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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 752


Chapter 752: 752

Chapter 752 - The Betrayal of the Martial Progenitors

“Descent of the Beasts!”

“Longyang Codex!”

Longhu and Yu Luosha uttered shocking roars. Countless figures of beasts sprang into the sky, while petals of peach blossoms slowly formed an ancient manuscript.

The two attacks were peerless ancient Martial Arts, with power comparable to Monarch Arts!


They were going against over a hundred rogue cultivators and geniuses!

The surge of ancient Martial Arts and artifacts rolled toward them like a vast ocean, causing their auras and attacks to feel extremely tiny.

The two could feel their scalps going numb, while their hearts shivered as a strong sense of death arose.

But did it matter?

They had to at least earn a breath’s time for Qin Nan!

“Qin Nan, don’t you dare!” Mu Tianxing swiftly reacted and reached out his hand, grabbing the figures of the Mu Clan’s disciples. His eyes flickered ferociously.

As matters stood, it was time for him to use his trump card!

“Endless death, opening of the abyss!”

“Thirty-eight layers of hell.”

“The return of…”

“The undead!”

Meanwhile, Jiang Bilan’s eyes emitted a shocking glow as the life force in her body burned rapidly, turning into formidable Death Qi that activated ancient magic.


On the dojo, an ancient door was summoned from the rift. As the door opened, it was as if the entrance to an entirely different world had been activated, as countless undead burst out from the door, charging toward the rogue cultivators and geniuses.

“Damn it! How could she possess such a powerful strength!”

Mu Tianxing was startled. As he was caught off guard, his figure was knocked backward by the terrifying undead, disrupting his channeling!

“Damn it!”

“Where did all these undead come from!”

“This is bad!”

The crowd was dumbfounded. The attacks they had been channeling were forced to be canceled due to the hordes of the undead. That being said, some cultivators managed to dodge the undead with outstanding movement techniques and continued to prepare their attacks.


The pressure that Longhu and Yu Luosha were experiencing had been lifted, as the sense of death vanished.

Jiang Bilan’s move had turned the tables in the nick of time!

Meanwhile, after executing the move, Jiang Bilan’s face became extremely pale and her aura weakened. Despite that...

She, Longhu, and Yu Luosha had managed to hold the enemies off for a breath’s time!

That was enough time for Qin Nan to grab the treasures!

“Well done!”

Qin Nan was well aware of the situation. He immediately increased his speed and soon arrived before the Martial Monarch Corpse.


Several forces were emitted from his figure, which transformed into giant hands that grabbed toward the Precedent Dream Flower, two half-Martial Monarch Corpses, two Heavenly Fortune Hound Corpses, and the Martial Monarch Corpse at the same time!

He was planning to retrieve all the treasures in a single attempt!


Mu Tianxing, Cheng Tiange, Jiang Feifan, and the crowd’s eyes widened.

Was Qin Nan going to take everything?

“HAHAHA! Kid, thanks! But us two will be taking the Martial Monarch Corpse and the two half-Martial Monarch Corpses! After we have achieved the Martial Monarch Realm, we’ll definitely show you our gratitude!” At that instant, a blasting laughter took place.


Two powerful auras burst out from Qin Nan’s figure.

They were none other than the Disordered Ocean Progenitor and Crimson Blood Progenitor!

They had come up with a plan upon seeing the Martial Monarch Corpse and the half-Martial Monarch Corpses, to claim their possession at the final moment, as they clearly knew that Qin Nan was reluctant to give them the Martial Monarch Corpse.

To such an extent that he would only give them a half-Martial Monarch Corpse!


Therefore, they had to act themselves.

As for betraying?

They were not friends to begin with, how was this an act of betrayal!

The Martial World had always focused on personal gains. Such opportunity was extremely rare, why would they let it go easily?

“I knew you two were up to something!”

However, Qin Nan was not shocked at all. His gaze became extremely cold.

He had been reluctant to give the Martial Progenitors more Chaos Qi to prevent them from backstabbing him at a time like this!

It seemed like his instincts were right!

The stream of the force of the divine God of Battle was unleashed!

A terrifying aura burst out from Qin Nan’s figure as his purple hair danced wildly.

“Nice one kid! But we both knew how outstanding your strength is! Now, have a taste of this! Ten Thousand Asura Sealing Mark!”

The eyes of the Martial Progenitors flickered as they instantly performed a hand seal.

Countless illusionary Asura figures were summoned, diving toward Qin Nan’s figure at an incredible speed. Before Qin Nan could react, the figures threw themselves onto his figure and turned into chains that sealed off his strength.

“HAHAHA! Despite your outstanding the strength, the mark is able to seal you off for a breath’s time! A breath’s time is more than enough for us!”

The Disordered Ocean Progenitor was pleased with himself.

Qin Nan immediately unleashed the force of the Martial Highness Realm and the force of the divine God of Battle, but the combined force still failed to shatter the seal.

He couldn’t even draw out the Heaven-Shattering Saber in time!

Did that mean he could only stare helplessly as the two Martial Progenitors claimed the Martial Monarch Corpse?

Squeak, squeak!

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse suddenly appeared with a furious look while flinging its arms around, causing Qin Nan to be startled.

Meanwhile, startled.

Meanwhile, the two Martial Progenitors dashed toward the Martial Monarch Corpse without wasting any more time!

If they stayed two breaths longer, their presence would be erased by the Heavenly Fortune Path!

Every second mattered now!

The crowd stared with their eyes open wide, as the situation was completely beyond their expectations.

At that moment!


Longhu and Yu Luosha each spat out a mouthful of blood as their figures were knocked flying, causing their auras to drop rapidly.

Even with Jiang Bilan’s assistance, the overwhelming force of the ancient Martial Arts and artifacts had severely injured them!

“We’re running out of time…”

Jiang Bilan’s gaze became gloomy.

The time they had earned for Qin Nan had finished!

Following this...


Countless figures charged forward and crushed the undead into pieces.

After all, most of the undead were relatively weak in terms of cultivation.


“Someone is trying to stop Qin Nan!”

“We still have the chance to go for the other treasures!”

In the blink of an eye, the figures on the dojo had arrived like a horrifying army.

The two Martial Progenitors grabbed at the Martial Monarch Corpse.

Qin Nan was trapped.

Currently, within a single breath’s time, the period of utmost importance!

A single breath that would either turn into a heaven on Earth or a hell on Earth!

It was as if time had frozen.

The chance was lost!

At least, Qin Nan was not the one that would take the Martial Monarch Corpse!

“Damn, look at this Martial Monarch Corpse…”

The eyes of the Martial Progenitors were filled with excitement. As they reached out their hands, a powerful force burst out from the Martial Monarch Corpse. However, it was as if the Martial Progenitors had expected this beforehand, thus they were able to nullify the force with ease.

They had already expected to stumble into some sort into some sort of hindrance when they grabbed the Martial Monarch Corpse.

This was the reason why they had both charged toward it at the same time!

“From today onward, I’ll become a Martial Monarch! HAHAHA!”

The Martial Progenitors could not help but burst out laughing as their hands were inches away from their target.

A Martial Monarch!

They had dreamed of this for hundreds of years!

However, at that instant, Qin Nan’s eyes emitted a brilliant flicker.

“Heavenly Fortune Mouse! Do it!”


A tiny figure sprang toward the Martial Progenitors at a terrifying speed.

It was none other than the Heavenly Fortune Mouse!

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse wore a grin as it swung its paws at the two Martial Progenitors.

“You little bastard! You dare to stop us——”

The two Martial Progenitors became enraged and immediately unleashed their power.

However, a shocking sight took place.

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse was as fast as lightning. Before the two Martial Progenitors could make their moves, its paws struck them with a tremendous force.

The two Martial Progenitors were instantly dumbfounded. They did not expect the Heavenly Fortune Mouse to possess such an overwhelming power.

Following this...

The two Martial Progenitors could feel their figures flying backward at a rapid speed.

“The Martial Monarch Corpse——”

The two Martial Progenitors were immersed in great despair. After all this time scheming for it, their plan had failed at the hand of a mouse!

Meanwhile, a magical force began to absorb the two Martial Progenitors. They unconsciously took a glimpse at the source of it, causing their faces to turn pale white.

“F**k me!”

Their figures collided with the corpses of the Heavenly Fortune Hounds.

The corpses of the Heavenly Fortune Hounds emitted a brilliant glow, which devoured the figures of the Martial Progenitors in the blink of an eye!

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