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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 701


Chapter 701: 701

Chapter 701 - Help from the Luan Clan, Execution of the Plan

Qin Nan told Sima Kong to meet him at a specific time, before he headed to the Vermilion Bird Platoon.

To his surprise, the Vermilion Bird Platoon had constructed a few extra palaces. The disciples of the Luan Clan and the members of the Vermilion Bird Platoon were training together, resulting in a lively scene.

The eyes of the disciples glistened as they saw Qin Nan, who immediately expressed their greetings simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Zhou Bihua, Luan Chengjie, and the others showed themselves.

“Let’s chat inside.”

Qin Nan followed them to the second-floor of the Cultivation Hall.

“Duan Qing, our Luan Clan has decided to follow you according to the teachings of our ancestors. Feel free to give us any order if you need any help.” Luan Chengjie smilingly said.

Qin Nan was stunned. He did not expect the Luan Clan to make such a huge decision. He glanced at Zhou Bihua, who wore a relieved look.

Although the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom had quite a few experts, it was lacking fresh talents. With the Luan Clan joining the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, it had injected fresh blood like Luan Feng into the faction.

Qin Nan gave Luan Chengjie a thoughtful glance before he said, “Patriarch Luan, I’ll need a significant amount of Sacred Weapon or half-Monarch Weapon fragments. Are the people of Luan Clan willing to gather them for me?”


Luan Chengjie and Zhou Bihua were stunned, before they suddenly recalled something, “Does that mean that you’re the one who has been collecting fragments in bulk?”

Qin Nan nodded.

The two experts were astounded.

Why was he collecting fragments?

Was he planning to restore them?

That was impossible!

It was too crazy if he were able to do that!

“How many do you need?” Luan Chengjie withheld the doubts in his heart and asked in a dull tone.

“As many as possible,” Qin Nan pondered for a while before saying, “Patriarch Luan, can you pay in advance? I’ll pay you the Primary Stones later.”

“Don’t worry about it. Our clan still has four million Primary Stones. I’ll use them to buy the fragments!”

Luan Chengjie said after taking a deep breath.

Even though he was clueless as to what Duan Qing was trying to achieve, since they had decided to follow his lead, there was no point in being suspicious of his motives. They would soon learn the truth when the time came.

“You’re crazy…” Zhou Bihua shook his head with a wry smile, “We do have lots of fragments stored inside our vaults. I’ll send some people to collect them for you.”

“Thank you, seniors!”

Qin Nan brought his hands together with a sincere look.

He knew that most people would not be willing to make such a ridiculous move.

Following this, Qin Nan chatted with the people of the Luan Clan, Di Fengyun, and the others before heading to the mountain nearby and cultivating in seclusion. As time was running out, he could not afford to waste any moment.

Luan Chengjie was efficient in carrying out his task. Ignoring the confused looks of the elders, he he sent out disciples of the Luan Clan to various places in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom to collect the fragments.

The entire Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom was astounded once again.

The cultivators were stunned.

Were the fragments in their hands really that valuable?

Otherwise, why were these people desperately searching for them?

The process lasted for two days.

The Luan Clan had bought over thirty thousand Sacred Weapon fragments and more than ten thousand half-Monarch Weapon fragments. Meanwhile, Sima Kong had gathered twenty thousand Sacred Weapon fragments and five thousand half-Monarch Weapon fragments. The storage of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom had ten thousand Sacred Weapon fragments and five thousand half-Monarch Weapon fragments.

In total, there were over sixty thousand Sacred Weapon fragments and more than twenty thousand half-Monarch Weapon fragments.

“Give me two days!”

Qin Nan told the crowd as he collected the fragments and ventured deep into the mountain.

After setting up a protective aura, he took out all of the fragments, forming a pile before him that illuminated the surroundings with their mystical glows.

“Let’s begin!”

Qin Nan fully unleashed the Chaos Qi from his body.

Upon absorbing the Chaos Qi, the fragments danced wildly and merged together into artifacts.

Not long after, a terrifying aura burst out from the cave.

Twenty Sacred Weapons!

Two half-Monarch Weapons!


Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with excitement.

He still had three half-Monarch Weapons on him.

He could easily earn a fortune by selling these artifacts to the Trading Alliance while inflicting a great loss as well.

Qin Na calmed his thoughts and summoned Zhou Bihua, Luan Chengjie, and Sima and Sima Kong with his badge.

As they arrived, their faces turned blank upon seeing the treasures.

“What...what’s going on here?”

Zhou Bihua and Luan Chengjie were utterly astonished. Had he actually restored the fragments?

Sima Kong was already used to it, but he still gulped down mouthfuls of saliva upon seeing the treasures.

“Guys, I’m sorry I can’t give you these treasures as they will come in handy soon. Now, take these treasures and sell them to different divisions of the Trading Alliance located across the Eastern Continent. We’ll split the profit later.” Qin Nan cut straight to the point.

It was not wise to sell all the treasures together.

Otherwise, the Trading Alliance would surely feel suspicious.

“Why? Cultivator Duan Qing, I think it’d be better for us to keep the treasures…” Luan Chengjie blurted out, but he soon halted his speech upon seeing the stern look on Qin Nan’s face.

Either way, after witnessing the fragments being restored, his impression of Qin Nan had grown stronger once again.

Furthermore, Luan Chengjie was also glad that he had made the right choice.

Qin Nan discussed the details with them before sending them away to sell the treasures.

Following this, the people of the Luan Clan and the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom altered their appearances and began selling the treasures to various divisions of the Trading Alliance.

A terrifying storm began to surround the Trading Alliance.

...Meanwhile, at the Conference Hall of the Trading Alliance’s Headquarters...

The Leader of the Trading Alliance wore a dull expression. For the past few days, he had not felt pleasant at all.

pleasant at all.

They had been completely defeated by Duan Qing at the Crimson Blood Ocean, which greatly damaged their reputation.

Furthermore, they had failed to enter the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault.

“This Zhu Hang has great talent, but he’s not reliable at all…”

The Leader of the Trading Alliance murmured before his eyes flickered sharply, “However, once he enters the Heavenly Fortune Path and becomes a disciple of the Mu Clan, Duan Qing, your end will come soon!”

He hated Duan Qing down to the marrow of his bones. For the first time, his brain was constantly occupied with the thought of wanting someone dead.

At that instant, the badge on his waist emitted a flicker.

“Leader, the division at the Wanxiang Pavilion just reported that someone is selling them two half-Monarch Weapons and three Sacred Weapons! He’s asking for eight million Primary Stones! The division is asking for your opinion!”

The eyes of the Leader of the Trading Alliance slightly glittered.

“Were they checked? Is there anything fishy about them?”

The Leader of the Trading Alliance asked.

“Their aura’s are slightly similar, but the weapons are in fine condition.”

The eyes of the Leader of the Trading Alliance flickered as he spoke, “Seven million! If the seller accepts the price, buy them!”


Not long after, the voice appeared once again.

“The deal was done with seven million!”

Hearing this, the Leader of the Trading Alliance finally felt a bit relieved. Once he resold the weapons, he could earn a profit of around three to four million Primary Stones.

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