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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 741


Chapter 741: 741

Chapter 741 - Cross the Gates of Hell, Speak to the King of Hell!

As the crowd was immersed in great shock, a series of explosions could be heard. The entire place began to shake vigorously.

“What’s going on?”

The crowd immediately checked their surroundings.


In the blink of an eye, the color of the place had changed. The sky was black, the ground was black, while bone-chilling winds swept the place, causing the crowd to shiver.


Following the explosions, gaps began to appear on the ground, revealing large holes that were covered in darkness, from which countless skeletons wearing armor plates crawled out. Each of the skeletons possessed a cultivation of the first-layer Martial Highness Realm.

In the blink of an eye, an army of skeletons had appeared, with a total of over a hundred thousand of them.

“What are those?”

Qin Nan’s left eye emitted a brilliant purple glow.

He was able to see ten black paths appearing behind the army of skeletons, leading straight up into the sky, where faint outlines of a palace could be seen.

“Martial Sacred Realm experts!”

Qin Nan immediately sensed a terrifying presence deep within the palace, breathing at a steady pace.

“Hehe, Qin Nan! Here’s your chance! You will find the fortunes of the Heavens once you cross the Gates of Hell and speak to the King of Hell! Get past these skeletons as quick as you can and head straight to the palace. The first thousand people will have the chance to venture deeper, while the rest can only enter the places with fewer benefits…”

The Martial Progenitors smiled. The scene was extremely familiar to them.

They were left clueless for almost half a day before finding their way out when they had first attempted it.

“I see! Jiang Bilan, Longhu, follow me!”

Qin Nan transmitted his voice to Jiang Bilan. He had never broken his promise.

The crowd immediately saw Qin Nan and two other figures charging straight toward the army of skeletons.

Meanwhile, among the crowd, a woman was wearing a dull expression.

“Yu Luosha, what are you waiting for? Follow up!”

A voice appeared in her mind.

Yu Luosha was taken by surprise, before her gaze became joyful, as she immediately chased after Qin Nan. It seemed like he had never forgotten about her;at least, they were still friends.

“Follow Qin Nan!”

Luan Feng and Di Fengyun uttered a roar, commanding the geniuses of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom.

“Qin Nan surely knows something! We should follow him too!”

The disciples of the Mu Clan and the three geniuses immediately reacted.

Murong Xue stared at Yu Luosha’s back. Her eyes flickered coldly. This woman seemed to be related to Qin Nan?

The crowd immediately advanced forward with their auras unleashed.

Amongst them, the one with the lowest cultivation was at the third-layer Martial Highness Realm, with the highest being the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm. Even Martial Sacred Realm experts would avoid such an army consisting of over ten thousand Martial Highnesses.

The army of skeletons was instantly trampled to death by the cultivators.

“Qin Nan’s strength is outstanding, in my opinion, we should…”

Meanwhile, Mu Tianxing whispered into the ears of Jiang Feifan, Cheng Tiange, and Murong Xue. Even though he was unwilling to, he could not help but but admit that Qin Nan’s strength was extremely terrifying!

If they continued to underestimate him, they would surely be defeated!

As such, they had no choice but to form an alliance!


The three geniuses instantly agreed. Allying with the Mu Clan would not bring any harm to them.

“I’ll attack first and delay his movement!”

Jiang Feifan responded, before he sprang into the sky with his arms wide open, firing countless silver threads at the skeletons, bringing them under his control. He then directed them to focus on attacking Qin Nan.

“Well done!” Cheng Tiange and the others cheered.

Under such circumstances, nothing else mattered. Dealing with Qin Nan was their first priority!

“Skeletons Ignite! Charge!”

Jiang Feifan let out a grin as he saw Qin Nan continued to move forward without being aware of his attack. Flames began to spread from the tip of his fingers along the silver threads toward the skeletons, causing them to be engulfed in flames, which further boosted their strength!

Thousands of burning skeletons uttered cries as they charged in Qin Nan’s direction.

Cheng Tiange, Mu Tianxing, and the others exchanged glances with one another and nodded. They instantly sped up and surrounded Qin Nan together with the skeletons and immediately attacked to hinder his movements!

“I’ll handle it——” Jiang Bilan’s eyes emitted a black puff of smoke.


Qin Nan’s purple hair danced wildly as a terrifying purple glow burst out from his body. It was as if the glow contained a tremendous power, which shattered the skeletons into ashes.

The power of the flesh of the divine Battle Martial Highness!

“Such terrifying flesh!” Cheng Tiange, Mu Tianxing, and the others were once were once again astounded.

Jiang Feifan’s expression became dark instantly. He had been planning to show off his skills, but to his surprise, Qin Nan had instantly destroyed his move.


A deafening roar penetrated the sky.

The crowd subconsciously raised their heads in the midst of the battle and saw a black-robed woman unleashing a formidable aura that encapsulated the figures of Cheng Tiange’s crew.

“Who is she? Her cultivation is not weaker than ours…”

Mu Tiancheng wore a dark face.

Qin Nan’s cultivation was already outstanding enough. Where did he find all these helpers!

However, before he could finish his words...

“It doesn’t matter! We will surely defeat them!”

Jiang Feifan uttered a roar and raised his morale once again.

“In the name of the Death Emperor!”

“All dead beings will hear my command!”

“Surround these seven people at once. If anyone is able to slay them, I’ll reward them greatly!”

The words felt like they came from an ancient statute.

Death Emperor, the Art of Controlling Dead Beings!

Following this, the skeletons halted for a moment as if they had just heard the command of their emperor, causing them to turn toward Cheng Tiange and his crew.


It was as if a horn had been blown.

The skeletons changed directions and lunged at their targets with tremendous murderous intent.


Mu Tianxing’s crew was terrified.

Damn it!

She was able to control all the dead beings!

The crowd was startled, before they happily bypassed the skeletons and proceeded forward. Meanwhile, Qin Nan continued to move forward and soon arrived at one of the paths.

Sob sob sob...

Gusts of chilly wind were summoned together with floating human-figured with floating human-figured spirits, each with a cultivation of the third-layer Martial Highness Realm.

“Beware, they’re evil spirits. Be careful!” Jiang Bilan wore a stern expression.

She was familiar with evil spirits as she had acquired the succession of the Death Emperor. Therefore, she knew clearly how troublesome these things were.

That being said, her mastery of the Art of Death was still lacking. Otherwise, she could easily control the evil spirits.

“My turn!”

Longhu became energetic as it was finally his turn to display his skills. He uttered a roar and transformed into his true appearance and scratched at the evil spirits. However, his claws passed through the evil spirits without doing any harm. The evil spirits chuckled sinisterly and bit his paw.


Longhu let out a cry in agony, as he had not expected the evil spirits to be so troublesome to deal with.

“Don’t move, leave it to me!”

As the number of evil spirits increased rapidly, Qin Nan took a deep breath and unleashed the force of the divine God of Battle!


A tremendous purple glow was fired into the sky.

The evil spirits shrieked and immediately backed off, not daring to stay close to the purple glow as if they had encountered something extremely terrifying.


Jiang Bilan was stunned.

Longhu and Yu Luosha were stunned too.

What kind of power did Qin Nan possess after disappearing for merely three months?

“Follow me!”

Qin Nan yelled while pressing forward taking one step at a time.

Along the way, due to the presence of the divine God of Battle from the purple glow, the evil spirits immediately withdrew!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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