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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 710


Chapter 710: 710

Chapter 710 - Challenge Accepted

...The Sect Leader’s Hall...

Progenitor Wen Dao expression appeared incredibly dark, as if a storm were approaching.

A Martial Sacred Realm disciple of the Dao-Seeking Mountain was having trouble dealing with a Martial Highness Realm outsider. How embarrassing was that? Not to mention that the authorities from different factions were currently spectating the battle.

“Speaking of which, why do his saber and moves seem familiar?”

Progenitor Wen Dao’s eyes were filled with a hint of doubt. In the midst of his thoughts, he sent out a message with his divine Sense. Either way, his plan had failed, thus it was time to clean up the mess.

...Meanwhile, on the battlefield...


Qin Nan gave Zhang Bifan no chance to catch his breath. He stomped off the ground as the saber in his hand lashed out Aging slashes with a tremendous aura that sealing off the area, leaving Zhang Bifan with nowhere to escape to.

“How bold!”

Zhang Bifan became enraged.

It was a great humiliation to him that he was being suppressed by a Martial Highness despite his cultivation of the Martial Sacred Realm.

“Heavens and Earth, Dao-Seeking storm, the limitless potential of a Martial Sacred, the Dao-Ending sword!”

Zhang Bifan uttered a roar as the sacred force in his body was rapidly unleashed, summoning the force of the Heavens and Earth in his surroundings, from which a terrifying sacred sword materialized.

The sword was capable of shattering millions of cultivation paths!


Zhang Bifan swung his arm and slashed with the sacred sword. A formidable aura together with a boundless sacred glow immediately devoured Qin Nan’s figure.

Qin Nan quickly raised his left arm without hesitation.


An explosion took place.

The sacred glow spread into the surroundings.


Following this, Qin Nan’s figure rose into the air, perfectly unharmed, while the desire for battle in his eyes grew stronger.

“How is this possible!” Zhang Bifan opened his eyes wide seeing this.

That was a slash executed with his sacred force!

How could a mere Martial Highness resist it?

“Heavenly Accumulating Strike, boundless saber intent tearing the skies apart!”

Qin Nan let out a roar as a tremendous force was gathered onto the ancient saber Ira, before it transformed into a horrifying saber intent that slashed at Zhang Bifan’s head.

“Sacred Flesh!”

Zhang Bifan could feel his scalp turning numb. His figure was engulfed in a sacred glow.


Qin Nan’s saber struck ferociously like a raging storm, knocking Zhang Bifan’s figure backward. The sacred glow covering his body broke into pieces before it was quickly replenished again, thus giving him no chance to fight back.

The cultivators and the authorities were absolutely dumbfounded witnessing this ridiculous moment!

A Martial Sacred was currently being fully suppressed by a Martial Highness with an ancient saber!

“Demon God’s Robe, Howl of the Heavenly Saber!”

Qin Nan’s figure came to a halt, allowing Zhang Bifan to catch his breath for once as the pressure was lifted.

Following this, Qin Nan’s pitch-black robe turned into a black glow that coiled around the ancient saber Ira like a giant snake, causing its power to improve significantly.


This was another use of the Demon God’s Robe.

It could be used for both offense and defense!


The saber in Qin Nan’s hand shuddered as a powerful saber aura was unleashed.

“Martial Spirit unleashed!”

Zhang Bifan’s face became pale. At that instant, his pride and dignity as a Martial Sacred were crushed by the cruel reality. The power of the slash was too terrifying. He would not survive without unleashing his Martial Spirit.

Eight golden rays appeared from Zhang Bifan’s back as a Martial Spirit in the form of a shield emerged with a great suppression.


A shocking explosion occurred as the saber struck the shield, causing the shield to vibrate vigorously.

Zhang Bifan’s face instantly reddened as a trail of blood leaked out from his mouth.

As his Martial Spirit had received a powerful blow, it had inflicted damage onto him too!

“Still not enough!”

Seeing this, Qin Nan’s eyes glittered.

He had combined the strength of various attacks and the power of the Demon God’s Robe with his Heavenly Accumulating Strike to boost the damage of his ancient saber, but it had still failed to defeat Zhang Bifan.

In other words, even though he now had the strength to face a first-layer Martial Sacred Realm opponent, it did not mean that he would be able to kill a first-layer Martial Sacred.


Qin Nan was stunned.

A burning sensation could be felt from his left arm, as if an ancient force was being awakened.

“Could it be that the potential of the left arm of the divine God of Battle is finally being finally being unlocked?”

Qin Nan held his breath.

He had yet to utilize the power of the left arm of the divine God of Battle since he had found it. He had always used it as a defensive method. If its potential was finally unlocked, how destructive would its power be?

“Let’s have a go!”

Qin Nan’s eyes burned passionately.

Although the power of his left arm was not fully unlocked yet, he could not wait to see how powerful it was!

“Duan Qing, stop at once!”

Meanwhile, an enraged roar could be heard.

The space in the air crumbled as an old man wearing a dark expression stepped out from the gap while unleashing a terrifying Martial Sacred Realm aura.

The person turned out to be Elder Yin of the Wendao Elders!

It appeared the Progenitor Wen Dao had instantly sent Elder Yin here when he saw Zhang Bifan was being suppressed in the battle. There was no way he would let Duan Qing continue to put the Dao-Seeking Mountain to shame.

Even though Elder Yin was considered the weakest among the Wendao Elders as he only possessed a cultivation of the third-layer Martial Sacred Realm, it was still enough to deal with Duan Qing.

“Elder Yin is here.” Zhang Bifan let out a relieved sigh. If Elder Yin were not here to help, the outcome of the battle would have brought complete disgrace onto himself!


Without wasting time, Elder Yin reached out his hand, causing the sky above to turn pitch-black all of a sudden. Five giant claws were formed with eerie howls that echoed in that echoed in the surroundings.

Ancient Art, Yin Shade Claw!

“So it’s you, old man!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered coldly glancing at Elder Yin.

Previously at the Ocean of Death, the Wendao Elders had given his crew a great deal of trouble.

He would never forgive them for what they had done.


The burning sensation in Qin Nan’s left arm grew stronger as if it were aware of something.

“Are you trying to suppress me with your mere third-layer Martial Sacred Realm? It’d be better if they had sent a stronger Martial Sacred Realm expert here!”

The battle intent in Qin Nan’s heart erupted like a volcano.

Instead of backing off, he charged forward with a kick.

The left eye of the divine God of Battle unleashed its power to perceive everything as Qin Nan’s figure turned into a puff of cloud, dodging the claws with ease.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

In just less than a breath’s time, Qin Nan’s figure arrived before Elder Yin like a demon.

“Are you seriously trying to challenge me!” Elder Yin’s hair flapped wildly as he glared at Qin Nan furiously.

What a ruthless kid!

“Strike of the divine God of Battle!”

Qin Nan raised his left arm and inserted all of his force of the Martial Highness Realm into it, causing it to emit a faint glow as he struck forward at Elder Yin’s figure.


The surroundings became duller at that instant.

It was as if an ancient valve had been opened, causing a boundless might to burst out like a downpour.

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