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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 754


Chapter 754: 754

Chapter 754 - Unleash the Tribulation!

“Floral Water Martial Spirit, disperse the poison!”

“Martial Spirit Unleashed!”


At that instant, many cultivators straightened their faces and uttered roars. Golden rays were emitted from their backs as their Martial Spirits emerged, unleashing their powers to disperse the poisonous gas.


Qin Nan’s figure suddenly descended and threw punches at the cultivators, resulting in cries of agony. The cultivators who were busy dispersing the poison were killed instantly in the blink of an eye!

“There are still many left…”

Qin Nan glanced at the crowd.

As the crowd consisted of talented geniuses with outstanding cultivations, most of their Martial Spirits were at least sixth-grade Di ranked and above. Although the area of effect of his poison attack was incredibly large, many among the crowd were still unharmed.


Qin Nan immediately reacted and threw out punches at his enemies.

Each of his attacks was discharged with ten thousand streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm, thus the damage was unimaginably terrifying. Even Jiang Feifan, Cheng Tiange, Mu Tianxing, and the others were stunned witnessing its power, and immediately decided to dodge, not daring to face it directly.


Qin Nan’s figure dashed into the crowd like a human-figured beast and executed his attacks. The strength he displayed was strong enough to match the aura of the crowd!

“Qin Nan! Nice job! Beat the crap out of them——”

Longhu burst out cheering while spectating the hot-blooded battle. If it weren’t for his injuries, he would definitely join the battle!

The eyes of Jiang Bilan and Yu Luosha flickered with excitement.

Once this man began to battle, even the people spectating the battle could feel his peerless ferocity!

“Damn it, this Qin Nan’s power is too terrifying, nowhere like a Law-Defying Martial Highness. He’s more like a second-layer Martial Highness…” Mu Tianxing scolded in his heart, before he glanced at Cheng Tiange and Jiang Feifan and yelled, “We need to attack together! Otherwise, we won’t have any chance of winning the battle!”

“Sure! You first!”

The eyes of Jiang Feifan and Cheng Tiange flickered.

“So be it! But, you have to keep Qin Nan busy for me!” Mu Tianxing agreed without hesitation.

“No prob——”

The two geniuses nodded, but their words halted halfway.


A ferocious gust of wind swept toward them, causing their faces to feel pain.

It appeared that Qin Nan who was busy fighting the cultivators had now spotted the two geniuses, and immediately threw out a punch in their direction.

Jiang Feifan and Cheng Tiange were shocked.

The might of the punch was extremely horrifying!

“Three-Legged Golden Bird!”

“Martial Spirit Unleashed!”

Within a breath, the two geniuses let out furious cries as ten golden rays were emitted from each of their backs, together with a three-legged giant bird that was engulfed in golden flames and an illusionary figure of an ancient city, which turned out to be a Monarch Weapon.

“Stop him!”

Jiang Feifan instantly transmitted his voice to Cheng Tiange, Tiange, who commanded his Three-Legged Golden Bird to attack without hesitation, spitting out blazing flames in Qin Nan’s direction.

A shocking explosion took place as the two forces collided with one another.

Qin Nan’s battle intent grew stronger as he continued to throw punches, causing the Three-Legged Golden Bird to cry in agony. Its flames rapidly dimmed.

Even a Martial Spirit was no match against his strength!

As for the remaining cultivators, each time Qin Nan’s figure weaved through them, a single punch from him would kill at least thirty of them instantly. His overwhelming power had left an unerasable mark in their hearts, causing fear to arise within them.

They decided not to attack seeing the clashes between the geniuses.

Meanwhile, some among them immediately stepped aside to preserve their strength.

“Jiang Feifan! What are you waiting for!” Cheng Tiange snapped furiously.

“One with...the spirit!”

Jiang Feifan let out a deafening roar.

An ancient secret technique was executed, allowing his figure to merge with the illusionary figure of the Monarch Weapon, causing the ancient city to materialize and unleash a formidable aura.

At that instant, Jiang Feifan was one with the Monarch Weapon!

This was Jiang Feifan’s strongest move!

After merging with his Martial Spirit, his cultivation received an incredible boost!

That being said, due to the limitation of his cultivation, even after merging with his Martial Spirit, he could not fully unleash the power of the Monarch Weapon. His strength was at most equivalent to a half-Monarch Weapon!

“Be obliterated!”

Jiang Feifan

Jiang Feifan uttered a blasting roar as the giant city began to activate countless formations and crush downward onto Qin Nan’s figure like a giant mountain.

The crowd was utterly astonished.

Was the attack strong enough to suppress Qin Nan?

“Is this all you’ve got?”

Qin Nan raised his head. His eyes emitted a sharp glow.

One stream of the force of the divine God of Battle!

Ten thousand streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm!

Unleash at once!


Qin Nan’s purple hair danced wildly as his figure transformed into a beam of light that collided with the giant city.


An explosion took place due to the collision, resulting in terrifying gusts of winds that swept into the surroundings.

The crowd was startled.

As they had just witnessed a dumbfounding scene...

A tiny figure was able to knock the giant city away, sending it flying.


Jiang Feifan’s figure was knocked out from the city, who dropped to the ground with a pale face while spitting out mouthfuls of blood.

At that moment, his gaze toward Qin Nan was filled with a great look of terror.

He had experienced the impact of the collision himself.

It felt like there was an ancient savage beast residing inside the body of the person before him, giving him immeasurable power. Once unleashed, it would bring destruction upon everything!

Even if he had mastered his Martial Art, he could still not match his strength!

“How useless of this Jiang Feifan!”

Mu Tianxing wore an unpleasant wore an unpleasant look. He had a trump card on hand, but he did not dare to use it, as he would need significant time to channel it, thus he would need someone to keep Qin Nan occupied.

Meanwhile, uproarious laughter suddenly could be heard.


The one laughing was none other than Cheng Tiange.

His figure sprang into the sky gazing down at Qin Nan, before he spoke, “Qin Nan, I have to admit that you’re the strongest genius I’ve come upon in my life! I’ve no intention to fight you! However, since you’ve eliminated the Dao-Seeking Mountain, as a disciple of the Dao-Seeking Mountain, I have to get my revenge!”

Qin Nan glanced upward into the sky.

He could keenly sense the force of the Heavens and Earth becoming restless.

Was this Cheng Tiange trying to...

“That’s right! The move you used to destroy the Dao-Seeking Mountain, I’ll use it against you today!”

Cheng Tiange snapped.


The force of the Martial Highness Realm that he had been holding back was unleashed.

Streams of the force of the Heavens and Earth began to accumulate in the sky around Cheng Tiange’s figure, which formed a few tens of thousands of li wide stormy cloud in the blink of an eye, causing the dojo to be immersed in darkness.

Claps of thunder could be heard.

Cheng Tiange was planning to trigger a Tribulation!

He was going to use the Tribulation to destroy Qin Nan!

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