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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 747


Chapter 747: 747

Chapter 747 - Longyang Recitation1

Although the aura was not that of the Martial Sacred Realm, it was rising rapidly in a mysterious manner. In the blink of an eye, it was as strong as the Martial Sacred Realm, and even surpassed the third-layer Martial Sacred Realm of the Light-Shaking Progenitor!

Qin Nan was startled.

He did not expect Yu Luosha to volunteer herself at this moment.

Even though Yu Luosha had altered her destiny, she only possessed a ninth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, and her strength was not too remarkable. However, by executing such a powerful move, it was most likely that she was sacrificing something precious as the price!


Qin Nan shook his head and said, but before he could finish, Yu Luosha’s figure had dashed forward.


Yu Luosha stomped the ground and dashed toward the Light-Shaking Progenitor at lightning speed. Peach Blossom petals appeared from her back and filled the area, turning the succession ground into a sea of petals!

“Who would have thought that you had mastered a forbidden art like this! However, I’m the Light-Shaking Progenitor! Do you really think you can stand a chance against me!” The Light-Shaking Progenitor uttered a blasting roar.

A glow began to surface from his body, which swayed like a boat on the ocean.

Light-shaking, light-shaking, the power to shake light.

Don’t underestimate the slightest shake, as each time the light is shaken, a terrifying aura is produced!

“The universe with no end, the light-shaking vessel roams within the void!”

The Light-Shaking Progenitor unleashed his strongest move and fired beams of light that encapsulated Yu Luosha’s figure, which formed a giant ship that swayed softly, aiming to shatter Yu Luosha’s body into pieces.

“An old friend from the South.”

Yu Luosha remained calm as she held her hands together and let out a sigh.


The sigh contained countless emotions, which materialized before him in an unbelievable manner. At that instant, the light-shaking vessel exploded into pieces as if it had just received a terrifying attack. Even an illusionary figure could not escape from the attack.

“What kind of force is this——”

The Light-Shaking Progenitor’s eyes widened. Despite being knowledgeable, he had never seen such a strange ability!

“The affinity in the North is long gone.”

Yu Luosha pushed her hands forward.


It felt like a surging flood had sprung into the sky, crushing down onto the Light-Shaking Progenitor’s figure.

The face of the Light-Shaking Progenitor turned pale white. The force of the attack was strong enough to crush his body!

“Shadow Intangible Steps!”

The Light-Shaking Progenitor snapped as his figure transformed into a beam of light and dodged the attack!


A rapid piercing sound could be heard as the figure of the Light-Shaking Progenitor appeared behind Yu Luosha with a light sword in his hand, thrusting it at her head.

The speed of the attack was faster than light!


Qin Nan was startled, but before he could react...

“I ask the world what love is."

Yu Luosha continued continued to utter the words with a calm expression, which transformed into a tremendous force that was emitted from her back, colliding with Light-Shaking Progenitor’s figure!

“Crap!” The Light-Shaking Progenitor was shocked, and instantly withdrew his attack and moved in another direction, barely dodging the attack. However, his figure was still affected by the impact, which knocked him quite a few steps backward.

“It makes death a beauty, as long as we are together.”


At that instant, countless petals appeared from the void, each containing a powerful force. As the petals crossed paths with one another, an explosion took place, destroying everything within its area of effect.

Using a poem as a killing blow!

This was the power of Yu Luosha!

“Light-Shaking secret technique, extreme sorrows turn to joy!”

The Light-Shaking Progenitor immediately uttered a roar when he sensed the approaching danger. He spat out a mouthful of blood and performed hand seals. Following this, countless illusionary figures were summoned from his body.

For every petal, there would be an illusionary figure resisting it!

Countering the attack with an attack!

“HAHAHA! I have to admit that it’s impressive enough that you are able to display such an outstanding strength with a mere cultivation of the peak Martial Highness Realm. However, even if you two were to attack together, I’m still undefeatable! At least, there’s no way you can defeat me within a hundred breaths’ time!”

The Light-Shaking Progenitor burst out laughing.

There were only ten breaths remaining!

Now that he had executed his forbidden his forbidden technique, how was it possible for him to be defeated within the next ten breaths?

When the time limit ended, the Soul-Inspection Road would break free from the suppression of the Magic Scarlet Fruit, which meant that he would be able to kill Qin Nan and this filthy b*tch!

The Magic Scarlet Fruit let out a mournful cry as if it were aware that the time was running out.

Despite its immeasurable effort, in the end, it still failed to escape from its enemy!


However, at that instant, Yu Luosha’s face became extremely pale as she performed her final hand seal.

The poem she recited was not the attack!

It was the prelude of the Longyang Recitation!

Using the poem as a trigger!

Using her soul as the sacrifice!

To summon the Longyang Emperor!


At the last moment, countless petals swirled around like a tornado, before a magnificent figure stepped out from it!

The figure was androgynous, with a seducing yet imperious aura. His elegance was indescribable, yet his aura was extremely terrifying!

“How is this possible——”

The Light-Shaking Progenitor’s face became ashen.


How was this possibly a move executed by a peak Martial Highness Realm cultivator?

No matter what sacrifice she had made, there was no way she could unleash such a terrifying attack!


The magnificent figure made his move.

It was as if the Heavens and Earth had begun to crumble, as if the world was on the verge of collapsing!

The power of the attack entirely exceeded attack entirely exceeded everyone’s imagination!


The Light-Shaking Progenitor stared with his eyes open wide. Seconds before his death, he subconsciously executed various moves to try and defend himself, but they were instantly destroyed. He even saw his body being destroyed inch by inch, until his final breath was gone!

His mind was utterly confused.

He had never thought about the possibility of his death after coming up with the plan, not to mention that he had died in the hands of a peak Martial Highness...

How had this happened?

Before he could find an answer, he was devoured by the darkness.

The Light-Shaking Progenitor had fallen!

His life had reached its end with the conspiracy he had planned!


A series of rapid explosions took place.

The Soul-Inspection Road floating in the air began to break into pieces as if it was struck with a terrifying blow.

Since the artifact was refined using the Light-Shaking Progenitor’s cultivation, its destruction was inevitable the moment the Light-Shaking Progenitor fell to his death!


Qin Nan was left speechless.

Did Yu Luosha actually kill the Light-Shaking Progenitor? All of a sudden, he realized something and raised his head immediately, before his face became ashen.

“Yu Luosha!”

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: Longyang here refers to being homose*ual in Chinese, a term that originated from the person with the name Longyang, who was involved in the first homose*ual relationship recorded in ancient Chinese writing (Intrigues of the Warring States).


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