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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 726


Chapter 726: 726

Chapter 726 - Yin Yang Golden Orb

“Progenitor Wen Dao is dead!”

“The Wendao Elders were killed too!”

“Our Dao-Seeking Mountain is finished!”

The remaining elders and disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain entirely lost their hope seeing this. They knew that from this moment onward, the Dao-Seeking Mountain would no longer exist.

Everyone began to flee.

Fleeing for their lives with their best moves!




However, a series of deafening roars could be heard.

Tang Qingshan stomped his foot and summoned a few dozen mirror images, each of which held an ancient saber, lashing out slashes while reaping the lives of the fleeing cultivators.

A rain of blood began to pour down upon the place.

One snowy mountain after another began to collapse.

Not a single survivor could be found in the areas where Tang Qingshan was.

In just the period it took an incense to burn...

Every single enemy had been killed.

The saber in Tang Qingshan’s hand was dyed red with blood. The entire area was dyed red, as mournful howls could be heard from the surroundings.

The Sky-Scorching Emperor and the others could feel their eyelids jumping upon seeing this.

“Such a terrifying murderous aura…”

The Disordered Ocean Progenitor and the Crimson Blood Progenitor shivered.

“Qin Nan!”

Tang Qingshan turned around. His bloodshot eyes gradually returned to normal as he spoke, “Since Progenitor Wen Dao is now dead, our enemies in the Eastern Continent have been eliminated. From today onward, I’ll leave the Eastern Continent and head to the Middle Continent of the upper district. We shall meet each other again if we are brought together by fate.”

Qin Nan was surprised hearing this.

Tang Qingshan was the successor of the Godly Exterminator, someone for whom even the copper mirror had been willing to help when overcoming his Tribulation. Without a doubt, he had a great future ahead.

“Senior, there’s something I would like to say.”

Qin Nan murmured.

“Feel free to say it.”

Tang Qingshan placed his ancient saber into its sheath on his back.

“Be it here in the Eastern Continent, or later in the Middle Continent, you might become a Godly Exterminator yourself one day, killing countless lives, but please don’t forget the Qinglong Sacred Area back in the day.” Qin Nan glanced at the piles of corpses and slowly spoke.

Tang Qingshan’s figure shuddered slightly.

The Qinglong Sacred Area back in the day, huh...

“Thank you, young fellow. I’ll be waiting for you at the Middle Continent.”

Tang Qingshan collected his thoughts. The cold expression on his face budged as he gave Qin Nan a thoughtful look, before his figure disappeared into a rift.

As he left, the murderous aura vanished.

The snow continued to fall upon the place, regardless of the existence of the Dao-Seeking Mountain.

“Seniors, we’ll talk later.”

Qin Nan brought his fists together toward the Sky-Scorching Emperor and the others, before he approached the Blind Swordsman and said after taking a deep breath, “Senior, thanks for your help. Here, choose the rare artifact you want.”

The rare artifacts on his back spread apart like the stars of a galaxy.

The main reason that they they had been able to emerge victorious from the battle was because of the Blind Swordsman’s help.

The Sky-Scorching Emperor and the others understood this, thus they did not say anything.

The Blind Swordsman’s calm expression finally changed as he stretched out his hand and grabbed an orb from the collection of rare artifacts. The orb was golden on the outside, with black and white Qi on the inside that intertwined with one another.

“Yin Yang Golden Orb?”

The Sky-Scorching Emperor and the rest of the authorities were astounded.

The rare artifact that the Blind Swordsman needed was extraordinary indeed.

“Thanks for your help, senior. That will settle the deal between us.” Qin Nan gazed at the Blind Swordsman and said.

The Blind Swordsman nodded, before turning his head toward Gong Yang and speaking with a hoarse voice, “No one from the Dao-Seeking Mountain is left. Would you mind keeping me company on the way to a certain place?”


Gong Yang agreed without hesitation.

They both left the place immediately.

As the two left the place, the Sky-Scorching Emperor’s eyes flickered coldly as he said, “Qin Nan, you have to get rid of the roots if you’re planning to get rid of the weeds. This Blind Swordsman was one of the authorities of the Dao-Seeking Mountain. He could easily heal his injuries with the Yin Yang Golden Orb he has chosen and reconstruct the Dao-Seeking Mountain…”

The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise nodded their heads in agreement.

“It’s fine, senior. Don’t worry. He’s not our enemy.”

Qin Nan shook his head.

his head.

Every single disciple and elder of the Dao-Seeking Mountain had been butchered right in front of the Blind Swordsman, but he did not even say anything. It served as a sign that he had completely given up on the Dao-Seeking Mountain.

Besides, the right arm of the divine God of Battle had given him a chance to stay alive.

Therefore, there must be some reason behind it.

“Qin Nan, even though the Dao-Seeking Mountain has been eliminated, there are still two important people that we need to keep an eye out for;the first-ranked and second-ranked core disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain, especially the first-ranked Cheng Tiange, who’s also ranked first on the Hidden Dragon Ranking…” The Sky-Scorching Emperor said.

“Cheng Tiange? First-ranked on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, huh?”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered sharply, before they quickly became calm.

He would definitely pose a great threat to them.

However, if he were not mistaken, since the Dao-Seeking Mountain had been eliminated, Cheng Tiange would not show himself in the Eastern Continent that easily. He would most likely appear when the Heavenly Fortune Path was opened.

“Seniors, thank you for your help in the battle. There’s no way I could take all the rare artifacts. I’ll give half of them to the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom.” Qin Nan waved his hand, causing fifty thousand of the rare artifacts to flow toward the Sky-Scorching Emperor like a river.


The Sky-Scorching Emperor and the others were stunned, before joy filled their faces.

With this many rare artifacts, the strength of their Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom would surely improve significantly.

surely improve significantly.

“You two should come and pick some too.” Qin Nan glanced toward the two Martial Progenitors, before looking at his surroundings and saying with a smile, “Princess, Sima Kong, Longhu, Di Fengyun, come and pick too…”

“Wow! Qin Nan, I like this one.”

The Princess said with sparkling eyes, entirely losing her previous imperious appearance.

“Hehe, I guess our effort was not in vain.”

The Martial Progenitors wore calm smiles.

This was the way the Martial World worked.

The winner would always have the last laugh.

...Meanwhile, a few thousand li away from the Dao-Seeking Mountain...

A short snowy mountain came into Gong Yang’s view and he quickly inspected it and exclaimed, “Senior, it seems like this snowy mountain is somehow related to our Dao-Seeking Mountain?”

“You’re right,” The Blind Swordsman stood quietly before the mountain before he explained, “Before the Dao-Seeking Mountain was eliminated, this place was off limits, but I guess that’s no longer the case now.”

Gong Yang was stunned.

Even as one of the core disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain, he had never known such a place existed. However, according to his memory, it was true that the Dao-Seeking Mountain had never allowed anyone to come to this part of the mountains.

“Wait for a while.”

The Blind Swordsman sat on the ground and took out the Yin Yang Golden Orb.

Just like his emotions, his saber intent fluctuated rapidly at this moment.

Three hundred years!

He had been waiting for this for three hundred years!

This day...

Had finally arrived!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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