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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 730


Chapter 730: 730

Chapter 730 - Exceeding the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm

At that instant, memory fragments flooded Qin Nan’s mind.

He saw an ancient figure entering the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault a thousand years ago.

Three hundred years ago, the ancient figure silently came out from the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault and found a weapon-refining master known as the Heaven-Shattering Monarch.

Three hundred years ago, the entire continent was shocked.

The Heaven-Shattering Monarch used his Tribulation and refined his flesh and Martial Arts into an extraordinary saber, with the name Heaven-Shattering Saber!

After the saber was forged, a great chaos immediately ensued, but to everyone’s surprise, the Heaven-Shattering Saber disappeared. Countless experts tried searching for it, but never found its trace.

It returned to the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault and slowly waited for the arrival of its master!

“Even though I never knew you, you already learned that I loved using sabers since three hundred years ago, I still have to say, thank you! I...will not disappoint you!”

Qin Nan’s eyes emitted a shocking glow as he opened up his heart.


A shocking change occurred. The Heaven-Shattering Saber emitted an ancient aura and transformed into a beam of light that entered Qin Nan’s right arm. It had now merged with his right arm in an unbelievable manner. At this moment, Qin Nan’s right arm was now the right arm of the divine God of Battle, and also the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

They had fully fused!


A shocking explosion took place.

A tremendous force burst into Qin Nan’s dantian like a surging ocean.

The force of the Martial Highness Realm in his body rapidly increased as if it had just received some sort of stimulus.

Two hundred and ninety-nine streams!

Three hundred and ninety-nine streams!

Four hundred and ninety-nine streams!

Five hundred and ninety-nine streams!

In the blink of an eye, it had reached nine hundred and ninety-nine streams!

Qin Nan’s cultivation had risen from the first-layer Martial Highness Realm to the peak Martial Highness Realm instantly, as if his Martial Highness Crystal had never been destroyed at the Dao-Seeking Mountain.

Ascending back to the Heavens from Hell in an instant!

“My cultivation…”

Qin Nan’s heart skipped a beat.

That was not the end of it.


A shocking absorption force burst out from Qin Nan’s right arm, which immediately gathered the Qi of the Sacred Emperor Chamber and sucked it into Qin Nan’s body.

The force of the Martial Highness Realm inside his body improved once again!


Following a soft thud.

The force of the Martial Highness Realm had reached a thousand streams, placing him in the Undefeatable Martial Highness Realm!

“It’s not stopping yet!”

Qin Nan’s heart beat rapidly.

One thousand eight hundred streams!

Two thousand eight hundred streams!

Three thousand eight hundred streams!

Four thousand eight hundred streams!

In the blink of an eye, it had risen to nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine streams, placing him at at the peak Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm! At this moment, Qin Nan had fully recovered his previous cultivation!

This was the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

The benefits it brought after refining it were extremely shocking!


All of a sudden, a magnificent roar could be heard, which turned out to be the divine Battle Spirit. Without Qin Nan knowing, it had already appeared from Qin Nan’s back and stood in the air.

The ten golden rays behind it were extraordinarily brilliant.

Qin Nan could clearly sense a large amount of force rushing into the divine Battle Spirit.

“Could it be…”

Qin Nan held his breath.

He could see the right arm of the divine Battle Spirit slowly materializing. At the same time, the aura of the divine Battle Spirit experienced a shocking change.

The ten golden rays exploded into golden light dots that filled up the entire area.

Following this, a tremendous force absorbed the scattered light dots, which slowly transformed into a red dot. As soon as the red dot was formed, it expanded rapidly at a shocking pace and covered the divine Battle Spirit’s back.

The pressure from the divine Battle Spirit skyrocketed, spreading into the surroundings.

A faint chant could be heard coming from the Heavens and Earth.

Streams of the force of the Heavens and Earth fluctuated and went berserk, but soon dispersed due to the pressure of the divine Battle Spirit.

At that instant, Qin Nan’s face was filled with utter astonishment.

Even astonishment.

Even though he had expected this, he could not help but feel shocked when he witnessed it in person.

“First...First-grade Tian ranked?”

That was right!

The divine Battle Spirit had ranked up to the first-grade Tian rank!

It went without saying that the difference between a Di ranked Martial Spirit and a Tian ranked Martial Spirit was phenomenal!

Even in the entire Eastern Continent, including the Mu Clan, he had never heard of someone possessing a Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

Even the top three on the Hidden Dragon Ranking each only possessed tenth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirits!

If Qin Nan were considered a peerless genius before, he was currently worthy to be called...

The real...

Top genius of the Eastern Continent!




Following this, three ancient voices exploded within the Sacred Emperor Chamber.

Three ancient figures appeared together while standing in the air, causing the Qi around them to become restless, such that even cracks began to appear on the walls.

“Left eye, Sacred Leader, right arm?”

Qin Nan was astounded seeing the three figures before him.

He had expected his cultivation and Martial Spirit to improve as he had refined a body part of the divine God of Battle, but he had never experienced the sight before him.

“Everlasting precepts of the antiquity, the Peerless Battle Spirit, the vastness of the Heavens and Earth, the enhancement of the master’s flesh!”

The left eye, Sacred Leader, and the right arm uttered deafening roars.

Following deafening roars.

Following this, the left eye, left arm, and right arm of the divine God of Battle unleashed a shocking magical force, causing a mysterious force to slowly awaken.

The force that overpowered everything in the Heavens and Earth.

The force that had never been seen before!

The Heavens and Earth, destiny, fate, cause and effect, etc… have to capitulate to the force.

“This is…”

Qin Nan was confused.

As he stared at the mysterious force, a seemingly familiar feeling arose within his heart.

However, he could not explain the reason.


The mysterious force from the left eye, left arm, and right arm finally exploded and sprang into Qin Nan’s dantian.

A shocking sight took place.

The force of the Martial Highness Realm inside Qin Nan’s body surged vigorously.


It felt like an ancient valve had been opened at this moment.

The stack of nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm gained another stream, summing up to ten thousand streams!”


Qin Nan could feel an explosion taking place in his mind.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine streams was considered the peak of the Martial Highness Realm.

A thousand streams was considered the Undefeatable Martial Highness Realm!

Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine streams was considered the peak Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm!

And now with ten thousand streams...

Had he just exceeded the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm?

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