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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 739


Chapter 739: 739

Chapter 739 - Precedent Dream Flower

The appearance of the letter and the voice that referred to himself as a Martial Progenitor was a clear indication that the one speaking was none other than the Patriarch of the Mu Clan!

Anyone would have the chance to become the Mu Clan’s Patriarch’s disciple after finding the Precedent Dream Flower?


Countless gasps could be heard.

The news was simply too shocking.

Becoming the disciple of the Mu Clan’s Patriarch would definitely cause anyone’s status to change tremendously. Previously, even the identity of the son of an elder of the Mu Clan was enough to stop the battle at the Dao-Seeking Mountain.

“I must find this Precedent Dream Flower!”

“That’s right!”

“Hehe, the succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path, and a chance to become the Mu Clan’s Patriarch’s disciple. I will surely get one of them!”

The cultivators collected their thoughts and wore passionate looks.

Even the eyes of the top three geniuses burned with passion. Every genius of the Eastern Continent had always desired to become a disciple of the Mu Clan!

And now, the chance was right within their grasp!

Even if they did not manage to alter their destiny, being recruited as the disciple of the Mu Clan’s Patriarch was more than enough!

The Leaders of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion and the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird immediately commanded their disciples to find the Precedent Dream Flower at all costs!

Qin Nan was the only one with a calm expression.

For him, there was only one master in his heart—Sacred Leader Qinglong.

Therefore, the chance to be recruited as the Mu Clan’s Patriarch’s disciple was none of his business.

Meanwhile, a large formation began to appear on the Starry Jade Shore, which emitted a mysterious force as several figures stepped out from it.

Tsk tsk, who would have thought that the Heavenly Fortune Path would be activated today!”

A voice exclaimed, who turned out to be Mu Tianxing!

Apart from him, there were three other disciples from the Mu Clan, each of whose cultivation’s had reached the third-layer Martial Sacred Realm. In terms of talents and cultivation alone, they were nowhere weaker than Mu Tianxing.

Although there were only four of them, their auras completely surpassed the crowd on the Starry Jade Shore, as if they had come from a different world.

“Mu Clan!”

“They are the disciples of the Mu Clan!”

“That guy is called Mu Tianxing, I’ve heard of him before!”

The crowd was dumbfounded seeing this. Their eyes were filled with great fear. Could it be that even the disciples of the Mu Clan were planning on entering the Heavenly Fortune Path?

“Brother Mu…”

The Leader of the Trading Alliance immediately stepped forward.

Mu Tianxing’s group wore calm expressions in front of the crowd, and only slightly nodded upon receiving the greetings from the authorities, fully displaying the pride in their bones.

“Shit! Even the disciples of the Mu Clan are here!”

Jiang Feifan cursed in his heart with a dark expression before glancing at Cheng Tiange and Murong Xue, who were wearing serious expressions on their faces as well. In terms of the ranks of Martial Spirits, they still had the chance to beat them, but that was not the case in terms of strength.

The trio took a deep breath before walking toward Mu Mu Tianxing’s group.

Either way, they still had to follow the etiquette.

This was the prestige of the Mu Clan. In the blink of an eye, the four disciples had entered the limelight of the crowd, being greatly fawned upon.

“Qin Nan, you’re here too?” Mu Tianxing immediately ignored the presence of the crowd and gazed toward Qin Nan with a scornful look.

“Qin Nan? So he’s the one?”

“Hehe, he looks ordinary to me.”

The other three disciples of the Mu Clan quickly glimpsed at Qin Nan with a hint of disdain.

At that instant, the noisy Starry Jade Shore instantly became quiet. Everyone did not expect the four disciples of the Mu Clan would have a conflict with Qin Nan.

“Brothers, don’t underestimate Qin Nan. He has eliminated the Dao-Seeking Mountain by himself, and is quite close to Elder Miao!” Mu Tianxing spoke in a mocking tone, while his eyes flickered coldly.

Qin Nan frowned.

Normally, as Mu Tianxing was aware of his relationship with Miao Miao, he would not dare to pick on him like this. Had something significant happened at the Mu Clan?

“Eliminated the Dao-Seeking Mountain?” One of the disciples stepped forward and emitted a murderous gaze, “I’m eager to see how strong you are then!”


A third-layer Martial Sacred Realm aura rose into the sky!

The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and its crew were astounded.

Meanwhile, the Leader of the Trading Alliance and his group were excited. The conflict between Qin Nan and the disciples of the Mu Clan was definitely a welcome sight for them!

However, at that instant...


A loud explosion could be heard, which turned out to be sound produced as the formation the formation protecting the entrance of the Heavenly Fortune Path crumbled.


Following this, a ferocious gust of wind originated from the abyss and swept toward the crowd.

The Heavenly Fortune Path was now accessible!

“Mm? The Heavenly Fortune Path is open? We’ll save the fun until next time. Let’s go!” Mu Tianxing glanced at Qin Nan and suppressed his cultivation using a secret technique before entering the Heavenly Fortune Path.

Qin Nan was not their main concern for now. There would be plenty of chances to deal with him later.

Most importantly, he must find the Precedent Dream Flower to ensure the success of his father’s plan!

“Humph, I’ll let you go for now!”

The disciple of the Mu Clan let out a hollow laugh and left with his group.

The crowd immediately reacted.


“The Heavenly Fortune Path is now open! Let’s go!”

“HAHA, the treasure is mine! I’m going to change my destiny!”

“Hehe, in your dream!”

An uproar took place at the Starry Jade Shore.

Either way, let’s enter the Heavenly Fortune Path first!

This was the greatest opportunity for them!

Meanwhile, the Leader of the Trading Alliance and his crew let out sighs in their hearts. How nice would it be if they were to fight against each other. Following this, cold grins could be seen on their faces. Since Qin Nan had befoed the disciples of the Mu Clan, he might even end up being killed in the Heavenly Fortune Path!

That would bring an end to their troubles.

The geniuses made their way through the entrance.

“Such a pity…”

Qin Nan let out a sigh. Those third-layer Martial Sacred Realm disciples of the Mu Clan would definitely Clan would definitely serve as worthy opponents.

He was looking forward to having an enjoyable battle against the four.

He could even use it as a warm-up before entering the Heavenly Fortune Path.

If anyone were to read his mind, they would be left utterly speechless, as Qin Nan had never been concerned about the presence of the four disciples of the Mu Clan.

“Qin Nan! We’ll leave them in your hands!”

The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise immediately transmitted their voice to Qin Nan.

Qin Nan halted his movement and glanced at Luan Feng, Di Fengyun, and the others. Some of them were familiar faces, while the others were complete strangers to him.

The figures of the geniuses shuddered after being aware of Qin Nan’s gaze.

To them, Qin Nan was a legend. His influence was not at all weaker than the disciples of the Mu Clan!

“If you really want to alter your destiny, if you really plan on becoming a legendary genius, you have to rely on yourselves! Don’t put any hope in me. You must soar into the sky with your own strength!”

Saying this, Qin Nan and Jiang Bilan disappeared into the Heavenly Fortune Path with a flicker.

The geniuses of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom were stunned. Even the two authorities were startled.

“Hey, Qin Nan, wait for me…”

Longhu swiftly reacted and chased behind. He always believed one thing—following Qin Nan was always the best decision.

“This guy!”

Luan Feng collected her thoughts and shook her head, before she yelled out with a smile, “Come! It’s our turn to enter the Heavenly Fortune Path!”

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Editor: DOCuinn


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