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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 748


Chapter 748: 748

Chapter 748 - Following the Path of a Legend

As Yu Luosha’s figure began to fall from the sky, Qin Nan stomped off the ground and caught her in his arms without hesitation.


Qin Nan glanced at her ashen face and let out a wry smile, “Is it really worth it? I could easily deal with the Light-Shaking Progenitor myself.”

“It’s fine, I just want to help you.” Yu Luosha regained her balance and blinked her eyes as she said, “Who asked you to be my Junior Brother?”

Qin Nan was startled, as he recalled the scene of the past.

At Duanmu Peak of the Qinglong Sacred Area, his First Senior Brother Zhao Fang had smilingly approached him while the surrounding disciples glanced at him with strange looks on their faces.

Qin Nan’s figure subconsciously shivered.

It was impossible for him to accept Zhao Fang’s feelings.

“It’s fine, just see me as a friend.” Yu Luosha was aware of the subtle reaction from Qin Nan, causing her to hold her breath for a short period of time, before she smilingly said, “Go ahead and refine the Magic Scarlet Fruit. I’ll replenish my strength first.”

Saying this, she sat down with her legs crossed.


Qin Nan let out a sigh and shook his head.

Even though what Yu Luosha did had brought warmth to his heart, things like feelings were not something that could be imposed on someone. Therefore, it was impossible for him to change his mind.

“I owe you a great favor. I’ll surely repay your kindness in the future.”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself and switched his gaze onto the Magic Scarlet Fruit.

He had initially been planning to give the fruit to Yu Luosha, but judging from her attitude, there was no way she would accept it.


Qin Nan exhaled deeply and adjusted his thoughts.

“Magic Scarlet Fruit, since you’re the treasure in this one-starred succession ground, are you willing to follow me from today onward?” Qin Nan’s aura changed tremendously as if he had transformed into the divine God of Battle, imperiously gazing down on all things.

“Qin Nan, screw you, didn’t we say we’d split the loot in half! How could you hog it! You’re not being sincere! Hurry up and slash that fruit in half——”

The two Martial Progenitors burst out screaming.

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse wore a ferocious look, as if it were trying to say, You dare to make noise again and I’ll gnaw you to death!

“F**k! How dare you filthy mouse stare at us like that!”

The two Martial Progenitors became enraged.

Son of a b*tch, Qin Nan not keeping his promise was devastating enough, but even this mouse dared to bully them too!

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse wore a furious look and began to squeak, as if it were cursing at them.

Two men and one mouse instantly declared war against each other!

Qin Nan ignored them straight away. He had always kept his promises, but it was impossible impossible to split the Magic Scarlet Fruit.

“Kid, don’t you dare control me with your suppression! Even though I’m extremely unwilling to, to be honest, according to the rules of the succession grounds, you’ve passed the trial by killing the Light-Shaking Progenitor! Therefore, before I change my mind, hurry up and open up your divine Sense!”

The Magic Scarlet Fruit transmitted its voice into Qin Nan’s mind with a great hint of unwillingness.

Since it was a rare product of the Heavens and Earth, even if it were going to be refined by a cultivator, it would at least want to follow a peerless hero!

Therefore, this kid before it was entirely not qualified to be its master!

“Is that so? Well, come and try me out…”

Qin Nan wore a grin. He had initially planned to tell the Magic Scarlet Fruit the truth, but seeing his attitude, there was no need for him to do so.

It would determine if he were the right candidate after trying him out!


The Magic Scarlet Fruit transformed into a beam of light and penetrated Qin Nan’s forehead into his divine Sense.

“The everlasting Heavens and Earth, I shall now turn into a Martial Spirit…” A brilliant glow was emitted from the Magic Scarlet Fruit.

It was going to turn itself into a Martial Spirit!

However, after being aware of something nearby, its voice came to a halt as its eyes were filled with astonishment.

F**k me!

What the hell was this?

Why would such a such a terrifying mirror stay inside the kid’s divine Sense!

Its presence alone can even suppress my aura!

“It seems like the kid is not as simple as I thought.”

The Magic Scarlet Fruit murmured and finally felt better now. Following this, the fruit exploded as it turned into a puff of black mist.

The mist was extremely magical, as if it could surpass the limits of the Heavens and Earth.


The mist immediately ventured deep into Qin Nan’s soul.

It was going to destroy Qin Nan’s Martial Spirit and replace its spot!

However, the moment it saw the divine Battle Spirit, it dropped its jaws.


A first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit?

This kid had a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

What was going on here? Since when was such a peerless genius born in the Eastern Continent?

“HAHAHA! Kid, no wonder you are so confident! You have a Tian ranked Martial Spirit! Very well! You are definitely worthy to be accepted by me now! I’ll now grant your Martial Spirit a new ability!” The Magic Scarlet Fruit burst out laughing.

A hero worthy of a fortunate encounter!


The mist immediately sprang toward the divine Battle Spirit. However, a shocking occurrence took place!

The bulky divine Battle Spirit opened its eyes after being aware of the outsider’s presence!

Be gone!

At that instant, it was as if the words were uttered in an explosive manner!

A terrifying suppression burst out from the divine Battle Spirit!


This time, the voice of the voice of the Magic Scarlet Fruit was accompanied by fear.

At that moment, it felt like it had just seen a real God!

Before it could react, a tremendous force burst out from the divine Battle Spirit, which knocked the mist that was the current form of the Magic Scarlet Fruit into Qin Nan’s body.

Trying to merge with the divine Battle Spirit?

You’re not worthy enough to do so!

“As expected, it’s impossible for the Magic Scarlet Fruit to merge with the divine Battle Spirit. I guess I’ll just refine it with my flesh…”

Qin Nan was not surprised at all as he witnessed the whole sequence of events. He immediately trapped the mist with his divine Sense and absorbed it into his body to prevent the Magic Scarlet Fruit from trying to merge with his eye, or his arms, etc. and ended up triggering the repercussions of the divine Battle Spirit.

This time, the Magic Scarlet Fruit did not show any resistance and let Qin Nan refine it as he wished.

However, prior to the process, it was still puzzled by a question.

This kid...

Who exactly was he?

No one was able to answer its question, as it completely became a part of Qin Nan in the next moment.

Countless years later, if the Magic Scarlet Fruit still possessed some sort of intelligence, it would realize that it had ended up following a peerless legend whose name resonated in the entire Nine Heavens!

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