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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 758


Chapter 758: 758

Chapter 758 - The End of the Battle

...Upper district, Eastern Continent, at a large magical island on a vast ocean...

The island was called Skyedge Island. Any cultivators of the Eastern Continent planning to travel to the Middle Continent had to go through the island.

On Skyedge Island, a magnificent settlement was stationed there and was concealed from the public. It was known as the conqueror of the Eastern Continent—the Mu Clan!

...Meanwhile, at the Mu Clan...

“The third core disciple...Young Master Mu Tianxing is dead!”

A cry of terror could be heard.

At the Mu Clan, the core disciples were treated with precious care, in particular those who were ranked in the top ten, as they were great talents that the Mu Clan put great effort into, let alone Young Master Mu Tianxing!

As expected, in the next moment, a great chaos was stirred inside the Mu Clan!

...Meanwhile, at the Heavenly Fortune Path of the Eastern Continent...

After Mu Tianxing had been slain, Qin Nan immediately killed Cheng Tiange and Jiang Feifan without hesitation. They were already life and death enemies to begin with, thus there was no reason for him to be merciful.

“An hour has passed. Children, the Heavenly Fortune Path will be closed.”

The voice of Madam Heavenly Fortune could be heard.


Before the crowd could react, an ancient door appeared on the dojo and absorbed the crowd into it.

“Interesting child, despite being yet to achieve the Martial Sacred Realm, his strength has completely surpassed the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm. However, it doesn’t feel like he’s able to break the curse yet. Maybe I should have a chat with the child inside the Martial Serendipity Pavilion…”

Madam Heavenly Fortune stood in the rift while her eyes flickered.

After that man disappeared, she had withdrawn from public life and set up the Heavenly Fortune Path across the five continents of the Canglan Continent to attract the geniuses.

However, that man had still yet to appear.

Currently, she did not have high hopes in Qin Nan, but she still wished that he were the one.



...On the Starry Jade Shore...

The Leaders of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion and the rest of the authorities gathered together. Their eyes were fixed on the ancient path at the center of the ocean like statues. A glimmer of hope continued to burn in their eyes.

As for the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom...

The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise were entirely stress-free, as they chatted while bursting out laughing occasionally.

“This bunch of assholes! They will truly learn once Jiang Feifan and the others have altered their destiny! Both Qin Nan and the Sky-Scorching Emperor will taste death real soon!” The Leader of the Trading Alliance wore a dark expression as he cursed murderously in his heart.

At this moment, the giant door appeared as countless figures stepped out from it.

“They’re out! They’re coming out!

Following a scream, everyone immediately gathered their attention onto the door.

The Heavenly Fortune Path had ended!


Who exactly was the winner?

However, as everyone came out from the door, the faces of the authorities were filled with astonishment.

Cheng Tiange, Jiang Feifan, Murong Xue, Mu Tianxing, and the disciples of the Mu Clan were all gone, although Qin Nan’s figure was still present among the crowd!

Everyone was smart enough to speculate as to what had happened.


The Leaders of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion could only feel their minds buzzing and themselves suffocating as if a great pressure had been applied to their chests. All dead, it’s over. Their factions were doomed.


It was not only a genius that was lost.

It was a whole generation!

Without Jiang Feifan and the geniuses of his generation, it would take the two factions at least hundreds of years to recover.

At that instant, an overwhelming dismay arose with their hearts, causing them to stoop, as if they had just aged hundreds of years.

Following this, shocking news was spread all over the Eastern Continent.

“Qin Nan slew Murong Xue!”

“Qin Nan shattered the Tribulations of Jiang Feifan and Cheng Tiange with a single slash!”

“Qin Nan slew Mu Tianxing all by himself!”

“Qin Nan claimed the succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path and had a chance to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm!”

Everyone was utterly dumbfounded.

They suddenly realized that Qin Nan had killed all the geniuses at the Heavenly Fortune Path all by himself!

At that moment...

No one cared any longer about the change of the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

That was because Qin Nan was the top!

He was the top without a doubt!

Meanwhile, the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion declared to the public that the two factions had now merged into one, with the name Wanying Alliance, and would go into seclusion for the next ten years, not recruiting any disciples or interfering in the business of the Eastern Continent.

The public was not shocked by the news.

A great uproar took place in the Eastern Continent.

The young talents and the aged cultivators who harbored great ambitions immediately made their way to the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom!

They were all here to meet Qin Nan!

The achievements of that man were enough to drive them crazy and make them follow him!

However, as a matter of fact, the authorities of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom were not joyful, but instead stayed alert at all times. As Qin Nan Qin Nan had slain Mu Tianxing, it was possible that the Mu Clan would plan on getting their revenge, thus it was necessary for them to be prepared! Of course, it would be best if that Elder Miao were able to settle it.

As or Qin Nan, after greeting the authorities, he immediately headed to the forbidden area of the royal palace.

“Once again, sorry for the trouble.” Qin Nan glanced at Jiang Bilan, Yu Luosha, and Longhu.

Even though he had slain many geniuses, without the help from the three, the situation at the Heavenly Fortune Path would have been extremely dangerous.

“These treasures…”

Qin Nan frowned slightly. One Martial Monarch Corpse and two half-Martial Monarch Corpses;There were only three here, how was he going to split them evenly?

“Maybe I should split this Martial Monarch Corpse into two halves. Although it might greatly reduce its benefits, that would be the best solution.” Qin Nan mumbled to himself and made his decision.

As he was about to speak, Yu Luosha let out a smile and sad, “Qin Nan, I won’t be taking the Monarch Corpse. It would be a waste.”

“How is that fair——”

Qin Nan’s voice halted and he shook his head as he saw the firm look in Yu Lusha’s eyes.


Qin Nan let out a sigh. Although he was unsure as to why Yu Luosha would act like this, he could only respect her decision.

“You two should take one of the half-Martial Monarch Corpses each. I’ll take the Martial Monarch Corpse myself.”

“Qin Nan flicked his finger and fired two storage bags into the hands of Jiang Bilan and Longhu.

“Hehe, I’m more than happy to take it!”

Longhu laughed. There was no way that he would reject the offer. He immediately sat down on the ground with his legs crossed.

As for crossed.

As for Jiang Bilan, she immediately sat down to cultivate as well.

The forbidden area of the palace was definitely the best place for them to refine the corpses.

“I won’t be able to refine the corpse yet, I’ll have to bring the Precedent Dream Flower to the Princess…” Qin Nan murmured.

At that instant, a pleasant sound could be heard, “Yo, Xiao Nanzi, well done! As expected of the one that I have chosen! I’ll reward you greatly in the future!”

It was Princess Miao Miao’s voice coming from the Illusionary Mirror.

“Princess,” Qin Nan was startled, before he burst out laughing, “I was about to go visit you.”

“Not now, the situation of the Mu Clan is quite complicated now. Come in a month’s time. I’ve got stuff to deal with first.” The Princess harrumphed and said, “Some old men have been going out of control lately in the Mu Clan, it’s time to deal with them. Alright, time is running out. Just wait a month before coming to the Mu Clan…”

“The situation is complicated?”

Qin Nan was stunned, but soon came to a realization. It appeared that the death of Mu Tianxing had triggered some effect in the Mu Clan.

“Forget it, there’s no point thinking about it now. Since I’ve got a month’s time, I’ll refine the Martial Monarch Corpse here right now.” Qin Nan mumbled, before a sense of danger suddenly arose within his heart, causing his expression to change.

Squeak, squeak!

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse suddenly jumped up above the heads of the two soulless hounds, and waved its paws around with a stern look.

Qin Nan glanced at it and straightened his face.

It appeared to be telling him that the trial of the Heavenly Fortune Path only began now!

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