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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 757


Chapter 757: 757

Chapter 757 - Tribulation Shattered, Blood Altar Destroyed


Mu Tianxing turned his head toward the powerful presence.

The crowd, including the illusionary figure of the Martial Sacred, turned their heads as well.

Following a glimpse, their faces were filled with utter astonishment.

They saw...

A figure charging toward the two Tribulations with an undefeatable aura.

The saber in his hand emitted an indescribably terrifying aura as he slashed at the two Tribulations.

An astonishing sight took place.

The saber aura was unstoppable, tearing the thunderous swords apart with a perfect cut.


The flicker of the slash flashed in the eyes of the crowd.

The two thunderous swords were sliced in half!

A single slash!

Shattering the Tribulations!

Puff! Puff!

The figures of Jiang Feifan and Cheng Tiange in the sky shuddered violently before spitting out mouthfuls of blood, as if they had been given destructive blows, causing them to fall downward with weakened auras.

As their Tribulations had been shattered, they had to bear the grave consequences!


Mu Tianxing wore a blank expression.

Those were two Tribulations!

And they were slashed in half just like that?

Are you kidding me!

The dojo fell into a dead silence at this moment.


Qin Nan did not hesitate. He immediately turned around and cast a glance toward the illusionary figure of the Martial Sacred. With a single step, he immediately arrived before it in the next moment!

“Boundless Sacred——”

The illusionary figure of the Martial Sacred immediately reacted and uttered a roar, unleashing the sacred force to execute a powerful ancient Martial Art.

“Be gone!”

Qin Nan swung the Heaven-Shattering Sword downward.


The voice of the illusionary figure of the Martial Sacred halted, as it witnessed the terrifying saber intent slashing its body in half, before turning into dust and scattering around in the air.

This was Qin Nan’s full strength.

Shattering the Tribulations with a single slash!

Destroying the illusionary figure of the Martial Sacred with a single slash!

“Crap! Only ten people were absorbed!”

Mu Tianxing immediately collected his thoughts and wore a dark expression. Since the illusionary figure of the Martial Sacred was summoned, only ten cultivators had been slain. Even though the power of the blood sacrifice was relatively powerful, it was nowhere enough!


An icy word could be heard coming from above.

It turned out to be Qin Nan descending upon him with a saber in his hand!

Mu Tianxing could feel his scalp turn numb instantly. At the last moment, he uttered a roar without hesitation, “Detonate!”


Three loud explosions took place.

The ones exploding were the disciples of the Mu Clan. It appeared that Mu Tianxing already had control over their lives with some kind of trick. Since the power of the blood sacrifice was not strong enough, he had no choice but to sacrifice the three disciples!

Following this...

The moment the three disciples exploded, an invisible absorption force took place and sucked their blood into the blood altar altar under Mu Tianxing’s feet.


Following a buzz, a terrifying force was awakened within the altar.

The outline of the altar had been blurry at the start, but currently, half of it had materialized, emitting a brilliant crimson glow.

“Qin Nan! Even though the blood sacrifice is not completed yet, I don’t think it matters now! I don’t believe a mere Martial Highness like you could obstruct the laws of the Heavens and Earth! Now, die——” Mu Tianxing uttered a blasting roar and gave out his command, causing the blood altar to fly toward Qin Nan’s figure.

A ferocious gust of wind instantly swept the place.

The attack of the blood altar was incredibly powerful, completely surpassing the strength of the Martial Highness Realm. It could even kill a second-layer Martial Sacred instantly!

As Mu Tianxing had mentioned...

Currently, Qin Nan who had already experienced an intense battle was relatively weak after executing the two slashes.

However, great flames of fury arose within his chest.

Even though he had been eager to meet worthy opponents after achieving the divine Battle Martial Highness Realm so that he could test out his full strength, Mu Tianxing’s actions were extremely cruel.

He had even sacrificed three blood-related cousins to the blood altar!


Qin Nan uttered a furious roar.

The left eye of the divine God of Battle, there’s nothing it can’t observe!

The left arm of the divine God of Battle, exerting a limitless force!

The right arm of the divine God of Battle, of Battle, emitting its sharpest glow!

At that instant, Qin Nan fully unleashed his cultivation of the divine Battle Martial Highness Realm.

The abilities of the three body parts of the divine God of Battle were fully utilized as well.


An icy glow flickered across the entire dojo.

The crowd could never forget the moment.

They could only see an indescribable saber intent slashing at the center of the blood altar from an unbelievable angle. Despite the terrifying aura of the altar, it stood no chance against the flicker of the slash, which began to shatter into pieces.

The next moment, the blood altar exploded, emitting crimson glows that covered the sky.

Destroying the blood altar with a single slash!


A series of explosions took place in Mu Tianxing’s chest as if he had been given several blows with a hammer, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood into the sky and his face to turn pale white.

As he was the one that summoned the altar, his soul was severely injured due to its destruction.


Mu Tianxing stared with his eyes open wide and his face filled with disbelief.

That was a move executed with a blood sacrifice!

The blood sacrifice with the lives of fourteen peak Martial Highnesses!

And it was destroyed just like that?

Furthermore, Qin Nan had already gone through exhausting battles to begin with. How could he still execute such a terrifying slash?

Pant! Gasp! Pant! Gasp!

Not far from Mu Tianxing, Qin Nan Tianxing, Qin Nan stood firmly with his breathing intensified. His forehead was covered in a cold sweat while his head had become dizzy due to the fatigue.

The three slashes had almost consumed all of his energy.

Qin Nan’s figure tensed as he slowly raised his heavy feet and walked toward Mu Tianxing.

It was as if time had frozen at this moment.

The crowd had yet to recover from the shock that they had just experienced, and could only watch this with blank faces.

Mu Tianxing could feel chills down his spines as he became aware of Qin Nan’s movement. His face became pale while his eyes were filled with terror, before he screamed, “Qin Nan, what are you trying to do? I’m telling you! Once a core disciple of the Mu Clan is slain, the killer will be hunted down by the Mu Clan at any cost! Furthermore, my father has the highest authority among the nine elders of the Mu Clan——”

However, his voice came to a halt.


Qin Nan’s eyes coldened as he slashed with the Heaven-Shattering Saber in his hand.

Core disciple of the Mu Clan?

Son of the leader among the nine elders of the Mu Clan? Leader among the nine elders of the Mu Clan?

Even if you were the son of the Mu Clan’s Patriarch, I’d still slay you!


The flicker of the saber flashed.

Blood spouted into the air.

Mu Tianxing was slain!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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