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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 738


Chapter 738: 738

Chapter 738 - The Activation of the Heavenly Fortune Path, The Decree from the Mu Clan!

“Mm? What’s happening?”

The crowd’s attention was attracted by the shocking sight.

Qin Nan squinted his eyes.

Somehow, he could feel that the birth of the Heavenly Fortune Mouse would bring an unimaginable change to the Heavenly Fortune Path.

Just as he thought!


A brilliant white glow sprang up into the sky from the middle of the lake, which transformed into a hundred-zhang-tall white giant that stood in the air.

“The Heavenly Fortune Path has been activated!

“The manifold reincarnations!

“The vast ancient path chooses the owner to receive the fortune of the Heavens!

“From one hour onward, for two hours, all cultivators below the Martial Sacred Realm and above the Martial Dominator Realm are allowed to enter the Heavenly Fortune Path!”

Each of the words was spoken from the sky above, descending onto the ground like claps of thunder. Every single beast and cultivator within a thousand li of the lake could hear the deafening voice!


The enormous Heavenly Fortune Lake suddenly evaporated in the blink of an eye. The vapor from it covered the entire sky.

The ground at the bottom of the lake was eerily black, an endless black.


A series of explosions took place as the gap at the center of the lake spread open once again as if giant hands were pulling them apart. The width of the path was now over a few hundred zhang.

The ancient path had been widened, as it extended straight down into the abyss.

Meanwhile, the formation at its entrance slowly lost its power. Judging from its pace, it would take exactly an hour before it entirely vanished!

The change of the scene finally came to a stop.

The entire place fell silent!

The authorities were utterly astonished.

No one had expected it to come to this!


The Heavenly Fortune Mouse became normal once again as it turned into a golden beam and landed onto Qin Nan’s shoulder. It began to squeak as if it were asking Qin Nan to compliment it.

“F**k! The fortune of the Heavens! It’s choosing the owner for it! This Heavenly Fortune Mouse is the key! To fully activate the succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path!” The Martial Progenitors wore astonished looks upon collecting their thoughts.

In the past, prior to their deaths, they had entered the Heavenly Fortune Path to give their one last try at finding a way to reprieve their deaths.

As such, they were aware of the secret of the Heavenly Fortune Path—the real succession had never been activated before!

But now...

It was fully activated!

“Good job!”

Qin Nan wore a joyful look as his left eye let out a purple flicker.

The Heavenly Fortune Path was fully activated!

Which meant...

Other geniuses below the Martial Sacred Realm could also enter the Heavenly Fortune Fortune Path!

Therefore, while competing for the succession, he would finally have a chance to enjoy a sweat-breaking battle!

Previously, Qin Nan could not feel any excitement about entering the Heavenly Fortune Path even if the three great geniuses were to fight against him. Now that everyone was allowed to enter, didn’t that mean he could finally thoroughly exhibit his strength?

Now that was more like it!

That was what made it exciting!

Where was the fun if everyone was just focusing on looting treasures?

Meanwhile, the authorities finally recovered from their astoundment.

“The Heavenly Fortune Path is fully activated!”

“HAHAHA, I can finally enter the Heavenly Fortune Path too!”

“HAHA! I didn’t expect to stumble into such a great opportunity!”

The rogue cultivators were overjoyed.

They had been initially planning to spectate the battle between the geniuses, but were now given the chance to alter their destinies too. How could they not be happy?

The Leaders of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion had joy on their faces too.

Now that there was no limit to the number of people entering the place, didn’t that mean their disciples had the chance to find themselves some fortunate encounters as well?

Only Jiang Feifan, Cheng Tiange, and Murong Xue were feeling down. Previously, they were the only ones that could enter the Heavenly Fortune Path, thus it seemed like they had suffered the greatest loss.

A series of whooshes could be heard.

Qin Nan

Qin Nan turned his head around and took a glimpse.

It appeared that the rogue cultivators who were at the Crimson Lunar Clan were making their way to the lake in excitement. There were at least a few thousands of them, including the members of the Crimson Lunar Clan.

“Quick! Summon every disciple above the Martial Dominator Realm and below the Martial Sacred Realm at once!”

The authorities of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion swiftly reacted and sent out their messages.

The Starry Jade Shore was in a complete mess.

Following this, the entire Eastern Continent was startled!

The Heavenly Fortune Path!

The place that countless people dreamed of entering!

Following this, apart from the Two Great Factions, countless cultivators immediately proceeded straight toward the Heavenly Fortune Path so they could arrive within the hour given. That being said, only those who were relatively close to the place managed to do so.

The crowd continued to grow.

Countless experts had gathered before the lake!

Within just half an hour, the number of people crowding the Starry Jade Shore had reached five thousand!

“Everyone here is an expert!”

Qin Nan scanned with his left eye of the divine God of Battle and inspected the crowd’s cultivations. The battle intent in his heart grew rapidly.

It was similar to the Crimson Blood Ocean.

However, his cultivation had been too weak last time!

This time, it was a completely different story!

“Qin Nan, great job.” A pleasant job.” A pleasant voice was transmitted into Qin Nan’s ear, causing him to turn around and see Jiang Bilan wearing a smile under her black robe, who had already arrived out of nowhere.

Why did Jiang Bilan come now? Did she already expect this to happen?

A doubt crossed Qin Nan’s mind as he quickly glanced at Jiang Bilan with his left eye. This time, he was able to observe a terrifying force of Death residing inside her body.

If she were able to refine the force, her cultivation would be unimaginable.

Time gradually passed.

More and more cultivators had arrived at the lake. Qin Nan even saw lots of familiar faces. However, since the place was too crowded, he chose to wait patiently on the back of the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise.

However, at that instant, a brilliant golden beam of light approached the place from afar, which exploded as it reached the Starry Jade Shore and formed the character ‘穆’ (Mu) with an imperious aura.


The crowd glanced at the character with confused looks.

The character Mu? Could it be that the rare change of the Heavenly Fortune Path had attracted the Mu Clan’s attention?

“The Heavenly Fortune Path has been activated. Your chance is here. Find the Precedent Dream Flower and bring it to the Mu Clan, and this Martial Progenitor shall recruit you as his disciple!”

The words served as a shocking explosion.

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