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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 731


Chapter 731: 731

Chapter 731 - Retribution of the Heavens and Earth, divine Battle Martial Highness

At this moment...


The mysterious presence inside Qin Nan’s dantian unleashed a destructive force that caused his flesh to explode instantly, turning into a blood-fog that drifted into the surroundings.

Normally speaking, the destruction of the flesh was equivalent to death.

However, Qin Nan could feel that he was still alive. It felt like his soul had come out from his body, floating in mid-air while he witnessed the series of events that were taking place.

“What’s going on?”

Qin Nan was startled.

Following this, he recalled having ten thousand streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm inside his body.

After exceeding the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm, he still had not ranked up to the Martial Sacred Realm.

Therefore, what kind of Martial Highness had he become?

A new, incomprehensible realm that no one had seen before!

Now that his consciousness remained even though his flesh had exploded, it would be...

“The destruction and reconstruction of the flesh!”

Qin Nan’s thoughts became clear as if he finally saw a shed of light.


A brilliant purple glow was fired upward from the blood-fog, which produced a great absorption force that gathered the fog together to form a figure. A while later, the figure regained Qin Nan’s appearance.

Qin Nan’s consciousness instantly returned to the flesh.

An indescribable sense of power arose in his heart all of a sudden.



Everything no longer...felt the same!

His flesh was mixed with a purple glow!

His blood was purple!

His bones were purple!

His inner organs were entirely purple!

Inside his dantian, the force of the Martial Highness Realm was disseminated, leaving a huge vacant space in the middle, like servants paying tribute to their emperor. The stream of mysterious force resided in the middle, as the character ‘战’ (battle) slowly appeared as if it was being written with a brush according to its proper strokes.


“It’s the character for ‘battle’!”

“The sudden change was triggered by the mysterious force unleashed by the left eye, left arm, and right arm of the divine God of Battle, which ended up forming the character ‘battle’ inside my dantian.”

Qin Nan immediately recalled the words of the right arm of the divine God of Battle prior to merging with his body.

Awaken, real appearance of the divine God of Battle!

Could it be...

He was now the divine Battle Martial Highness?

“divine Battle Martial Highness!”

“That’s right, I’m currently the divine Battle Martial Highness!”

Qin Nan’s eyes emitted a brilliant flicker.

He was utterly enlivened, causing him to feel high-spirited.

The extraordinary strength of the divine God of Battle was immeasurable.

Since he had acquired three body parts of the divine God of Battle and refined them, the rare change had caused him to become the divine Battle Martial Highness!

The divine Battle Martial Highness, when compared to the divine God of Battle, was like the difference between a tiny seed and a towering tree!


When the seed sprouts and flourishes, one day, it could grow into a towering tree as well!

In other words!

By using his cultivation of the divine Battle Martial Highness Realm as the foundation, he would surely grow into a presence presence similar to the divine God of Battle!

And this was the real appearance of the divine God of Battle!

Even though he was currently at the earliest phase—only at the foundational level—he had surpassed the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm, placing him above the rules of the Canglan Continent, including the limitation of Martial Spirits, and evolved into a distinct existence!

An existence that even the Heavens and Earth could not hold!

However, when the final stroke of the character ‘战’ (battle) was finished, a terrifying sight took place.

Sob sob sob...

Countless ghastly cries could be heard.

It was as if a gap had formed somewhere, allowing a puff of black smoke to appear, which was able to bypass the forbidden aura of the Sacred Emperor Chamber and arrive before Qin Nan, which instantly formed three thousand three hundred and thirty-three streams of black Qi!

The streams of black Qi merged together and formed a human figure.

The blurry human figure had a mysterious aura, but a strong indescribable presence of negative emotions could be felt from it—greed, anger, sorrow, envy, hatred, intolerant, betrayal, etc., as if it had gathered all the filth in the world!

Even the Qi inside the Sacred Emperor Chamber was dyed pitch-black in the blink of an eye.

“What is this?”

Qin Nan’s face turned pale. His left eye let out a purple glow!

“Mortals, trying to defy the law, and even planning to establish a distinct existence away from the laws of nature! I’m the Retribution of the Heavens and Earth, you’ve committed a grave sin and shall perish at once. Surrender at once, otherwise——” The human figure let out a out a piercing roar.

“What kind of bullshit is this Retribution of the Heavens and Earth?”

A great murderous intent arose within Qin Nan as his right arm of the divine God of Battle turned into the Heaven-Shattering Saber following a brilliant glow. He then grabbed the saber with his left hand.

He only knew that, at the timing of such a crucial moment, this thing without any cultivation dared to interfere with his business!

Speaking of being tired of living!

“If you dare swing the saber, you will be cursed with endless karmic hindrance. Your presence will be rejected by the Heavens and Earth, bringing misfortune to you, cruel deaths to your parents, destruction to your clan and country, betrayal of your wife, death in the hands of your kin——” The black figure burst out cursing, as if it was trying to bring all kinds of misfortunes of the world to Qin Nan.

“How naive!”

Qin Nan was infuriated and immediately slashed the human figure into pieces.

To his surprise, as the human figure was shattered, a puff of black smoke filled with an evil presence transformed into a skull and let out an eerie chuckle, before diving at Qin Nan’s head.

The curse of endless karmic hindrance was actually descending!

“How bold!”

“I’m the bearer of the divine Battle Spirit and you mere Retribution of the Heavens and Earth dare to behave impudently before me?”

Qin Nan’s hair danced wildly. For some reason, a scorching flame began to engulf his hair and changed its color to purple.

His eyes emitted a sharp gaze as he stared at the Retribution of the Heavens and Earth, staring at the staring at the Canglan Continent!

An ancient suppression was unleashed from his body.

At this moment, Qin Nan’s fearless will rose to its pinnacle, like a firm boulder, an immovable mountain!

He had never believed in the Retribution of the Heavens and Earth, nor the endless curse of karmic hindrance!

With the saber in his hand, if the Heavens dared to persecute him, if the Earth dared to curse him, the day he ascended as a god would be the day he butchered the Heavens and shattered the Earth!


The black skull let out a cry of agony as if it had encountered something extremely terrifying, before it self-detonated!

The entire Sacred Emperor Chamber regained its peace!

“The master...has returned!”

At that instant, the figures of the left eye, left arm, and right arm of the divine God of Battle appeared and uttered the chant.

The three body parts unleashed a stream of the force of the divine God of Battle.

The reformation of the flesh with the force of the divine God of Battle had caused the Retribution of the Heavens and Earth to descend and test his will!

He had overcome the Retribution of the Heavens and Earth.

In other words, Qin Nan’s will had reached the standard.


The final stroke of the character was completed.

The character ‘战’ (battle) was formed inside Qin Nan’s dantian!


Qin Nan’s aura experienced a tremendous change, surpassing the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm—surpassing the limitations of the Heavens and Earth—and emerging as a distinct presence.

In the meantime...

He had become the one—and only—divine Battle Martial Highness!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn


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