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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 749


Chapter 749: 749

Chapter 749 - The Succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path

The refining process lasted for three hours.

Within this period, Qin Nan refined the Magic Scarlet Fruit into Magic Scarlet Force before merging it with his body.

After the period it took an incense to burn...


Qin Nan’s eyes sprang open all of a sudden.

A black mist spread out from his pores into the surroundings.

His body experienced a tremendous change;not only would he be able to unleash poisonous attacks, it was also impenetrable by all kinds of poison!

“How fascinating this is. I can’t even measure my own strength now…”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with excitement.

If previously he would need to use all of his strength to defeat a third-layer Martial Highness Realm Light-Shaking Progenitor, he would only need seven-tenths of his force now!

“You’ve recovered?”

Qin Nan glanced at Yu Luosha and realized that her aura had significantly stabilized. However, Qin Nan could also feel that a severe damage had been inflicted to Yu Luosha’s soul, which was impossible to recover from in a short period of time.


Before Yu Luosha could speak, a series of explosions could be heard.

The two immediately turned their heads toward the noise.

Unknowingly, the altar had been torn apart by a rift, from which a magical force flowed out and formed a giant door!

The door was able to teleport them to a different place!

“I believe we will arrive at the place where the succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path is located once we enter the door!” Qin Nan glanced at Yu Luosha and said, “Let’s go!”

Yu Luosha nodded. The duo immediately entered the door.


A while later, their figures arrived at another place.

Qin Nan immediately scanned his surroundings and was left in awe.

They were currently at a dark blue dojo, covering an area with the circumference of a hundred li. The dojo was empty, causing one to feel a sense of emptiness just by looking at it.

What was the meaning of this?

Wasn’t this where the succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path was located? Why was it empty?

Squeak, squeak!

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse jumped out from his body and fired a magical glow from its mouth into the void in front of the dojo. The space immediately twisted like ripples as a layer of mist appeared out of nowhere. Within the mist stood a magnificent palace.

“It was hidden here all along?”

Qin Nan was surprised. He immediately unleashed his left eye of the divine God of Battle and saw a powerful formation that was protecting the entrance to the palace. The aura of the formation was similar to a deep ocean with an immeasurable depth, indicating that it would unleash a terrifying power once it was activated.


The Heavenly Fortune Mouse raised its paws and performed performed hand gestures.

“Are you saying that we should wait for the others to come out from the succession grounds before the succession is activated?” Qin Nan’s eyes flickered as he observed the Heavenly Fortune Mouse’s actions.

He finally realized the structure of the Heavenly Fortune Path!

The Heavenly Fortune Path was similar to an ant’s nest, with many paths leading to the center.

The succession grounds were all trials instead!

Once they passed their trials, they would arrive at the end and compete for the succession!

“Exactly what I’m looking for!”

Qin Nan exhaled deeply as a strong emotion burst out from his gaze.

“Are you alright?” Yu Luosha was given a great scare. She did not understand why such a strong battle intent would burst out from Qin Nan’s body all of a sudden.

Little did she know that Qin Nan was desperately looking for a worthy battle!

He had yet to find a worthy opponent since he had reached the divine Battle Martial Highness Realm!

“I’m fine.” QIn Nan shook his head and withheld the desire to battle in his heart. He suddenly turned his head in a certain direction and said, “Someone is coming!”

Just as he had mentioned, a door appeared on the dojo and few figures dropped out from it.

“Jiang Bilan, screw you, I’ll never forgive you——”

A familiar voice could be heard, who was none other than Longhu.

Jiang Bilan wore an expressionless face under face under the black robe, ignoring Longhu’s presence as usual.

As for the other cultivators, their gazes toward Jiang Bilan were filled with deep respect. Previously at the succession ground, the strength that this woman had displayed had left a long-lasting impression in their hearts.

“Mm? Qin Nan?”

Jiang Bilan’s eyes flickered as she saw Qin Nan.

“Qin Nan? Yo Qin Nan! Time to serve justice! This Jiang Bilan has taken all the loot from the succession ground!” Longhu immediately complained as if he had found his savior. He was absolutely devastated, as Jiang Bilan had taken all the treasures since they had arrived at the succession ground.

Not even a single corpse of the beasts was left!

Qin Nan’s expression darkened. Why did this Longhu always have all sorts of complaints wherever he went?

On second thought, this idiot seemed to be out of luck all the time.


Six doors appeared all of a sudden.

Countless geniuses began to walk out from the doors and gather on the Dark Blue Dojo. The place was instantly crowded with close to a hundred people.

Mu Tianxing, the other three disciples of the Mu Clan and Jiang Feifan were among the crowd too.

They were currently feeling great as they had managed to acquire the most precious loot from the succession grounds they were appointed to!

Besides, their strengths had improved too!

“Hopefully that Qin Nan was killed in the one-starred succession ground…”

one-starred succession ground…”

As a sudden thought crossed their minds, their faces darkened while cursing in their hearts, before they glanced at the crowd.

Until now, they still could not accept the fact that Qin Nan was permitted to enter the one-starred succession ground without doing anything!

That wasn’t fair!

“Mm? Qin Nan?”

As they turned around, their expressions immediately stiffened when they saw the familiar figure.

“Qin Nan!”

“It’s Qin Nan! He has come out from the one-starred succession ground!”

Gasp, the loot inside the two-starred succession grounds was already mind-blowing, which means the loot inside the one-starred succession ground is even better! This Qin Nan already possessed a terrifying strength at the beginning, I wonder how strong he is now!”

The crowd was astounded.

Many among them who had initially felt pleasant immediately wore stern faces, while those who were feeling unpleasant were even more devastated.


Another succession of explosions occurred.

The remaining doors appeared one after another, with countless figures stepping out from them and landing on the dojo.

In other words, the trials of the eighteen succession grounds had come to an end!

The people here were the ones that had passed their respective trials!


Qin Nan withdrew his gaze after taking a glimpse at Mu Tianxing’s crew. His eyes emitted a sharp gaze.

The succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path...

Was finally going to be activated!

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