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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 73


Chapter 73 - Entering the Arcane State

As soon as Qin Nan flipped the book open and saw its content, it felt like his whole mind exploded, causing his scalp to turn numb.

On the first page of the ancient book was a sentence comprised of large-sized words: ’’Living of the world, are countless;possessions of man, are limitless;the vast oceans remain endless, the ancient mountains remain puzzles;with my grasp of the Daoism, I invented this technique;accumulate the oceans, accumulate the mountains, accumulate the living, accumulate all that within a billion miles, accumulate the Heaven and Earth: the Heavenly Accumulating Strike!’’

With such a brief sentence, an enormous figure appeared in Qin Nan's view.

The figure accumulated the vastness of the oceans, the weights of the mountains, the purity of the living, the endlessness of the Earth, the Daoism of the Heavens combining all these into a strike, bringing destruction upon everything.

Such force, such imperiousness;it felt like nothing could stop it among the Heavens and Earth.

’’What kind of skill is this?’’

Qin Nan was completely astonished;he could not find words to describe his feelings.

Even now that he had mastered some Ultimate Techniques and had seen many of them before, they seemed miniscule like dust before this Heavenly Accumulating Strike, uncomparable at all.

After half an hour's time, Qin Nan recovered from the shock and mumbled, ’’No wonder the old man was only willing to give me this technique after the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder was shattered into pieces.’’

Qin Nan took a deep breath and calmed his thoughts, before immersing himself in the learning process of the Heavenly Accumulating Strike.

At that moment, Qin Nan showed no intention of concealing himself;he entered the state of One with the Mind while unleashing his divine Battle Spirit, boosting his Martial Skill Talent to his maximum potential to do his best at comprehending the Heavenly Accumulating Strike.

This lasted for five whole days.

In these five days, it felt like Qin Nan was entirely in his own world, trying to consume all the knowledge and secrets from the book, before he finally grasped the basic understanding of the Heavenly Accumulating Strike. Knowing the basics of the technique was his limit, as the secrets withheld by it were far from reach with his current cultivation.

’’This Heavenly Accumulating Strike is indeed overwhelming.’’ Qin Nan opened his eyes slowly, with a complicated expression in them. He said, ’’But even though the beginning of the book is presented domineeringly, the content at the back is nowhere near the accumulation of the oceans, the mountains, and the living, neither the Heavens nor Earth. It's not enough.’’

After saying this, Qin Nan displayed a disappointed expression.

Qin Nan was immediately attracted by the imperious feeling of the Heavenly Accumulating Strike at the start of the learning process, causing him to have a high hope in it. However, after grasping the basics of it, he realized that the power of this Heavenly Accumulating Strike was only 0.1% or maybe even 0.01% of what was described in the introductory chapter.

It felt like this technique was just a prototype, with countless flaws.

At that instant, the old man's cold voice was heard, ’’Young lad, this Heavenly Accumulating Strike, is only a fragment of the book I found coincidentally;despite that, do you know how many Martial Artists desire it?’’

’’A fragment?’’ Qin Nan understood after hearing this. He then ignored the sarcastic comment from the old man and switched the topic, ’’Elderly Mister, why are you still here?’’

It took him five days just to get a sneak peak of the Heavenly Accumulating Strike, and this mysterious old man with terrifying strength waited on him this whole time?

The old man glanced at him and said, ’’I'm a man of my word. I gave you this book of Heavenly Accumulating Strike, but I knew you could only grasp the basics of it. I'll now demonstrate the technique once. As for how much you could learn from it, is none of my business.’’

’’Demonstrate once?’’ Qin Nan was stunned, before exclaiming joyfully, ’’Thanks, Elderly Mister!’’

Qin Nan was excited;this mysterious old man before him possessed incredible cultivation;watching his demonstration was far more precious than reading all those cultivation notes of Martial Emperor cultivators. The secrets and knowledge revealed through his demonstration would be extremely useful toward the understanding of the Martial Skill.

’’Heavenly Accumulating Strike!’’

The old man did not waste any more time;he waved his hand, and a gigantic arm about ten meters long appeared. Following this, an arcane force could be felt from the arm, absorbing the Qi from the Heaven and Earth.

At that instant, the gigantic arm began to shrink, before eventually turning into a dot of light about the size of a thumb.

The old man then flicked the dot of light, firing it into the ground three miles ahead.

Following this, a loud rumbling noise could be heard all of a sudden;a devastating light appeared from the ground three miles ahead, as if a huge ball of lightning descended from the Heavens and detonated.

Suddenly, all the land within a mile from the explosion was destroyed not a single trace of life could be seen.

Qin Nan's mind went blank after witnessing this.

He did not expect a dot of light the size of a thumb would unleash such devastating force.

With this force, even Martial Emperor experts would be destroyed without leaving a single trace, right?

After going blank for a moment, Qin Nan slowly collected his thoughts. At that instant, he clenched his teeth and used all his focus to restrain the shock and astonishment in his heart, and sat down while unleashing the divine Battle Spirit;he soon entered a state of One with the Mind and became lost in his own world.

In Qin Nan's mind, the attack of the mysterious old man kept repeating.

A gigantic arm, floating in the air, accumulating Qi from the Heaven and Earth, which then turned into a dot of light the size of a thumb...

Qin Nan remained sitting with his legs crossed and interpreted the looping scene in his thoughts;no matter if it was hailing storm or broad sunlight, his figure remained stationary, as he was fully immersed in the learning process of the skill.

When the night came, Qin Nan finally opened his eyes.

At that moment, he comprehended it.

Initially, after consuming the petal of the Golden Lily, he had achieved the half-arcane state. After witnessing the demonstration of the mysterious old man, plus the fact that he fully immersed himself in learning the skill for a whole day, he had finally broken through the barrier.

His comprehension skyrocketed, bringing him into the Arcane Realm.


With a loud noise, endless streams of Perfection Stage Saber Intent were emitted from Qin Nan's body. Following it, the Saber Intent changed significantly;the Saber Intent began to clump together, compress and condense, forming the blurry outline of a saber.

The saber contained all of Qin Nan's Saber Intent.

This was the Arcane Realm;his might and his comprehension transformed arcanely into a single dot, without wasting any energy.

After seeing this, the mysterious old man nodded his head.

Qin Nan took a deep breath to hold back his joy while he withdrew the Saber Intent into his body, before saying in a low tone, ’’Elderly Mister, thank you for your advice;I truly appreciate it.’’

These were honest words from Qin Nan.

The demonstration from the old man was not only about the Heavenly Accumulating Strike;it also showed him the Arcane State, explaining it thoroughly so that Qin Nan would witness himself the secrets of the Arcane Realm.

With this, Qin Nan was able to succeed in breaking through the barrier and stepped into the Arcane Realm.

The old man had put a lot of effort in teaching Qin Nan with this single demonstration.

’’Silence, I have fulfilled my promise. You can leave now.’’ The old man glanced at him and said, while waving his hand calmly.

’’Ugh...’’ Qin Nan was going to ask some questions, but he did not expect the mysterious old man to ask him to leave at once. He shook his head helplessly and said, ’’If that's the case, I'll excuse myself.’’

After saying this, Qin Nan inhaled deeply, and gave the old man three deep bows before leaving the place.

The mysterious old man stood at the peak of the hill, staring at Qin Nan's disappearing figure. After half an hour, the cold expression on his face vanished, and was replaced by a burst of laughter, ’’HAHAHAHA, you won't believe I have managed to find such a talent at last! Three hundred years, it has been three hundred years. God has finally given me a chance, the chance I have waited for so long!’’

The laughter felt like a clap of thunder, which shattered the entire hill into pieces.

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