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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 744


Chapter 744: 744

Chapter 744 - Soul-Inspection Road

“It seems like the Heavenly Fortune Path has experienced some extraordinary change.” The eyes of the Light-Shaking Progenitor flickered. However, whether it be one, two, or three people, it doesn’t really matter.

“Qin Nan? You’re here!”

Yu Luosha blurted out with excitement. Meanwhile, Murong Xue’s eyes flickered with envy. She had tried her best to reach this one-starred succession ground, but Qin Nan did not even need to do anything.

“This is…”

The women immediately noticed the Light-Shaking Progenitor’s presence. Before they could ask, their bodies shivered vigorously. This place was unusually cold. They immediately executed their Martial Arts to resist the cold.

“This is the Light-Shaking Progenitor.”

Qin Nan introduced with a calm expression.

A strange succession ground and this mysterious Light-Shaking Progenitor. The best thing to do now was to patiently bide his time.

Yu Luosha remained calm, but Morong Xue’s eyes flickered with astonishment and looked the Light-Shaking Progenitor up and down a few times consecutively.

“Guys, let’s skip the unnecessary talk. By now, you should have noticed the treasures scattered everywhere in this place, with great dangers hidden behind them.” The Light-Shaking Progenitor spoke, “I wasn’t able to deal with the forbidding aura by myself, but with the four of us, we would have a chance to get out from here and claim the succession.”

“So I assume you’re asking us to form an alliance?”

Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh and said while squinting eyes, “Pardon me for being forward, but even a Martial Progenitor like you is stuck in this place. How do us four working together help the situation? If you’re asking us to be your allies, you have to be honest with us.”

“There’s something you should know.” The Light-Shaking Progenitor was not infuriated, but spoke with a calm tone, “This place is called the Valley of Despair, and deep inside there is a road called the Soul-Inspection Road. The road is incredibly strange. The forbidding aura only stops working when four living people are walking on it.”

“Soul-Inspection Road?”

The trio was stunned.

Qin Nan reacted swiftly. The words of the Light-Shaking Progenitor were nothing but lies. The Soul-Inspection Road required four living people to walk on it, and including himself and Yu Luosha and Murong Xue, that was exactly four people. How would there be such a coincidence?

“If you don’t believe, come and take a look yourself.”

The Light-Shaking Progenitor remained calm seeing the reaction of the trio.

“Sure thing…” Qin Nan immediately accepted the suggestion. Whether it be the truth or a lie, he could easily find the answers with his left eye of the divine God of Battle.”

“This lady, you look like my old friend in the past. Do you mind keeping me company along the journey?” The Light-Shaking Progenitor suddenly turned toward Murong Xue and said with a gentle voice.

“I’m sorry.” To their surprise, Murong Xue ran ran her fingers through her hair and winked at Qin Nan, before saying, “I don’t like doing that. Us three will stick together.”

Saying this, she seized the opportunity and leaned against Qin Nan’s shoulder, as if her body had suddenly lost support.

“You’d better stay half-a-zhang away from me. Otherwise, you’ll die!”

Qin Nan gave Murong Xue a cold glare. His left eye of the divine God of Battle was able to see through her intention. She had secretly executed a mind-seducing skill the moment she had approached him. If he had been one second slower, he would have been influenced by the mind-seducing skill.

“You——” Murong Xue’s figure stiffened as she spoke with a grudge as if she were not aware of her cunning move, “You’re the peerless genius of the Eastern Continent. It’s not like I can control my affection toward you. Why won’t you give me a chance?”

Her expression became dim. Most people would pity her upon seeing her reaction.


Qin Nan’s eyes emitted a shocking murderous intent.

“Friend, aren’t you going a little bit too far?” The Light-Shaking Progenitor stood before Murong Xue and wore a sharp gaze, “You should deal with your personal affairs once we’ve passed the Soul-Inspection Road. Now, let’s pretend it didn’t happen, how does that sound?”

Qin Nan withdrew his murderous aura and nodded.

“Let’s go…”

The Light-Shaking Progenitor immediately led the way without saying anything further. Meanwhile, Murong Xue let out a sigh and sigh and followed behind the Light-Shaking Progenitor with a gloomy expression.

“These two have colluded with one another. We must be careful.”

Qin Nan whispered to Yu Luosha as he nonchalantly followed them.

He had purposely unleashed his murderous aura to test their reactions.


Yu Luosha nodded absent-mindedly. The young man in the past had now become a reliable man.

The group of four proceeded forward in silence.


Roars of beasts could be heard coming from ahead. Following this, several poisonous beasts appeared and attacked them. The same as before, the Light-Shaking Progenitor swung the tree branch and slew the beasts with a single slash.

As they ventured deeper, the cultivation of the beasts became even stronger. Some of them had reached the second-layer Martial Sacred Realm.

The group continued to clear the path and press forward. A while later, the Light-Shaking Progenitor halted his movement.

“Here is it! This is the Soul-Inspection Road!”

Qin Nan glanced ahead.

He could see a cave covered in darkness, and from it a formidable magical force lingered. A boulder could be seen close to the entrance of the cave, carved with three ancient words: Soul-Inspection Road!

“Something is fishy about this place…”

Qin Nan pondered after taking a glimpse. Through his left eye of the divine God of Battle, he had discovered that the forbidding aura of the Soul-Inspection Road was formed naturally in a balanced manner without any cores.

In other words, normally Qin Nan would be able would be able to crack a forbidding aura with a tap, but he could not destroy the forbidding aura of the Soul-Inspection Road despite the fact that he could see through it.

The reason being that every spot of the forbidding aura was its weakness, which also meant that it had no weakness.

“Cultivator, go and have a try.” The Light-Shaking Progenitor glanced at Qin Nan.


Qin Nan set foot onto the Soul-Inspection Road!


A tremendous force was awoken deep inside the cave, which felt like a giant ferocious beast.

Even Qin Nan was shocked, as the force completely exceeded the limit he could endure.


Yu Luosha landed on the Soul-Inspection Road as well. However, the force increased instead of reducing.

“This Soul-Inspection Road is very strange indeed. It can only be crossed when four living people step on it…”

The Light-Shaking Progenitor said and exchanged glances with Murong Xue, before they both landed on the Soul-Inspection Road.

At that instant, the force instantly disappeared.

The forbidding aura of the Soul-Inspection Road had stopped operating.

“Was this Light-Shaking Progenitor really speaking the truth?”

Qin Nan was stunned.

Him, Yu Luosha, Murong Xue, and the Light-Shaking Progenitor were just enough when put together. Had the Heavenly Fortune Path purposely arranged for this to happen?

Interesting, very interesting.

Qin Nan’s lips curled upward.

He glanced at the Light-Shaking Progenitor, as his right arm began to turn restless.

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