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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 7


Chapter 7 - Foundation Stage of Saber Art

After Qin Nan had selected a black saber forged from iron and stone, he brought along enough rations for five days before leaving the Qin Clan and proceeding towards Longhu Mountain Range.

The distance between Linshui City and Longhu Mountain Range wasn't far. It had only taken Qin Nan roughly four hours before he had trodden upon the Mountain Range.

’’Thundercrash Saber Art. It emphasizes strength and its momentary explosive power... If I were to cultivate this Saber Art, then that place would be the best location.’’

Qin Nan pondered for a moment before cautiously proceeding according to his memory.

Although he had only walked for three Li, Qin Nan had still spent an hour on this path. This was due to the fact that there were countless Demonic Beasts within Longhu Mountain Range. Qin Nan wanted to wholeheartedly cultivate the Saber Art, thus, he didn't want to encounter any form of inconvenience.

Not long after, a waterfall could be seen through the enormous trees before him.

The waterfall had a height of ten meters, the water gushed down from a great height and crashed into the small lake of twenty meters circumference.

’’This is the place.’’ Qin Nan's eyes gleamed as he promptly surveyed the surroundings.

In the end, he didn't discover anything peculiar, so he put down the rations and grabbed the Black Iron Saber before jumping into the lake.

’’Thundercrash Saber Art, striking like a thunderbolt, with speed like lightning.....’’

Qin Nan stood on the surface of the lake with his eyes closed. Every gesture and motion of the Thundercrash Saber Art emerged within his mind. Soon after, he abruptly flourished the Black Iron Saber which turned into a cold light;slicing the water.

Despite the fact that Qin Nan had a cultivation of third-layer Body Tempering Realm, he was only able to cut a small section due to the water resistance. Following this, the water swiftly returned to its former state.

Soon after, Qin Nan incessantly sliced the water, slice after slice.

The time elapsed;two days passed in a blink of an eye. Within these two days, Qin Nan had been in a selfless state as he incessantly sliced against the water.

’’Not enough...not enough.......not enough....’’ Qin Nan didn't know how many times he had chopped, but his gaze was firmly fixed on the surface of the lake. Upon seeing the flickering sword aura pass by, his heart wildly shouted as though he were a mad demon.

Following his shout, the speed of Qin Nan's barrage of slices became increasingly faster and ferocious.

However, this was not enough!

At this moment, as Qin Nan had entered a selfless state within his cultivation, a transparent and grandiose human avatar gradually emerged from Qin Nan's back. It emitted dreadful pressure.

The divine Battle Spirit had actually emerged on its own accord.

Naturally, Qin Nan had not detected this presence and was still immersed within his incessant slicing. Each slice inhibited his full power in which he let out all at once.

Even when his arm started to feel numb, and his muscles began to cramp, each of his slices did not show the slightest hint of stopping.

This was Qin Nan's personality. When he decided on something, he would enter a state in which he would passionately focus on it. Even if he could not achieve his goal, he wouldn't leave things be, he would never give up!

Suddenly, an icy light flickering within Qin Nan's mind.

While in a selfless state and brandishing his saber, his movements abruptly came to a pause. An astonished expression appeared on his face, ’’This is....’’

Qin Nan swiftly reacted by suppressing his astonishment. His eyes were tightly shut and his mind had become clear and calm as he recalled the flickering chill light from a moment ago.

As he stood there, six hours had passed by.


Qin Nan's eyes abruptly opened, ’’I understand now!’’

He abruptly swung the Black Iron Saber within his hands, and in the instant of his swing, a thunderclap-like sound erupted. This saber aura was like a jolt of lightning, slicing through the water in a blink of an eye.

Loud rumblings could be heard, followed by a smooth cut emerging on the surface of the water. The cut remained for a short period of time before returning to its former state.

dividing one into two with the saber, even if it were just water. This was the symbol of foundation stage of the Thundercrash Saber Art!

As Qin Nan witnessed this scene, his face couldn't help but reveal delight. He had never imagined that it would be so easy to cultivate the Thundercrash Saber Art.

According to Qin Nan's initial estimation, he had thought he would need at least five days before reaching this stage.

’’Excellent. Now that I've comprehended the Thundercrash Saber Art, it is time for me to go and test its power!’’ Qin Nan suppressed the happiness in his heart and a calm expression returned to his face once again.

After he had eaten, Qin Nan grabbed the Black Iron Saber as he left the waterfalls and proceeded toward the inner regions of Longhu Mountain Range.


A majestic roar echoed from within the forest, causing the leaves of the surrounding trees to fall down. It was like rain in the form of leaves.

Before Qin Nan was a two-meter tall ferocious tiger five different colors encompassing its body. It glared at Qin Nan as it emitted a cold and fiendish aura. The tiger retreated a few steps as though it was preparing to attack.

Qin Nan's face turned solemn, he retrieved the Black Iron Saber and stood motionless.

The ferocious tiger before him was named ’’Multicolor Tiger’’;it was equivalent to a third-rank Demonic Beast and its strength was on par with an existence at third-layer Body Tempering Realm. If one were to be bitten by its sharp teeth, then even if they were at third-layer Body Tempering Realm, they would still meet their end.

Hence, Qin Nan couldn't help but be cautious.

A human and a tiger, confronting each other at this place. The Multicolor Tiger seemed to be able to sense Qin Nan's power. Despite this, it still took a few step back, contracting its body like a bow with no visible intention of engaging.

Qin Nan's eyes gleamed. At this moment, his left foot took a step forward.

As the Multicolor Tiger saw his movement, its killing intent immediately erupted and an angry hiss resounded. The Multicolor Tiger performed an immensely powerful leap, its shadow pounced over and arrived above Qin Nan within a blink of an eye. The beast opened its mouth, revealing its sharp and fierce teeth filled with a cold aura as it ruthlessly crunched towards Qin Nan.

Qin Nan's expression showed no trace of fear. Within this instant, his figure flickered and the Black Iron Saber in his right hand suddenly struck out. A thunderclap immediately erupted.

The saber flickered as though it were lightning and a ’’puchi’’ sound was heard following this. The body of Multicolor Tiger had actually been split in half as it was in mid-air by this tyrannical strike.

Thundercrash Saber Art, a strike which causes death without a wound.

’’This Saber Art is indeed immensely powerful. I believe that this Saber Art is at the peak of the middle-class Martial Skills.’’ As Qin Nan glanced at this bloody scene, he didn't reveal any visible emotions. Instead, he felt incomparable excitement.

Having the Thundercrash Saber Art caused Qin Nanto be confident enough to battle an existence of fourth-layer Body Tempering realm.

’’However, the current Thundercrash Saber Art is only at small success stage. I still need to continue polish it.’’ Qin Nan quickly calmed himself, he didn't have the slightest bit of arrogance.

In the following two days, Qin Nan had immersed himself within close combat. Among his opponents, the most bitter battle was when he confronted a Demonic Ape on par with a fourth-layer Body Tempering Realm expert. The Demonic Ape was exceptionally fierce, and although Qin Nan did emerge victorious, he was still severely injured.

However, Qin Nan had still reaped a large harvest. The power of the Thundercrash Saber Art had become increasingly powerful.

At this moment, Qin Nan was cautiously darting throughout the forest without provoking the group of demonic beasts.

Although Qin Nan had mostly recovered from the serious injury caused by the Demonic Ape, he still hadn't fully recovered. If he were to encounter a Demonic Beast on par with the Demonic Ape, then he would be in an extremely dangerous situation.

His current priority was to search for some Elixir of the Heavens and Earth in order to completely recover.

As Qin Nan was searching, his heart suddenly felt shock. He felt exceptionally strong Spiritual Qi wafting over from the distance.

’’This Spiritual Qi is quite strong, there should be a Elixir of the Heavens and Earth near me.’’

As Qin Nan felt shocked in his heart, his figure quickly darted towards the direction of the strong Spiritual Qi. Not too long after, Qin Nan was able to see a small white pond within the depths of the forest. White mist was emitted from the surface of the pond.

’’This is....’’ Qin Nan's expression changed, ’’Yuan Qi Pond?’’

The so-called Yuan Qi Pond was formed when the Qi of the Heavens and Earth accumulated. The Yuan Qi Pond in front of him had a circumference of three meters and was equivalent to fifty Body Tempering Pills.

’’I never imagined that I'd actually encounter a Yuan Qi Pond. With this, I can fully recover as well as have enough for leftovers.’’ Qin Nan felt overjoyed. As he was about to take a step forward, two voices unexpectedly resounded from the forest behind him.

’’Big Brother, is there really a Yuan Qi Pond in front of us?’’

’’Why would I lie? I got this information from an ancient map, do you think that would be a lie?’’

’’That's great! With the Yuan Qi Pond in our arsenal, us two brothers will definitely break through once more! When the time comes, I will ruthlessly teach Qin Nan a lesson!’’

’’Teach him a lesson? You're too kind. As long as I have the opportunity, I will turn him into a waste upon wastes!

Following the two angry voices, two figures emerged from the forest. As they appeared and was able to see the Yuan Qi Pond, their expression turned to one of delight. However, as they saw this scene, they also saw Qin Nan to the side. Their complexion to immediately turn rigid upon sight.

Qin Nan was also dumbstruck, but his face immediately turned extremely ugly.

The two people before him turned out to be Qin Yu and Qin Xiao.


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