess’ appearance was gorgeous, with a hint of mischievousness, while the lady was glamorous with a soothing aura to her, which was mysteriously attractive, causing one’s gaze to be fixed onto her right from the beginning .

“Qin Nan, greetings, I’m Mu Mu, I’ve always been a fan——” The woman’s face blushed slightly as a breeze swept her hair upward .

However, before she could finish . . .

A horrifyingly vicious aura burst out from her figure!

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