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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 750


Chapter 750: 750

Chapter 750 - The Monarch’s Corpse

As most of the crowd were aware that the succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path was about to be activated, the atmosphere of the place immediately heated up, as a great pressure was applied to the cultivators.

“Qin Nan’s cultivation has grown stronger!”

“Not only him! Mu Tianxing, Jiang Feifan, Cheng Tiange, and the others are stronger too!”

“We have to work together!”

“Aye aye!”

The cultivators swiftly communicated with one another with their divine Sense.

They were aware that it was impossible for them to match the strength of the geniuses alone. The only way was to form an alliance!


Following an explosion, the magnificent palace at the end of the dojo became visible, emitting a magical glow. The terrifying formation protecting the entrance of the palace was torn apart as if it had been slashed by a sword.

Squeak, squeak….

The wooden door of the palace was slowly opened. Even with a tiny gap, a terrifying suppression burst out from it and immediately filled the dojo, causing the crowd to panic!

The succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path had appeared!

Squeak, squeak!

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse became extremely excited as if it were aware of something. The Martial Progenitors held their breaths and had their eyes open wide, not willing to miss out on any detail.

The door continued to be pulled open.

The speed of its opening was exceptionally slow, like the walking pace of a dying old man.

However, not a single noise was made!

The suppression covering the dojo caused the atmosphere of the place to intensify, as if a single spark would cause the entire place to blow up!


A rare phenomenon took place.

The opening speed of the giant door suddenly increased rapidly as if it had received some kind of stimulus, revealing the appearance of the hall behind it!

Countless black glows extended from the palace like waves of an ocean.

“The succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path is now fully activated.”

At that instant, a hoarse voice could be heard as an illusionary figure appeared out of nowhere, standing at the entrance of the palace. The figure turned out to be Madam Heavenly Fortune who had once appeared at the Crimson Blood Ocean!

“Now, children, allow me to introduce you to the treasures included in the succession.”

Madam Heavenly Fortune reached out her finger pointing at the right side of the palace and said, “Here, you will find treasures with slightly lower values. That being said, the Precedent Dream Flower is still quite valuable.”


Over a few hundred black glows burst out from the right side of the palace, which turned out to be stalks of herbs. Among the pile of herbs, one of them was an ashen grey petal, which felt like it had come to live.

The herb was the Precedent Dream Flower!

“The Precedent Dream Flower! It’s the Precedent Dream Flower!”

The crowd collected their thoughts and wore wore excited looks.

The one who acquired the flower!

Would be chosen as the disciple of the Mu Clan’s Patriarch!

The person’s status would experience a shocking change!

The disciples of the Mu Clan in particular were greatly astounded. This Precedent Dream Flower was really here at the Heavenly Fortune Path! Once they claimed its possession, they would be able to proceed with their plan!

“So this is what the Patriarch of the Mu Clan asked for…”

Qin Nan glimpsed at it without showing any interest.

He only needed one master in his life, thus the chance of becoming a disciple of the Mu Clan was nothing attractive in his eyes.

“Children, don’t be too excited yet. There are five other treasures, which are significantly more valuable than the Precedent Dream Flower. One could easily alter their destiny with them.” Madam Heavenly Fortune said with a hoarse voice, “Come, I’ll show you.”

Following her words, two brilliant golden glows were fired into the sky from the center of the palace, as if they were going to penetrate the clouds. A terrifying aura could be felt coming from above, which resulted in a heavy clap of thunder.

The crowd could only see two golden corpses;one sitting with its legs crossed while the other stood firmly.

It was as if time had frozen.

Even though only their corpses were left, the aura from each bone was telling the world...

How marvelous they used to be!

Even after their deaths, their existence still caused still caused the Heavens and Earth to tremble!

“These two corpses were left by half-Martial Monarchs. Once refined, it could alter your destiny, and as long as you’re alive, you will surely reach the Martial Progenitor Realm, or even have a chance of reaching the Martial Monarch Realm.” Madam Heavenly Fortune spoke with a calm voice.

However, the calm voice immediately stirred a great storm in the hearts of the crowd.

Corpses of half-Martial Monarchs!

Once refined, it would allow them to reach the Martial Progenitor Realm, or even grant them a chance to reach the Martial Progenitor Realm!

Even though it was only a possibility, most of them currently were entirely hopeless about reaching that far!

Meanwhile, the hearts of Mu Tianxing, Cheng Tiange, and Jiang Feifan began to race. If they were able to refine these corpses of half-Martial Monarchs, it would provide them with tremendous benefits, giving them an even greater chance of achieving the Martial Monarch Realm!

This was because they already had the chance to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm!

“Shit! Two half-Martial Monarch corpses! Qin Nan, no matter what it takes, you must get these corpses for us!” The two Martial Progenitors completely lost their minds.

With these half-Martial Monarch corpses...

They could come back to life and even surpass their previous cultivations!

“These two corpses are very useful indeed.”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with excitement. If he were able to refine the two corpses of half-Martial Monarchs, he could surely have a breakthrough in his cultivation!

in his cultivation!

“Look at yourselves, why the excitement? These corpses are still not the best loot.” Madam Heavenly Fortune exclaimed before she continued, “As for the remaining three treasures, I’ll show them to you at once. By acquiring any of these treasures, your future would be unimaginable.”


The black glows emitting from the palace entirely vanished.

The two half-Martial Monarch corpses immediately turned around facing the middle of the palace and slightly lowered their heads, as if...

They were paying their tributes!


The entire palace was shattered into pieces as a terrifying purple glow burst out from it, which dyed the entire dojo in a mystical purple color.


For once, Qin Nan was emotionally moved, as even his heart palpitated as he experienced the suppression.

The crowd was absolutely dumbfounded.

They could only see a corpse standing in the middle of the palace, and beside it were two corpses resembling the silhouettes of dogs.

However, everyone’s attention was fully attracted by the corpse in the middle.

Different than the corpses of half-Martial Monarchs, each of its bones were carved with mysterious runes, causing them to unleash an overwhelming power.

Most importantly, the moment it appeared, everything else became insignificant.

The hearts of the crowd were filled with an urge to bow their heads!

As if they had arrived before their king!

As if they were servants to the king!

This... was the corpse of a Martial Monarch!

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