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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 756


Chapter 756: 756

Chapter 756 - Drawing the Saber and Slashing the Heavens

Mu Tianxing and the rest of the crowd had never thought that Qin Nan would take the initiative to fight the two Tribulations instead of hiding from them! They unconsciously held their breath as they gathered their focus onto the battle.


A series of shocking explosions took place.

Qin Nan’s figure clashed with the two Tribulations. Despite the powerful attacks from the two thunderous swords, they were all shattered by the might of Qin Nan’s fist, resulting in an equally matched battle.

Countless gusts of wind resulted as the impact swept into the surroundings, slapping the faces of the crowd.


Mu Tianxing was utterly stunned seeing this.

In addition to him, the crowd was also dumbfounded.

These were two Tribulations with their rare phenomenons triggered. Although their strengths were weakened, even a first-layer or second-layer Martial Sacred would be crushed into pieces instantly. However, Qin Nan was able to fight an equally matched battle against them?


So this was Qin Nan’s real strength?

“What are you waiting for! Hurry up and attack!”

Cheng Tiange and Jiang Feifan immediately uttered furious roars upon collecting their thoughts.

“Move out!”

“Destructive Blow!”

“Strike of Thunder!”

The crowd recovered from the shock and yelled as they executed their Martial Arts and the powers of their Martial Spirits locking onto Qin Nan’s figure.

“Trying to attack Qin Nan? Not on my watch! The Breath...of Death!”


Jiang Bilan’s white hair danced elegantly as she appeared before the crowd. Her life force burned rapidly as she let out a sigh and unleashed a boundless Death Qi.


Longhu uttered a deafening roar as he unleashed his beastly force attacking the crowd. Yu Luosha dashed into the crowd like a peach blossom petal and executed her killing blows.

The battle had begun!

Even though the trio was unable to defeat the crowd of geniuses, they had managed to hold them back with brute force!

“Even the two Tribulations are unable to kill Qin Nan.” Mu Tianxing’s expression changed rapidly as he witnessed the battle, “It’s possible that Qin Nan might even have some other trump cards to destroy the Tribulations! If that’s the case, there’s only one option left…”

Mu Tianxing took a deep breath as he had a determined look in his eyes.

The trick had a great cost to it and was the trump card that he had specifically prepared for this trip!

However, under the circumstances, it was the only choice he was left with!

Qin Nan had to die!

He must claim the succession!

“You three, carry out the plan!” Mu Tianxing turned around and yelled at the three disciples.

“This——” The disciples of the Mu Clan was stunned. Did they really have to do it?

“Go now!”

Mu Tianxing threw them a talisman and let out a roar.

Following this, he immediately sat on the ground with his legs crossed while unleashing his Martial Spirit, before uttering chants from his mouth, causing his eyes to flicker with the color of blood. Mysterious runes began to spread into his surroundings, which formed a blood altar that covered an area with a circumference of a few zhang.

The disciples were astonished seeing this, before they clenched their teeth and nodded. They held the talisman and glanced toward Jiang Bilan’s crew and the crowd.

“Mm? That altar…”

Jiang Bilan who was busy fighting the crowd glimpsed in Mu Tianxing’s direction as she became aware of the extraordinary presence. Her eyes flickered with astonishment. Had this Mu Tianxing mastered the Art of Blood Sacrificing?

Was he planning to carry out a blood sacrifice?

“Three men as the medium, the talisman as the trigger, reappearance of the Martial Sacred!”

The three disciples of the Mu Clan uttered a roar after receiving the talisman. A tremendous force was inserted into the talisman. Following an explosion, a magnificent figure emerged from it.


A terrifying Martial Sacred Realm aura swept the place like a tornado.

“What’s going on?”

The crowd who was busy battling was startled, and immediately turned their heads around.

A Martial Sacred? Why would a Martial Sacred be here?

“Crap, we have to hide now!” Jiang Bilan straightened her face. She did not expect the enemies to have made such preparations. She spread her fingers and unleashed the Death Qi encapsulating the figures of Longhu and Yu Luosha, before the trio instantly disappeared as if they had never existed before.


The Heavenly Fortune Path was aware of the sudden intrusion, and immediately gathered a magical force.

“The Concealment Orb can only hide from the Heavenly Fortune Path’s detection for thirty breaths! Hurry up!”

The magnificent figure raised its head and snapped.


The disciples of the Mu Clan uttered roars and immediately executed the hidden techniques in their bodies to insert their force into the talisman. Following this, their figures charged toward the crowd.

Normally, the summoning of a Martial Sacred would not be this complicated.

However, in order to hide from the detection of the Heavenly Fortune Path, they were forced to use the Concealment Orb while they summoned the Martial Sacred. As a result, the three disciples of the Mu Clan had to give their full support to allow the illusionary figure of the Martial Sacred to unleash its power.


The illusionary figure of the Martial Sacred showed no mercy as he arrived before the crowd. He reached out his hands and unleashed a sacred glow toward them.


Many cultivators uttered cries of agony before they were killed instantly.

They never thought that the people of the Mu Clan would use the move on them!

“What’s happening!”

“What is the Mu Clan thinking!”

“Aren’t we suppose to deal with Qin Nan together! Why is he using the move on us instead of using it on Qin Nan!”

The crowd of cultivators was utterly dumbfounded.

“What’s going

“What’s going on——” Longhu wore an astounded expression as he hid inside the rift.

“Very simple, this Mu Tianxing was smart enough to know that the illusionary figure of the Martial Sacred would not be strong enough to handle Qin Nan. Therefore, he used it to kill the crowd instead to use their lives for the blood sacrifice to execute a more powerful move.”

Jiang Bilan explained with a calm voice, but her eyes were already fixed onto Mu Tianxing’s figure.

Her hands began to perform hand seals as her life force burned rapidly.

Either way, they had to disrupt Mu Tianxing’s plan of unleashing the force of the blood altar!

However, at this moment, a shocking murderous intent was locked onto the trio.

It appeared that the illusionary figure of the Martial Sacred had discovered their presence.


Jiang Bilan swiftly reacted and withdrew her attack. Once again, the Death Qi swept their figures and teleported them away. Meanwhile, she transmitted her voice to Qin Nan, “Qin Nan! Mu Tianxing is trying to use a blood sacrifice to unleash a terrifying move! You have to stop him at once!”


In the midst of the claps of thunder, Qin Nan instantly turned his head around upon hearing the voice.

As he was too preoccupied with the battle, he had completely ignored the development of the situation on the dojo.

Qin Nan immediately saw the illusionary figure of the Martial Sacred dashing into the crowd and killing everyone before him. It was obvious that he had used to be a peak Martial Sacred Realm expert, thus the talisman refined from merely a single stream of his divine Sense still possessed a cultivation of the second-layer Martial Sacred Realm!

Meanwhile, as the cultivators were killed, their bodies would explode instantly, with their blood clumped together and flowing toward the blood altar under Mu Tianxing like a river.

The outline of the altar became clearer upon receiving the blood.

In the meantime, deep the meantime, deep within the altar, a mysterious force had begun to form!

“How impressive of this Mu Tianxing! To have learned such a mysterious move!” Qin Nan’s eyes flickered coldly. Massacring the crowd and using their blood as a sacrifice in exchange for power. Such a wicked move, how disgraceful!

Mu Tianxing raised his head toward Qin Nan after becoming aware of his gaze. He looked into his eyes and smirked, completely ignoring the icy glow from his gaze.

He had decided to carry out the blood sacrifice as he was aware that the Tribulations would be able to keep Qin Nan busy for a while!

Therefore, it would give him plenty of time to complete the blood sacrifice, in order to maximize its power!

When the time came, regardless of how strong Qin Nan was, his death would be guaranteed!

“The Martial Monarch Corpse, the half-Martial Monarch Corpses, and Precedent Dream Flower…”

Mu Tianxing’s heart began to beat rapidly as he thought about the treasures, causing his breathing to intensify.



Following an explosion, the two thunderous swords emitted a shocking sword intent that locked onto Qin Nan’s figure, before they slashed toward him ferociously.

Obviously, after being challenged continuously, the two Tribulations had gone berserk!

They had begun to attack with their full power!

Seeing this, Jiang Feifan and Cheng Tiange who had initially been attracted by the scene taking place on the dojo were astounded.

The final attack of the Tribulations!

Which meant...

It was their only chance to destroy Qin Nan!

“Heaven-Shattering Saber! It’s your turn to shine!”

At that instant, Qin Nan’s roar echoed in the sky.

His right arm exploded and emitted a cold flicker. In the blink of an eye, a shocking saber floated in the air.

Qin Nan reached out with his left hand and grabbed the saber.


A blasting roar took place.

The Heaven-Shattering Saber let out a buzz and unleashed...its power!

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