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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 735


Chapter 735: 735

Chapter 735 - Purple-Haired Young Man


Following two shocking roars, the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise appeared with tremendous auras. Below them, Longhu, Luan Feng, Di Fengyun and the rest of the geniuses orderly lined up with sharp gazes from their eyes.

Previously at the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault, their presences were unremarkable.

Now, their entry immediately captured the attention of the crowd.

“Mm? I don’t see Qin Nan!”

“I heard that he has been away and has yet to return!”

“He probably went out to get his injuries sorted. Hehe, I’m really looking forward to seeing his return, whether he’s able to match the strength of the top three geniuses!”

Many among the crowd were slightly disappointed.

The authorities withdrew their gazes as well.

Since Qin Nan was not there, the remaining geniuses of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom were not worthy of their attention.

“Wow, such a gorgeous lady…”

Longhu immediately saw Murong Xue and Yu Luosha, causing his eyes to open wide. That being said, he already knew Yu Luosha was Zhao Fang’s disguise, thus he was definitely off the list.

The other geniuses of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom were dazzled as well, apart from Luan Feng who twisted her lips.

“It seems like Qin Nan is not going to appear until the very last second,” Murong Xue giggled and turned around, “Junior Sister Yu, I hope you won’t compete with me when the time comes.”

Saying this, Murong Xue’s eyes flickered with a hint of fear.

Currently at the Wanxiang Pavilion, Yu Luosha’s achievement had begun to threaten her spot. That being said, Murong Xue was confident that after entering the Heavenly Fortune Path, she would be able to draw the distance between them further apart.

“Senior Sister must be joking.” Yu Luosha’s face blushed.

Murong Xue’s eyes flickered. It was her first time seeing Yu Luosha blushing at the mention of a man. It seemed like Yu Luosha was indeed interested in Qin Nan.

Jiang Feifan’s eyes flickered coldly upon hearing the words.

Even with him being here, he had failed to grab the attention of the ladies, but they were so concerned with Qin Nan despite the fact that he had yet to show himself!

How was this fair?

“Ladies! My name is Jiang Feifan!”

At that instant, Jiang Feifan stepped forward with a magnificent aura and brought his fists together, which immediately grabbed the attention of the crowd.

Yu Luosha nodded her head slightly.

Murong Xue gave him a quick glimpse and said calmly, “Nice to meet you, Cultivator Jiang.”

Jiang Feifan’s figure shuddered.

He was ranked in the top three on the Hidden Dragon Ranking and had a Monarch Weapon Martial Spirit, and this was how they treated him?

“Jiang Feifan, you’re just as arrogant as before. Do you really think you are worthy enough to grab the ladies’ attention?” A calm voice appeared.

A bulky man slowly approached the crowd, causing the temperature of the Starry Jade Shore to rise rapidly!

The person was none other than the first ranked on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, Cheng Tiange!

“Cheng Tiange!”

“He’s arrived too!”

“Now this is going to be exciting!”

The crowd instantly became energetic, as this Cheng Tiange was the first-ranked core disciple of the Dao-Seeking Mountain.

“Cheng Tiange! You dare to show yourself now! Die!” The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird let out a roar and unleashed scorching scorching flames into the surroundings.

It immediately sprang forward, planning to slash Cheng Tiange with its claws.

“Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird, the Dao-Seeking Mountain is already gone. Do you really need to pick on Cheng Tiange?” The Leaders of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion burst out laughing while unleashing their sacred auras, which produced a sacred glow and nullified the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird’s attack.


The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise wore icy looks.

Due to the presence of the authorities of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion, it would be extremely difficult for them to kill Cheng Tiange on the spot.

Meanwhile, the reason why the two factions were helping Cheng Tiange was simple.

An enemy of an enemy was a friend indeed!

If Cheng Tiange continued to grow, he would surely become the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom’s greatest foe!

“Cheng Tiange, what did you say? Do you really think you’re unbeatable just because you’re ranked first on the Hidden Dragon Ranking?” Jiang Feifan was infuriated.

Now that he had mastered the Martial Art, he no longer feared Cheng Tiange’s strength!

“What? Are you looking for a fight now?” Cheng Tiange’s aura was unleashed, as if a Flame God had appeared. Horrifying blue flames engulfed his figure and spread to his surroundings.

The crowd could feel chills running down their spines, as if they were going to melt!

“Do you think I’m scared? I’ll show you how it’s done today!”

Jiang Feifan let out a roar as a terrifying mystical glow burst out from his body.

The Leader of the Trading Alliance frowned. Qin Nan had yet to arrive, but these two had already started a fight. However, he showed no showed no intention of interfering. These two geniuses were not dumb;there was no way they would become serious prior to the opening of the Heavenly Fortune Path.

The eyes of the crowd glittered.

Being able to see the battle between the first-ranked and third-ranked geniuses was exciting enough!

At that moment...


Ripples began to appear on the Heavenly Fortune Lake as if a strong wind was blowing. There was no sign of a shocking rare phenomenon, just an ancient aura being emitted.

It was as if the place had returned to the ancient era.

“The Heavenly Fortune Path is activating!”

The eyes of the authorities flickered with excitement.

“Why isn’t Qin Nan here yet?”

The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise mumbled as they scanned the crowd.

In addition to them, many among the crowd were busy observing too.

Could it be...

That Qin Nan wasn’t coming?

“Mystical Godly Punch!”

Jiang Feifan let out a roar. He did not lose his focus despite the rare change of the Heavenly Fortune Lake. A brilliant glow burst out from the tip of his fist together with a magnificent aura, as if his fist had transformed into a rare artifact, striking at Cheng Tiange’s figure.

“Too easy!”

Cheng Tiange’s expression remained unchanged as he kicked off the ground. His figure transformed into a scorching ray of light and flew backward at an extraordinary speed, dodging Jiang Feifan’s attack.

The move was known as the Scorching Ray Evasion, one of Cheng Tiange’s trademark move!

Rumors said that once when Cheng Tiange had been flanked by ten geniuses, he was able to dodge all their attacks without being harmed using the same move.

“Don’t run if you run if you think you’re skilled enough!”

Jiang Feifan snapped and stomped the ground, causing a mystical glow to appear under his feet, boosting his speed significantly.

Their figures immediately collided with one another.

Ferocious gusts of wind swept toward the surroundings.

The crowd was dazzled by the battle.

They could not help but admit that the difference between them and the top three geniuses of the Hidden Dragon Ranking was like the gap between the Heavens and Earth!

Jiang Feifan clearly knew that it was not wise to utilize his full strength now, but when he saw the disdainful look on Cheng Tiange’s face, flames of anger began to engulf his heart.

With a flicker, Cheng Tiange’s figure moved a great distance away. Jiang Feifan swiftly reacted by chasing after him, but his vision was blocked.

It appeared that a rogue cultivator that had just arrived was blocking his way forward.

“Get the hell out of my sight!”

Jiang Feifan let out a roar and threw punches at the figure.

It just so happened that he had nowhere to release his anger.


A loud explosion took place.

Jiang Feifan was stunned.

It felt like he had just hit a giant mountain with his fist. The figure before him remained stationary, but the impact of it caused his arm to feel numb.


Cheng Tiange halted his movement too.

The crowd was astonished, as they did not expect someone else to become involved in the battle between the two geniuses.

“Friend...I don’t think I’ve ever met you before, right?”

A calm voice could be heard.

A purple-haired young man stared at Jiang Feifan with a calm look.

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