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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 732


Chapter 732: 732

Chapter 732 - The Spiritualization of the Heavenly Fortune Talisman

Inside the Sacred Emperor Chamber, the suppression and everything else returned to normal.

Qin Nan’s purple hair danced calmly as his left eye emitted a purple flicker. His aura became exceedingly mysterious, causing him to feel like a mortal or a formidable presence at certain times.

“Have I...actually forgotten all the Martial Arts I’ve learned?”

Qin Nan murmured to himself.

As he achieved the divine Battle Martial Highness Realm, the previous moves he had learned—including the Heavenly Accumulating Strike—had entirely vanished from his mind. He could still remember their names, but not their contents.

In other words, he had embarked on a completely new cultivation journey.

“However, I can now use my left eye, my left arm, and my right arm in the form of the Heaven-Shattering Saber.”

Qin Nan wore a confident smile.

He could utilize the full potential of his left eye, left arm, and right arm.

That being said, the power of the three body parts of the divine God of Battle was immeasurable. It was possible for Qin Nan to unleash their full power, but only if he had sufficient force of the divine God of Battle inside his body.

Currently, he only had a single stream of the force of the divine God of Battle in his body.

“The force of the Martial Highness Realm can still be used to unleash the power of the three body parts, but in comparison, the force of the divine God of Battle is more efficient and powerful.”

Qin Nan mumbled.

A new cultivation journey meant an entirely different style of battle.

“My aura is still not stable yet. I should cultivate for a while before taking my leave.”

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and sat down with his legs crossed, before unleashing the divine Battle Spirit.

The Qi of the Sacred Emperor Chamber was fully absorbed at a terrifying pace.

Time gradually passed. Two months were gone in the blink of an eye.

Within these two months, the news regarding the Dao-Seeking Mountain being eliminated slowly quietened down. However, many people were still paying close attention to Qin Nan. After learning that Qin Nan had left the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, most of them had guessed that he was finding ways to recover his strength.

The shattering of his Tribulation was not necessarily the end for him.

As for the chance of recovering, some of them were hopeful, while others had little faith.

Most importantly, the geniuses on the Hidden Dragon Ranking slowly became active once again. Sima Kong continued to strike, robbing cultivators, forbidden areas, etc., causing his reputation to improve rapidly. Yu Luosha boarded the Predestined Fate Vessel and caused the Predestined Fate Pond to explode, obtaining the succession, which allowed his cultivation to skyrocket.

The other geniuses trained diligently while looking for their fortunate encounters.

Meanwhile, it was as if the top three geniuses on the Hidden Dragon Ranking had vanished into thin air, and were nowhere to be found.

...Meanwhile, at the Sacred Emperor Chamber inside the Demonic Eyes Forest...

Qin Nan’s eyes sprang open as his aura stabilized, allowing him to change it freely. If he were unwilling, even peak Martial Sacred Realm experts—or even even Martial Progenitors—would not be able to inspect his cultivation.

The divine Battle Martial Highness Realm was completely marvellous.


Qin Nan wore an awkward expression.

As his divine Battle Spirit had ranked up to first-grade Tian ranked, its rate of absorption was significantly faster than its previous tenth-grade Di rank. As such, there was only a small amount of Qi left in the Sacred Emperor Chamber.

When the two Martial Progenitors woke up, they would surely go berserk at Qin Nan straight away.

“Let’s leave this place first!”

Qin Nan’s left eye emitted a flicker and teleported him out from the Sacred Emperor Chamber.

Previously, the forbidden aura might have been too strong for him, but that was no longer the case now.

“The Heavenly Fortune Path is not open yet. Shall I head to the Mu Clan instead?”

Qin Nan pondered as he stood inside the Demonic Eyes Forest.

As he had now achieved the divine Battle Martial Highness Realm, apart from the Heavenly Fortune Path, it was meaningless for him to spend his time roaming around the Eastern Continent. Therefore, he would only find new challenges at the Mu Clan.

“Damn it, I was once a Martial Progenitor, does it really matter if you let me take a sneak peak? Is it necessary to knock me out every time…” At that instant, the Disordered Ocean Progenitor regained his conscious.

The Crimson Blood Progenitor wore a troubled expression too. Since he had met Qin Nan, he slowly felt like his dignity as a Martial Progenitor was non-existent any more.

“Mm? Qin Nan, why did you leave the Sacred Emperor Sacred Emperor Chamber? Where’s the Heaven-Shattering Saber, did you refine it?”

The Crimson Blood Progenitor asked as he collected his thoughts.

“I’m finished there,” Qin Nan let out a smile and said, “And yeah, I did refine it.”

The two Martial Progenitors wore confused looks.

They were currently residing in Qin Nan’s dantian in the form of spirits and could freely enter Qin Nan’s divine Sense. However, there was no sign of the Heaven-Shattering Saber at all. Qin Nan was not carrying it on his back either. Did that mean he had put it inside his storage bag?

Upon having this thought, the Martial Progenitors could feel their lips twitching.

“Your aura…”

The Martial Progenitors suddenly realized something, leaving astonished looks on their faces. They could no longer inspect Qin Nan’s cultivation.

They immediately took a closer look at Qin Nan and still failed to see through his cultivation. However, their instincts were telling them that Qin Nan’s current strength was extremely terrifying. It was obvious that some unbelievable change had occurred to his cultivation after refining the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

The Disordered Ocean Progenitor’s eyes were filled with a hint of envy as he spoke, “Qin Nan, a piece of advice from me;the Heaven-Shattering Saber is something that countless experts of the Canglan Continent go crazy for. To an extent, Martial Monarchs would fight one another to claim its possession, even Martial Gods too. It’s still fine now that you’re in the Eastern Continent, but when you head to the Mu Clan or the Middle Continent, do be careful. If you’re planning to use it, blood must be shed. The people who see people who see it must die. Otherwise, you will bring great trouble to yourself.”

Qin Nan was startled, before nodding with a stern look.

Although he was fearless, it would be a disaster for him if he ended up grabbing the attention of Martial Progenitors or Martial Monarchs.

It seemed like he should avoid using the Heaven-Shattering Saber under normal circumstances.

“Thanks for the reminder.” Qin Nan brought his fists together.

Even though his cultivation had improved to the divine Battle Martial Highness Realm, his personality had never changed.


The Disordered Ocean Progenitor nodded his head with relief, although his heart was giving out a harrumph. If it weren’t because their safety would be endangered as well if Qin Nan somehow drew the attention of a formidable foe, he would not warn him at all.

Meanwhile, a burning sensation could be felt all of a sudden.

Qin Nan was stunned, before he took a quick glimpse and found the source of the warmth to be the Heavenly Fortune Talisman.

Since the Heavenly Fortune Talisman had entered his body and absorbed his Chaos Qi, it had fallen into a deep sleep. Why was it awake now all of a sudden?


Qin Nan took a closer look and was shocked.

He could sense an extraordinary life being nurtured within the talisman.


Following a piercing cry, a strong life force burst out. The Heavenly Fortune Talisman exploded into countless light dots, which gathered and formed a figure with the silhouette of a mouse.

“Is this——”

The Martial Progenitors were dumbfounded upon seeing this.

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