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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 717


Chapter 717: 717

Chapter 717 - The Trading Alliance Explodes!

Qin Nan held the Heaven-Shattering Saber in his hand and drew it out.


A shocking piercing sound could be heard.

A tremendous saber aura was unleashed from the saber.

The ordinary-looking ancient saber suddenly emitted a shocking, imperious icy glow, as if it was the strongest saber among all sabers in the world!

Nothing could be compared to its power!

At the same time...

Qin Nan’s aura rapidly grew stronger.


Following a shocking explosion, the rare artifacts in the barrier displayed their true powers and rose into the air, floating above Qin Nan. In the blink of an eye, they had combined into a stream of rare artifacts.

The rare artifacts were enlivened, like soldiers on a battlefield ready to follow their general to fight against the world!

This particular day was going to make its way into the historical records of the Eastern Continent!

A genius rising like a new star in the Eastern Continent had claimed possession of the precious treasure that had existed since thousands of years ago, granting him control of hundreds of thousands of rare artifacts.

Years later, people among the crowd who were still alive clearly remembered that on this day, this young man had been the only one in the limelight of the crowd. Even the thirty-six snowy mountains and the authorities were insignificant before him!

This young man had the name Duan Qing!


The minds of the authorities, including Progenitor Wen Dao, the Leader of the Trading Alliance, and the crowd of rogue cultivators and disciples became entirely blank. They never thought that someone would actually claim possession of the precious treasure!

“Rare artifacts...back to your position!”

Qin Nan stood at the end of the Godly Candles Path and swung the Heaven-Shattering Saber in his hand downward.


The rare artifacts that the disciples and rogue cultivators had acquired before let out buzzes and sprang into the sky like beams of light, joining the stream of rare artifacts.

“My treasure!”

“Damn it!”

“F**k me!”

The scene immediately awoke the crowd from their shock, leaving unpleasant expressions on their faces.

Even though the rare artifacts were nothing compared to the precious treasure, they were still extremely precious to them!

“People of the Dao-Seeking Mountain! Hear my command! Kill Duan Qing!” Progenitor Wen Dao collected his thoughts and uttered a shocking roar, which echoed throughout the thirty-six snowy mountains. A tremendous murderous intent burst out from his figure like a surging tide.

“This isn’t good! Protect Duan Qing! Protect him at all costs!”

The Sky-Scorching Emperor reacted and let out a roar. His crew reacted swiftly and descended around Qin Nan with their powers unleashed!

“People of the Trading Alliance, listen up. Team up with the Dao-Seeking Mountain and target Duan Qing!”

“People of the Wanxiang Pavilion——”

The Leader of the the Trading Alliance and the Vice-Leader of the Wanxiang Pavilion immediately gave out their commands.

They even transmitted their voices through their badges back to their sects, summoning the authorities to the Dao-Seeking Mountain at once!

There was no way they would let Duan Qing escape today!

First the Heavenly Fortune Talisman!

And now the precious treasure and over hundreds of thousands of rare artifacts!

If they let Duan Qing escape today, he would pose an unimaginable threat to them in the near future!

Stomp stomp stomp...


A series of piercing sounds and footsteps echoed in the sky. Powerful auras caused the thirty-six snowy mountains to tremble vigorously, resulting in avalanches.

The elders, deacons, core disciples, inner disciples, and outer disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain—regardless of their cultivation—were all making their way to the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault.

In addition to that, the people of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion were on their way too!

In the blink of an eye, the entire place was filled with a great murderous intent, as a shocking war was about to take place at any time now!

“Trading Alliance, are you sure you want to go against me?”

Qin Nan, surrounded by the authorities of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, uttered a loud roar.

His roar was too soft among all the people.

However, the rare artifacts on his back unleashed their powers and repeated Qin Nan’s voice in an explosive an explosive manner.

The sentence alone immediately stunned the crowd!

The Leader of the Trading Alliance was slightly startled.

Go against him?

What was Qin Nan trying to imply?

“Nonsense! Only unless you hand over the precious treasure! Otherwise, death will be the only outcome for you today!” The Leader of the Trading Alliance quickly collected his thoughts and unleashed his sacred force, producing a tremendous aura.

“I see!”

Qin Nan wore a grin.

He immediately established connections with the streams of Chaos Qi somewhere far away!


Qin Nan let out a roar.

The rare artifacts repeated his word.

The entire sky shuddered violently as the crowd was given a great fright hearing the deafening word.

The Leader of the Trading Alliance was taken by surprise once again. Detonate what? Had this Duan Qing lost his mind?

However, at that instant!

...Eastern Continent, White Tiger City, the Headquarters of the Trading Alliance...

Ring ring ring...

The entire Trading Alliance was alerted by the ringing of a bell.

“Duan Qing has gotten the precious treasure! People of the Trading Alliance, gather at once and head straight to the Dao-Seeking Mountain to eliminate Duan Qing and obtain the precious treasure!”

The Vice-Leader of the Trading Alliance floated in the sky uttering commands.

As he uttered his commands, he glanced coldly at the palace of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom a distance away, which was currently in the same situation as the Trading Alliance.

“The balance Alliance.

“The balance of power between the Four Great Factions shall not be disrupted. Duan Qing must die today!”

The Vice-Leader of the Trading Alliance wore a cold grin.

However, a terrifying force exploded in one of the treasure vaults of the Trading Alliance all of a sudden!


The explosion stunned the people of the Trading Alliance.

The Vice-Leader of the Trading Alliance was stunned too.





Following this, a series of shocking explosions could be heard as the entire place was engulfed in flames. The treasure vaults of the Trading Alliance were destroyed by the impact of the explosions!


The Vice-Leader of the Trading Alliance shrieked with a pale face.

The treasure vaults had exploded...

The loss that the Trading Alliance had suffered is immeasurable!

...Meanwhile, at the Dao-Seeking Mountain...

“Detonate what! Everyone, heed my words! Charge!”

Progenitor Wen Dao uttered a furious roar!



The authorities, including the Wendao Elders and the Leader of the Trading Alliance, unleashed their auras directed at their enemies.

However, the Leader of the Trading Alliance could feel a warm sensation from his waist. A badge that he rarely used was transmitting a message.

“At this time! What now!”

The Leader of the Trading Alliance was infuriated, but he still checked the message of the badge. Following this, his face became pale!

How could...

How could it be!

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