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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 697


Chapter 697: 697

Chapter 697 - As You So Loved Sabers

“Heaven-Shattering Saber?”

Qin Nan withheld the boiling urge in his heart and wore a confused look.

How was this the Heaven-Shattering Saber!

It was obviously the right arm of the divine God of Battle!

“Damn, Duan Qing, be honest, how are you related to this Heaven-Shattering Saber? Shit, if you can acquire this saber, your future would be unimaginable. Your destiny is going to be so different, for sure…” The Disordered Ocean Progenitor completely lost his mind, causing him to blurt out words without a second thought.

“You three, be gone!”

At that instant, a voice that originated from ancient times exploded.

It was as if the whole world—the entire treasure vault—was collapsing.

Before the Disordered Ocean Progenitor and the Crimson Blood Progenitor could react, the terrifying force struck their brains like a surging tide.

They immediately lost consciousness.

In addition to them, even the copper mirror in Qin Nan’s divine Sense shuddered violently, as it emitted a glow. The aura of the mysterious woman from the Nine Heavens was unleashed, but despite that, after trying to resist for merely a thousandth of a second, the copper mirror let out a buzz and fell silent as if it had been destroyed.

The surroundings began to change rapidly.

The altar was gone, the treasure vault was gone—nothing was left around him.

The place had turned into the ancient dream that Qin Nan had once had in his mind.

An endless darkness, with an ancient world floating in the air.

However, this time, before Qin Nan stood a saber, which was the Heaven-Shattering Saber that the Disordered Ocean Progenitor was referring to.

“Is it…you?”

For some reason, Qin Nan’s voice was slightly hoarse.

An indescribable emotion arose within his heart.

It was as if two best friends had met each other once again after thousands of years.


The Heaven-Shattering Saber emitted a brilliant glow into the sky, which transformed into a human figure.

The figure looked down on the Heavens and Earth with a magnificent aura, as if everything were merely ants before him.

He was the right arm of the divine God of Battle!

“It’s me!” The right arm of the divine God of Battle set his eyes upon Qin Nan as he spoke, “It’s been three hundred years, and you’ve begun to grow. Even though you’re still tiny, your heart and will have not let me down!”

The ancient voice shook the entire world.

He was like a senior looking after his junior, uttering words filled with care and comfort.


Qin Nan opened his mouth but failed to speak any words for a moment. He took a deep breath withholding the thoughts in his heart and asked, “Why did you become a saber?”

“Haha,” The right arm of the divine God of Battle cracked up laughing, “I was told by Sacred Leader Qinglong that you love sabers, so I asked someone to refine me into a saber.”

The sentence struck Qin Nan’s heart with a great blow.

You love sabers, so I chose to turn turn into a saber.

How great were his anticipation and love?

“Qin Nan!”

The eyes of the right arm of the divine God of Battle were filled with a thoughtful look.

“I’ve been waiting for you here at the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault and you’ve finally arrived.” His voice was filled with a hint of excitement, “There are hundreds of thousands of treasures here, and it’s a small gift that I’ve prepared for you. Once you draw me out and hold me in your hands, everything here—including myself—will be yours!”

The voice of the right arm of the divine God of Battle displayed its great anticipation.

Qin Nan’s heart experienced an explosion once again.

Draw out the Heaven-Shattering Saber!

Not only would it grant him the right arm of the divine God of Battle!

Everything inside the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault would be his too!

No one could ever reject the thought of having countless treasures bowing down around him like servants paying their tributes to an emperor, with a decision as simple as drawing a saber out!

“Of course,” The right arm of the divine God of Battle suddenly changed his tone and unleashed a tremendous murderous aura, “This Heaven-Shattering Saber is only worthy to be held in the hands of a true hero! You might be the bearer of the divine Battle Spirit, thus earning my approval, but once you draw the saber out, you must baptise it with a great victory. Only the blood of countless lives is able to awaken its power!”

The words left Qin Nan with Nan with a blank expression.

Must baptise it with a great victory?

Only the blood of countless lives was able to awaken its power?

At that instant, Qin Nan came to a realization.

The words of the right arm of the divine God of Battle could be easily understood. Once he drew out the Heaven-Shattering Saber, the treasures would all be in his possession, thus the entire Dao-Seeking Mountain would hunt him down, not to mention the fact that Qin Nan and Progenitor Wen Dao were already each other’s enemies in the first place.

Regardless of his identity, no matter where he was trying to flee to, a battle would be unavoidable.

A battle with the Dao-Seeking Mountain!

A battle that he had to win!

Otherwise, the power of the Heaven-Shattering Saber would never be awakened. There would be no difference between it and an ordinary saber.

“Will you still draw the saber?”

The eyes of the right arm of the divine God of Battle stared into Qin Nan’s eyes.

Qin Nan’s left eye and left arm of the divine God of Battle emitted a blinding glow at that instant.

A wait that had lasted thousands of years!

The anticipation of Sacred Leader Qinglong!

The scenes of his past floated in the air!

It was as if three masters were waiting for their disciple to make his decision.

Qin Nan’s eyes wore a blank look.

The Heaven-Shattering Saber was only half a zhang away from his feet.

With only a little step, he could reach out his hand and hold the and hold the peerless saber right in his hand.

Once he held the saber!

He would claim possessions of the treasures!

Once he held the saber, he could inflict severe damage onto the Dao-Seeking Mountain!

So what if it meant waging a war against the Dao-Seeking Mountain?

The opportunity should not be missed!

There might not be a second chance!

That being said, Qin Nan was well aware of the reality.

Even with the support of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, with his current strength, it was almost impossible for him to defeat the Dao-Seeking Mountain once he drew out the Heaven-Shattering Saber!


He was the owner of the divine Battle Spirit;there was nothing he was afraid of, nothing he would not fight against!

If he showed any intimidation or fear, the right arm, left eye, and left arm of the divine God of Battle—or even the divine Battle Spirit—would abandon him!

He couldn’t be scared!

Even if he would lose the battle!

He had to fight!

Draw the saber!

It was as if countless flames were uttering furious roars inside his heart.

He reached out his arm.

He could see the great anticipation in the eyes of the right arm of the divine God of Battle.

An anticipation that had been formed over the previous thousands of years.


Qin Nan’s arm came to a stop.

Two lines of tears rolled down from his eyes.

“I’m sorry…”

Qin Nan’s arm dropped downward as he spoke with a hoarse voice.

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