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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 715


Chapter 715: 715

Chapter 715 - Treasure Frenzy

The cultivators and the authorities were stunned.

All the candles were lit up?


Progenitor Wen Dao and the Wendao Elders were overjoyed, their eyes glittering. Judging from the situation, since all the candles were lit up, it served as an indication that Tong Xingwei would be able to claim possession of the precious treasure!

Meanwhile, the Leader of the Trading Alliance, the Vice-Leader of the Wanxiang Pavilion, and the rogue cultivators wore unpleasant looks.

It was definitely not good news for them if Tong Xingwei ended up acquiring the precious treasure!

The Blind Swordsman wore a confused look too. What was going on? How did Tong Xingwei light up all the candles?

Even Qin Nan was left speechless.

Meanwhile, Tong Xingwei’s face completely reddened with excitement. His heart beat rapidly as his blood began to boil!

The precious treasure!

Once I get my hands on the precious treasure, Duan Qing and the top three of the Hidden Dragon Ranking would no longer be threats. He would become the top genius!

To an extent, I could even head to the Mu Clan and the Middle Continent!


Tong Xingwei let out a roar all of a sudden as he boosted his speed and sprang toward the golden palace at the speed of lightning on the Godly Candles Path.

The crowd subconsciously held their breaths.

However, a shocking sight took place.

As Tong Xingwei arrived three zhang away from the golden palace, a terrifying pressure was applied onto his figure, stopping him from taking another step forward.

“What just happened? Go forward now!”

Tong Xingwei was startled, before he immediately unleashed the force of the Martial Highness Realm, causing his hair to dance wildly in the air.

Ancient Martial Arts! Martial Spirit unleashed!

Tong Xingwei executed every possible method he could think of.

However, his figure remained stationary, unable to take even half a step forward.


Tong Xingwei’s face became pale white instantly. It was entirely out of his expectations, as reality struck him like a cold bucket of water pouring down from above him.

The crowd was stunned.

What was going on!

Didn’t lighting up the Godly Candles Path give one the chance to claim possession of the precious treasure?

Following this, eight rare artifacts from both sides of the Godly Candles Path fired glows toward Tong Xingwei’s figure, implying that he had obtained the eight rare artifacts.


A powerful force was unleashed by the Godly Candles Path, which knocked Tong Xingwei’s figure back to the start.

The crowd immediately collected their thoughts.

“HAHAHA, it seems like lighting up the Godly Candles Path doesn’t mean he could get the precious treasure! I was wondering why the precious treasure could be be so easily obtained!”

Tsk tsk, eight rare artifacts are good enough.”

“Crap, that gave me a scare.”

The cultivators and the authorities let out sighs of relief, as their expressions relaxed.

Anything was better than the precious treasure being taken away!

“Next, Wu Hao!”

Progenitor Wen Dao’s expression became unpleasant. Nobody would feel great after falling to hell from the heavens instantly.

Wu Hao’s figure rose into the sky and entered the Godly Candles Path.

The same as before, the candles were all lit up. With a slight hope in his heart, Wu Hao used all of his might to rush toward the precious treasure, but his figure was stopped ten zhang away from the palace, unable to move forward.

At that instant, everyone came to a realization.

Lighting up the candles had nothing to do with acquiring the precious treasure!

In the end, Wu Hao was given six rare artifacts.


Progenitor Wen Dao remained silent with a cold expression. Zhang Bifan let out a wry smile in his heart and prompted the next disciple to take his turn.

The inner disciples and the outer disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain took turns to enter the Godly Candles Path.

Time gradually passed. Two hours later, half of the disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain had had their attempt.

None of them had managed to claim possession of the precious treasure.

As treasure.

As for the rare artifacts, Tong Xingwei’s result of eight still remained the highest.

“Hehe, it seems like this precious treasure is not that easy to be acquired.”

“Even without the precious treasure, getting the rare artifacts is good enough. Some of the rare artifacts are good enough to change your life.”

“You’re right.”

The rogue cultivators and disciples gossiped among themselves.

Finally, another one and a half hours later, the disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain had all taken their turns, but none of them had managed to obtain the precious treasure!


The Sky-Scorching Emperor, the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird, and the others burst out laughing.

In comparison, Progenitor Wen Dao and his crew were feeling extremely unpleasant. Their eyes flickered coldly.

“As everyone saw, none of the disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain managed to obtain the precious treasure! It’s your turn now!” Progenitor Wen Dao let out a roar.

The rogue cultivators and the disciples of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion became energetic.

Their chance was finally here!

Progenitor Wen Dao let out a hollow laugh in his heart. Although he was extremely disappointed that the disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain had failed to acquire the precious treasure, if someone among the remaining participants ended up claiming possession of the precious treasure, his crew was ready to pay any price to rob the treasure from them.

“I’ll go them.

“I’ll go first!”

“Damn it, let me go first!”

“The treasure is mine!”

The atmosphere of the place intensified once again as the participants fought with one another to go first.

Only Qin Nan remained calm as if he were waiting for something.

Zhang Bifan continued to maintain order as the rogue cultivators entered the Godly Candles Path.

The same as before, no one had managed to reach the end!

“HAHAHA! I was given the Celestial Orb, the Crimson Badge, and the Emperor Fist! I’m surely going to earn my reputation with them in the Eastern Continent!”

“Shit! My rare artifacts are a bunch of rubbish.”


As the rogue cultivators took their turns, some were joyful with the outcome, while others were disappointed.

At this stage, even the authorities were doubtful about whether anyone was going to acquire the precious treasure, let alone the disciples.

In the end, all the rogue cultivators had their go.

The Trading Alliance had failed too. Even Zhu Hang, who had practiced some extraordinary skills, only ended up getting fifteen rare artifacts.

The Wanxiang Pavilion finished their turns too.

Among over ten thousand disciples and cultivators, the Sky-Scorching Emperor Kingdom was the only one left.

“ turn!”

Qin Nan squinted his eyes and stomped the ground. An incredible battle intent arose within him.

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