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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 740


Chapter 740: 740

Chapter 740 - The Soul Burial Ground

Looking down from above, over ten thousand cultivators were currently charging forward on the ancient path like an army, resulting in a magnificent sight.

The authorities felt their hearts being clenched tightly, as the future of their factions was dependent on the outcome of this.


As soon as Qin Nan set foot onto the ancient path, he fully unleashed his speed without hesitation.

His entire figure turned into a terrifying flash, which instantly overtook the three great geniuses, the disciples of the Mu Clan, and the others.

It took a breath for the shockwave of his movement to sweep the faces of the crowd.

No one knew what would happen in the Heavenly Fortune Path.

As such, it was important to get a head start!

“Qin Nan, wait for me!” Longhu screamed from the back. This asshole, why was he running so fast!

“Such an impressive speed——”

The crowd was dumbfounded seeing this.

The speed that Qin Nan displayed was far superior to theirs.

They immediately sped up upon collecting their thoughts.

“Qin Nan, this isn’t fair. You promised to bring me along, and now you’re leaving me behind?” Jiang Bilan’s figure turned into a puff of black smoke and rolled forward. Her eyes flickered with astonishment. Qin Nan’s cultivation was far more terrifying than her imagination.

Qin Nan continued to move forward at his full speed.

When he arrived at the end of the path, his eyes flickered with astoundment.

He could only see a faint water barrier floating before him, as if by jumping into it, he would find himself in a whole new world. Under the crowd’s gaze, he covered himself with the Demon God’s Robe and jumped straight in.

The disciples of the Mu Clan, the three geniuses, Jiang Bilan, and the others raised their speed seeing this.


After leaping into the barrier, Qin Nan found himself in a different place.

His figure fell rapidly from ten thousand zhang high and landed onto the ground. Even with the force of the Martial Highness Realm, he was unable to fly like he normally did. It appeared that flying was forbidden in this place.

Qin Nan swiftly scanned his surroundings after landing onto the ground.

The sky was dark blue in color. The ground was dark blue, and the surrounding trees and flowers were dark blue. He could not find any other color apart from it, resulting in a strange scene. What was even stranger was that not a single living thing or construction could be seen.

It was as if he had arrived at a vast grassland with no visible boundaries.

Squeak, squeak!

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse on Qin Nan’s shoulder danced wildly in an excited manner.

Sigh, what a journey, we’re finally here again…”

Although the Martial Progenitors let out a sigh, their eyes were filled with excitement.

“It seems like there is nothing around me?” Qin Nan frowned.

“You will know very soon. Hehe, Qin Nan, we’ll provide our assistance and give you guidance, and in return, you’ll split the treasures with us equally.” The two Martial Progenitors chuckled. Due to their current cultivations of the Martial Sacred Realm, they were not allowed allowed to appear in this place. Otherwise, they would be eliminated.

Qin Nan did not respond.

Meanwhile, the disciples of the Mu Clan, the three geniuses, and the rest had arrived. Over ten thousand cultivators had arrived in this mysterious world.

“What is this?”

“Why does it look so empty?”

“Qin Nan was the first to enter. Does he know something that we don’t?”

The crowd immediately set their gazes onto Qin Nan’s figure. They had arrived a few breaths late, thus they were clueless about anything that had taken place prior to their arrival. That being said, no one dared to attack first as they were scared of Qin Nan’s immeasurable strength. They might end up killing themselves instead.

“Qin Nan! Be honest! What did you find here!” The disciples who were planning to attack Qin Nan at the Starry Jade Shore immediately questioned him.

The eyes of the crowd glistened.

When two tigers fought, one was bound to get hurt, which was definitely in their favor.

Qin Nan glanced at the disciples of the Mu Clan. Since they had suppressed their cultivation to the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm, their strength was only on par with the three geniuses.

“What a pity…”

Qin Nan murmured. If his cultivation was still at the third-layer Martial Sacred Realm, Qin Nan would not mind starting a fight.

“How bold!”

The disciple of the Mu Clan was infuriated. It was the first time his presence was ignored by a mere genius of the Eastern Continent. Did he really think he could act ruthlessly just because he was close to Elder Miao?

Elder Miao?

“Starlight Blow!”

The disciple of the Mu Clan uttered a roar as his figure turned into a beam of starlight, flying into the sky before diving straight in Qin Nan’s direction.

The crowd applauded secretly. The crazier the fight was, the better it would be for them!

Qin Nan took a step forward.


The eyes of the disciple of the Mu Clan widened as he crashed into the ground, leaving a huge pit. Had Qin Nan just dodged his attack by moving a step away?


Mu Tianxing and the others were astonished. The speed of the attack was incredibly fast, but Qin Nan still managed to dodge it with ease?

“If you’re planning to fight, you four should do it together. Otherwise, it’s only wasting my time.”

Qin Nan calmly spoke.

He was not being full of himself, but it would be too boring since he could easily crush his opponents with brute force. With the four attacking together, it would give him a chance to warm-up.

“Us four together?”

The disciples of the Mu Clan were stunned.

The crowd was shocked too.

Challenging the four geniuses on his own?

Wasn’t this Qin Nan being too reckless!

“Challenging us four at the same time? By yourself? Ridiculous, what a joke! I wasn’t even serious with the attack! This time, I’ll show you my true strength!”

The disciple of the Mu Clan burst out laughing furiously. Following this, a tremendous force was unleashed from his body.

A terrifying gust of wind swept toward the surroundings!

“Silent Fear Slash!”

The disciple of the Mu Clan let out Clan let out a roar as he sprang into the sky, using his body as a saber to execute a powerful saber art. The terrifying saber intent slashed the ground in half.

“Such a powerful attack!”

Cheng Tiange, Mu Rongxue, Jiang Feifan, and the others were astounded.

As expected of a disciple of the Mu Clan!

They would need to pay a huge price in order to resist such a terrifying attack!

Meanwhile, Qin Nan shook his head, before raising his right hand and swiping across.


A terrifying saber intent instantly burst out and shattered the Silent Fear Slash with a destructive force. The remaining force of the saber intent exploded and collided with the chest of the Mu Clan disciple.


The disciple of the Mu Clan’s face turned pale and he could not react in time. Upon receiving the powerful blow, his figure was sent flying, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

The attack had inflicted significant damage to his body.


The crowd was dumbfounded.

They had witnessed the power of the Silent Fear Slash with their own eyes.

And yet...

Qin Nan had shattered the attack and even inflicted damage onto the disciple of the Mu Clan with a single swipe of his hand.

Was he really a Law-Defying Martial Highness?

How terrifying was his strength!

Standing aside, Jiang Bilan’s eyes flickered with excitement.


Qin Nan showed no joy upon winning the battle, but a stern expression appeared on his face as he became aware of something.


Was coming!

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