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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 746


Chapter 746: 746

Chapter 746 - Let Me Handle It


Qin Nan and Yu Luosha were stunned.

Murong Xue was the Light-Shaking Progenitor’s ally. Why would he thank them instead after she had been killed?

“Are you confused? Look carefully! HAHAHA!”

The Light-Shaking Progenitor burst out laughing as he clenched his fists and crushed Murong Xue’s corpse into pieces, causing blood to splatter everywhere. He then grabbed the blood in his hands and tossed it into the air, which formed a mysterious blood formation.

“Blood Demon Formation! Suppress!”

As the Light-Shaking Progenitor performed a hand seal, the formation immediately crushed downward onto the Magic Scarlet Fruit!


The Magic Scarlet Fruit immediately unleashed a shocking aura trying to destroy the blood formation as if it were aware of its threat.

The Light-Shaking Progenitor wore a cold grin.


An explosion took place.

The shocking aura from the Magic Scarlet Fruit was knocked away by the blood formation. Following this, the blood formation instantly broke into pieces, turning into pitch-black blood that poured down onto the fruit and produced a crackling noise, resulting in a bone-chilling sight.

Qin Nan instantly discovered the aura of the Magic Scarlet Fruit was weakening at a rapid pace!

“Could it be…”

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization, causing his eyes to be filled with astonishment.

Light-Shaking Progenitor!

How cunning was he!

“Hehe, did you realize?”

The Light-Shaking Progenitor turned toward Qin Nan with a prideful expression.

All of this was a part of his plan. He had formed an alliance with Murong Xue and the pact between them was real too, but the moment Qin Nan had arrived at this one-starred succession ground, he already knew that Murong Xue was unable to match Qin Nan’s strength.

Therefore, the reason he let Murong Xue fight Qin Nan was to get herself killed instead.

Once Murong Xue was dead, he could use her blood to construct a blood formation to inflict severe damage onto the Magic Scarlet Fruit, allowing him to claim its possession!

“I have to admit that you’re good at scheming. Even I failed to see through it, but…”

Qin Nan’s expression returned normal as a shocking battle intent burst out from his eyes.

“Do you really think that was the end of it? Return!”

The Light-Shaking Progenitor waved his hand.


Following a shocking explosion, Qin Nan immediately saw the long and tedious Soul-Inspection Road rise into the sky while emitting a tremendous aura.

The Soul-Inspection Road was an artifact!

“No no no, it isn’t a mere artifact, it’s my...cultivation!”

The smile on the Light-Shaking Progenitor’s face grew wider.

That was right!

The Soul-Inspection Road was his cultivation!

He had once been a Martial Progenitor, but how had his cultivation dropped so much? A long time ago, he had snuck into the Heavenly Fortune Path, but despite being protected by a powerful artifact, his presence was still rejected by the Heavenly Fortune Path, thus his cultivation of the Martial Progenitor Realm was completely useless. As such, he had decided to sacrifice his cultivation and refine it it into an artifact!

Therefore, he was able to control the number of people required to cross the Soul-Inspection Road!

He had purposely said that four living people were required to bait them all here!


The Magic Scarlet Fruit began to struggle by unleashing a terrifying force, causing the darkness surrounding it to be dyed red!

“Hehe, it seems like this blood formation is not strong enough! What a coincidence, I initially thought only one person would enter this one-starred succession ground, but there were an extra two people. It seems like I will need to enhance the power of the blood formation by sacrificing your lives too!”

The gaze of the Light-Shaking Progenitor became hideous.

He took a step forward.

The Soul-Inspection Road behind him moved at the same time, shrouding the Heavens and Earth while unleashing a magnificent aura.

Qin Nan and Yu Luosha felt tiny standing before the Soul-Inspection Road. After all, the Light-Shaking Progenitor had sacrificed his cultivation to refine it, thus although it was not a Monarch Weapon, it was stronger than a half-Monarch Weapon!

“What an impressive conspiracy, as expected of a Martial Progenitor! However, I do have a question;why would you bother baiting us here? You could have killed us straight away and used our blood to construct the blood formation and the outcome will still be the same. Why the effort doing it this way?”

Qin Nan asked with a calm expression.

“It’s because I’ve snuck in here! If I were to unleash my cultivation outside the cave, the cave, my existence would be erased by the Heavenly Fortune Path! However, since I’ve arrived at the succession ground, the Heavenly Fortune Path would no longer restrict my strength here! Qin Nan, die!”

For some reason, the Light-Shaking Progenitor was willing to answer Qin Nan’s question.

Following this, the power of the Soul-Inspection Road was entirely unleashed!

“I see…”

Qin Nan found the answers to his doubts. His eyes emitted a sharp gaze.

At the last moment, he glanced at the Magic Scarlet Fruit!

“I know you have some kind of intelligence, and it’s most likely that you’re not willing to be devoured by a guy like him. If that’s the case, help me resist the Soul-Inspection Road for a hundred breaths’ time, and I’ll kill him in return!”

Qin Nan transmitted his voice.

The Magic Scarlet Fruit shuddered.

The words had hit the nail on the head.

If it were willing to accept the Light-Shaking Progenitor, why hadn’t it let him claim its possession?


A shocking aura burst out from the Magic Scarlet Fruit, as a brilliant red glow was fired, which transformed into two giant hands that grabbed the Soul-Inspection Road, preventing it from moving.


It was as if the Magic Scarlet Fruit were uttering a roar.

It did so to remind Qin Nan, You only have a hundred breath’s time!


The Light-Shaking Progenitor did not expect the Magic Scarlet Fruit would sacrifice its power in order to restrain the movement of the Soul-Inspection Road!

“Could it be…”

The Light-Shaking Progenitor glanced downward.

Progenitor glanced downward.

“Light-Shaking Progenitor, I’m impressed with your scheming ability! Only one person that I know is comparable with you!”


“Have you heard this before;a single change could break ten thousand plans?

“No matter how good your plans are! No matter how complicated your conspiracy is! They are nothing before an overwhelming strength!”

Qin Nan let out a deafening roar.

Since he had ranked up to the divine Battle Martial Highness Realm, it was his first time fully unleashing his battle intent!

He grabbed his right arm with his left arm!

He was going to draw the saber out!

Draw out the Heaven-Shattering Saber to shatter the Heavens!

“Overwhelming strength? Even if the Soul-Inspection Road is being restrained, there’s no way you could kill me in such a short period of time!”

The Light-Shaking Progenitor burst out laughing. In his eyes, Qin Nan was only having his final struggle!

He was aware that the Soul-Inspection Road would only be restrained for a hundred breaths’ time!

Trying to kill him within this period of time?

What a joke!

However, a sudden change took place.


A smooth hand suddenly grabbed Qin Nan’s figure and dragged him away.

“You…” Qin Nan was startled.

What was Yu Luosha trying to do?”

“You will need to compete for the succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path later, save your energy,” Yu Luosha said with a calm expression, “Let me handle this guy…”


A tremendous aura burst out from Yu Luosha’s body!

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