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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 724


Chapter 724: 724

Chapter 724 - The Princess Arrives

“We’re saved!”

“We’ll remember what you’ve done to us today!”

“That’s right, we won’t forget it! Once our Dao-Seeking Mountain has recovered its strength, we will destroy the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom!”

The elders and disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain regained their spirit. A moment ago, they could feel the despair of death and were on the verge of fleeing for their lives.

Zhu Hang, Tong Xingwei, Wu Hao, and the rest of the geniuses let out sighs of relief.

It was absolutely not worth it if they ended up dying here today.

Now, the crisis had finally been resolved.

The Sky-Scorching Emperor took a deep breath and stepped forward, “Young man, the Mu Clan is the conqueror of the Eastern Continent and the Patriarch is also a well-respected Martial Progenitor. The Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom has always respected the Mu Clan’s authority. However, for many years, the Mu Clan has never interfered in the conflicts between the other factions. Just because you say so…”

The Leader of the Trading Alliance snapped, “Sky-Scorching Emperor, what are you implying? Are you showing no respect to the Mu Clan?”

“Do I need you to teach me what I should be doing? If you’re not convinced, feel free to disobey my words!” The young man’s expression coldened upon hearing the words. He clearly knew who the Sky-Scorching Emperor was, but he was nothing worth mentioning in his eyes.

The eyes of the Sky-Scorching Emperor flickered murderously. However, despite his anger, he did not dare to cross the line.

This was mainly because the Mu Clan Patriarch was a Martial Progenitor Realm expert!

It went without saying that there existed an uncrossable gap between the Martial Sacred Realm and the Martial Progenitor Realm. If they were to kill this young man today, the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom would have to suffer the wrath of the Mu Clan.

“By the way! You’re Qin Nan, right? Hand over your treasures at once, and I’ll spare your life!”

The young man glanced downward at Qin Nan disdainfully.

So what if you’re a peerless genius?

I’m the core disciple of the Mu Clan. Even the authorities of the Eastern Continent are nothing in my eyes!

“Young man…” Progenitor Wen Dao was stunned hearing the words. If Qin Nan were to be spared, wasn’t the Dao-Seeking Mountain going to suffer a great loss?

“Mm? Do you have any objection?”

The young man wore a stern expression.

Although he was scornful with his words, he was not stupid at all. As one of the Four Great Factions, the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom was only slightly weaker than the Mu Clan. If he pushed too much and infuriated the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, his life would be in danger despite his identity as a core disciple.

His main focus was to get the treasures.

The Sky-Scorching Emperor and his crew clenched their fists tightly with green veins surfacing on their forehead. This young man coveted Qin Nan’s treasures.

The place fell silent at that moment.

Everyone subconsciously glanced toward Qin Nan.


Qin Nan’s eyes flickered coldly.

I don’t care about whatever clan you’re from!

This young man was definitely sick of living if he tried to stop him from eliminating the Dao-Seeking Mountain and even wanted to get his treasures!

“All rare artifacts, artifacts, kill this man!”

Qin Nan uttered a roar and raised the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

Even though his cultivation had dropped to the first-layer Martial Highness Realm, the hundred thousands rare artifacts were still in his possession, thus he could easily command them.


The rare artifacts emitted magical glows as they unleashed their power aiming at the young man.

At that instant, the authorities and the disciples were dumbfounded.

He was crazy!

This Qin Nan was insane!

He dared to attack a core disciple of the Mu Clan!


The young man’s expression stiffened, before his eyes burned with flames of fury.

How bold of this Qin Nan!

He dared to attack him with the rare artifacts!

How ruthless!

“Qin Nan, you’re going to die today!” Without hesitation, the young man took out a badge. He definitely stood no chance when facing the attacks of this many rare artifacts, thus he was planning to summon his father here!

However, a strange occurrence took place!

Beams of light appeared in the sky and formed a giant formation.

The formation was similar to the one that had appeared when the young man had shown himself, but it was ten times its size.

“Qin Nan, don’t do it yet!”

A pleasant voice could be heard.


A few figures stepped out from the formation.

The one at the front was a woman with a tall figure and outstanding facial features. She had a pale skin tone, accompanied by a noble aura, which was inharmonious with the surroundings. Behind the woman stood five black-robed cultivators, each with a cultivation of the Martial Sacred Realm!

The sudden occurrence took the crowd by surprise.

Now what?

Now what?


Qin Nan was startled and almost could not believe his own eyes. However, he subconsciously withdrew his attacks, causing the rare artifacts to freeze and float in the air.

Qin Nan soon collected his thoughts with his eyes filled with amazement.


It was really her!

Why had she appeared all of a sudden?

“It’s her! Judging from her appearance, could it be…”

The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise’s figure shuddered. It had met this woman before.

The place fell silent once again.

The series of changes dazzled the crowd.

The young man turned around and was shocked when he saw the woman. He immediately brought his fists together and said, “Elder Miao, why are you here?”

The young man behaved this way mainly because the woman before him was well-respected in the Mu Clan, who was extremely close to the eldest daughter of the Mu Clan’s Patriarch, thus the Patriarch was greatly in favor of her.

Even his father was considered to be on equal footing with this woman.

“Elder Miao?”

Progenitor Wen Dao and the rest of the authorities wore blank expressions on their faces.

On a side note, there were only a few elders in the Mu Clan. Therefore, by achieving the role of an elder in the Mu Clan, it would grant the person a formidable status!

Why was an elder of the Mu Clan here?

And it seemed like Qin Nan knew who she was?

Princess Miao Miao scanned the surroundings and immediately analyzed the situation. However, when she saw Qin Nan’s injuries, her eyes burned ferociously as she snapped, “Mu Tianxing, how bold of you! Qin Nan is on my side, and you side, and you dare to touch him?”

The young man that Progenitor Wen Dao had summoned had the name Mu Tianxing.

Mu Tianxing’s mind went blank hearing this.

Qin Nan was with Elder Miao?


What the hell was going on?

How was Qin Nan related to Elder Miao?

“Seize him!”

Princess Miao Miao wore a cold expression and said in a lofty tone as if she were the princess of an empire.

“Roger that!”

The five cultivators behind her stepped forward and unleashed their moves without hesitation, summoning chains that wound around Mu Tianxing’s figure.

“Elder Miao, don’t do anything stupid, I’m here on behalf of my father’s order——”

Mu Tianxiang blurted out.

“Even if your father were here, the outcome would still be the same! Bring him back to the Mu Clan!”

Princess Miao Miao waved her hand.

The five cultivators instantly summoned a rift and dragged Mu Tianxing inside before he could speak.

The place regained its silence.

Progenitor Wen Dao, the Wendao Elders, the Leader of the Trading Alliance, the Sky-Scorching Emperor, and the rest of the authorities stared with their eyes open wide.

The crowd reacted the same way.

Who would have thought that the imperiously-behaving core disciple of the Mu Clan would be dragged away like a criminal in just the blink of an eye?


This mysterious Elder Miao seemed to be closely related to Qin Nan!

Princess Miao Miao turned her head around facing Progenitor Wen Dao and his crew and snapped coldly.

“Sky-Scorching Emperor, what are you waiting for, kill everyone from the Dao-Seeking Mountain!”

The Princess had never changed!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn


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